December 17, 2010

Samsung has techie gifts that will even please a girly girl like me!

So now that you know that I don't want a washer/dryer set for Christmas, it's only right to show you what I saw at the Samsung show that I would consider a good present!

NF210 Netbook - $379 - it's crazy how light this is and with up to 9 hours of battery life, if you have to haul a computer around all day, this would be a great choice!  I also like the keyboard size, it's not quite full sized but it's big enough that all the keys are in the usual spots which makes it easy to type on.

The only thing that I find disappointing is the colour, it only comes in white!  I'm sure you can guess what colour I would really like...

800P Digital Photo Frame - $179 - I am impressed at how far these frames have come so quickly!  I bought my parents one last year so I was looking and there wasn't anything like this one then!  I love how sleek this one is - it can stand or hang on the wall, has 2GB of internal memory and will hold up to 6,000 pictures.  Photo, video and music files can be transferred between the frame and any Bluetooth enabled device, can be used as a mini-monitor when connected to a PC and comes with a full-function remote control.
Finally something pink!  If you are looking for a camera that won't break the bank, the ES28 Camera is only $99.99!

Writing about techie stuff has me totally out of my element so if anyone else has tech gift suggestions, please help me out here!

- Lisamarie -

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  1. I have a pink camera :D It's a semi-cheapo Polaroid digital in hot pink. I would have traded it in for purple if not for the prohibitively long lines at Target customer service last January ... but the pink is pretty cool too!


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