December 3, 2010

Upper Canada Soap introduces Eva & Ella - but not as a gift!

Let's get something straight right off the bat, just because I am posting this in December, does not mean that I think this is a good Christmas gift, let me make myself clear because I know there are a few guys out there that come here for gift ideas for their wives/girlfriends - BAD CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEA - DO NOT BUY AS GIFT OR YOU WILL BE SLEEPING ON COUCH UNTIL NEW YEARS!

So why am I posting it?  It amuses me, this is the kind of home care line that I imagine someone like Martha Stewart would use (when she's not making her own out of leaves, twist ties and used tea bags), which means this is the kind of thing I will buy at the holidays if I think maybe my mother in law is going to stop by as a way of saying - "I know you think I'm not good enough for your son but look, I have really pretentious dish soap that you cannot buy at the grocery store!"  - I don't have issues at all!
Gift wise, I would also be fine with you giving this as a hostess or housewarming gift but I am drawing the line there...

This non-gift line is available in 4 scents: Cinnamon Orange - which sounds very holiday-ish, Herb Garden, Honey Tea and Chamomile Lavender
and the products available are: Hand Wash - 400ml - $12 - enriched with glycerin, aloe and Vitamin E
Hand Lotion - 400ml - $12 - enriched with shea butter, cocoa see butter, glycerin, aloe, olive oil and Vitamins E, C & A
Counter Spray - 500ml - $9 - contains tea tree and grapeseed extracts for antibacterial and odour eliminating and Dehypound Advanced, a safe non solvent cleaning agent that is environmentally friendly.
Liquid Dish Soap - 500ml - $9
Caddy Gift Set - 2 x 400ml - $25 - hand lotion and hand wash in a ceramic caddy.

Each product comes in a custom-designed ribbed bottle which resembles glass and is made with premium plant-based ingredients without the use of parabens, synthetic dyes, petroleum products or SLS.

You can find it at specialty gift shops and select department stores across North America.  For more info go to

- Lisamarie (who does not have mother-in-law issues) -

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  1. I loved your take on this, and I agree - nobody should get this as a gift. BUT it would make an ok secret santa gift, or it would be perfect for those times when someone gives you a gift and you have no choice but to pull a stock gift out of the closet.

    I prefer to thing of these types as gifts one should give themselves. Splurge and get nice soap for your home around the holidays especially if you're going to have people over!


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