December 15, 2010

Demo Soap takes Toronto (showers) by storm!

I love discovering new lines, especially when they're local!  As is Toronto's very own Demo Soap at 171 East Liberty Street, Suite 123.  But don't worry if you don't live nearby - you can go to and have your order shipped to you!  You don't find a lot of places anymore where the products are 100% natural, handmade and so totally cute!

If you are looking for gifts or stocking stuffers, you will also appreciate the incredibly reasonable prices!

I particularly love the Fortune Cookies - $2 each or a bag of 6 - $12 - what is really fun about these almond scented soaps is that they can be customized with a  special original message inside each cookie!

Ginger Bread Man - $7 - glycerin soap with a gingerbread man trapped inside!  There is also a Christmas tree one!
Cupcake Soaps - $7 - in various colours/scents: Green - lime, Orange - orange, Pink - raspberry, Multi-Colour - vanilla, Purple - berry - perfect for the girlfriend who is always complaining about her weight, no calories!
Starsicle - $7 - fruit scented popsicle soap
Loofahbars - $7 - Come in Purple - lavender, Green - aloe vera and Yellow - lemongrass

My only issue would be using these soaps first thing in the morning, they smell so realistic that being half-asleep, I might try and take a bite!

Soaps are their specialty but there are other products as well: bath bombs, shower gel, body cream and butter so be sure and check everything out at

- Lisamarie -


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