December 22, 2010

Caramilk adds booze and makes visiting relatives almost bearable!

Chocolate, caramel and alcohol loves rejoice - our favourite candy bar just became for adults only (and teenagers who know where you hide the booze) - in liquid form!

It comes two ways: Caramilk Cream Liquor - 750ml - $27.95 - made with real cream, double distilled vodka and fortified with brandy.  I first tried this like you would Bailey's - straight, over ice - it smells wonderfully chocolaty but it tastes quite boozy - being a girly girl, I'm not so keen on that.  Second attempt - added to hot chocolate was much more successful and totally delicious!  I can also see adding this to cheesecake or really any cake!
Caramilk Cream Coolers - 4 x 270ml - $12.95 - you can drink these heated or cold but I actually preferred them at room temperature.  I also found these a lot less boozy tasting, so for drinking straight, these would be my choice out of the two! Also, made an amazing discovery - when I drank two of them, the people around me became a lot less annoying, I will be stocking up on these babies for Christmas!

Great for yourself or for a gift - available at the LCBO now! 

Any other alcoholic suggestions to get me through the holidays are welcome!

- Lisamarie -

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  1. That sounds delicious! I wonder if that's available in the USA. Everywhere I've looked just says Canada.


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