March 11, 2011

The Body Shop Bag For Life gives hope, help and 50% off your TBS purchase!

Every year more than 1.2 million children and young people are trafficked around the world becoming victims of s*xual exploitation and abuse, even right here in Canada. S*x trafficking is now the third-largest and fastest-growing criminal industry in the world after illegal drugs and arms trafficking.

To help put a stop to S*x Trafficking, The Body Shop is asking customers and supporters to go to their local The Body Shop store or online at to sign the petition and encourage others to follow. To date, The Body Shop has collected more than 5 million petition signatures globally, with Canadians contributing more than 470,000 of them.
In addition to raising awareness of the issue, the Stop S*x Trafficking of Children & Young People campaign also helps those requiring immediate support by raising vital funds.

Shepard Fairy, the artist who created the iconic "Hope" poster for US President Barack Obama, has teamed up with The Body Shop to create a limited edition re-usable Bag For Life.

On Saturday, March 12th and Sunday, Mach 13th, Canadians can purchase the limited edition Shepard Fairey bag for $5 and receive 50% off EVERYTHING that fits inside it!  Even better, $2.22 from each bag sold will go to the Somaly Mam Foundation!

Take a stand and help end child trafficking by heading to your local The Body Shop store to buy the bag and sign the petition. Your signature counts! 

- Lisamarie -


  1. What a great program, so important, so horrible...


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