December 24, 2010

MAC Cham Pale makes me yawn...

It's never a good sign when the model looks like a scary alien so the lesson from this would be, if you are a pale ginger like her (and me), you don't want to be wearing the whole Cham Pale line at once, or this is what happens! I must admit I am pretty ho-hum about this whole line, nothing stands out to me as being a must have - but I'm not big on muted colour - Stylishly Yours is much more my style so I'm happy they are both coming out on the same day!
Special Reserve Highlight Powder - $33.50
Chez Chez Lamé - soft gold with silver shimmer
Rosé Ole - soft pink with gold shimmer
Eye Shadow x4 - $43.00 - Caviar Dreams
Brule-soft creamy beige (satin)
Et tu, Bouquet? - frosted pale pink gold (frost)
Caviar Dreams - dirty frosted pewter (lustre)
Retrospeck - beached blonde (lustre)

Chromagraphic Pencil - $17.50
NC15/NW20 - NC15
NW25/NC30 - NC25
Eye Kohl - $17.50
I Get No Kick - metallic nude
Kohl Power - $17.50
Feline - rich black
Studio Fix Lash - $16.50
Black Fix - black

Paint Pot - $20
Chilled on Ice - frosted white gold
Let Me Pop - frosted light copper
Vintage Selection - frosted dirty peach
Dangerous Cuvée - frosted cool grey

Lipstick - $17.50
Tanarama - pale beige with golden shimmer (frost)
Flustered - frosted pale bronze (frost)
Quite, Please - frosted pink champagne (lustre)
Gel - sheer metallic beige (frost)
Lipgelée - $17.50
Luxure - off white with pink pearl (frost)
Sin-tillation - sparkly pale icy pink (frost)
Bubble Lounge - sparkly pink peach (frost)
Straight to the Head - sparkly bronze brown (frost)
Nail Lacquer - $15.50
Soirée - sparkly light bronze gold (frost)
Very Important Platinum - dirty platinum (frost)
Along with the makeup they are introducing some skincare products with the soothing properties of French lavender to enhance well-being, body, mind and spirit.

Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15+ Lavender - $17.50
Lip Conditioner SPF 15+ Lavender - $17.50Complete Comfort Creme - $38.50 - an ultra-rich facial moisturizer that relieves visible redness immediately

Fix+ Lavender - $21.50

Hitting counters on Sunday, December 26th - what do you think, are you a Cham Pale kind of girl?

- Lisamarie -


  1. I think what bothers me more in the picture, is her nipple showing.. I don't get what were they thinking at all.

  2. I'm a Cham Pale kind of girl! I'm really excited for those paint pots.

  3. Lol.. I've read some of Temptalia's reviews.. and it was just overall way to shiny! I do have some products though, already, like the Et Tu Bouquet eye shadow.. and the Fix+ with Lavender looks cool. lol.

    Merry Christmas!

    xo Siwing

  4. I would really want to get my hands on lot of stuff from mac..cause we really don't have any stores with mac products. But as you said the Stylishly Yours is OMG. all that colour.. *drooling* :))))

    @Melly not only the nipple, there is the belly button too..and the under ware .:P

  5. I actually like it! Perfect for a natural look... but few things are quite similar to things I already have

  6. I could see myself picking up a few of these products for a natural look, except you are right about that ad photo, scary woman! And what is with the see through plastic looking dress? They are trying to scare women away from buying this collection, because no one wants to look like that!

  7. Bleurgh this whole collection bored me to death, and I totally agree - Stylishly Yours looks much better


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