March 5, 2011

Sephora palette steals (you know I mean bargains by that right? not actually shoplifting)!

One of my favourite things to do on a rainy afternoon is peruse the Sale section of the Sephora site and convince myself that if something is on sale I can't NOT buy it because then I would be losing money.  This logic works better if I have a cooler in my hand while I'm doing it... Here's what I'm lusting after today:

Urban Decay Show Pony Shadow Box - $19 (the original price was $30 US so it must have been around $36 CDN) - contains: Snatch Eyeshadow (peachy-pink with glitter), Painkiller Eyeshadow (turquoise shimmer), Mildew Eyeshadow (deep green), Flash Eyeshadow (electric purple), Smog Eyeshadow (deep bronze), Toasted Eyeshadow (copper), a 24/7 Eye Pencil: Zero (black) and a mini Eyeshadow Primer Potion.
Sephora Collection Color Diary - $30 (original price was $34 US so it must have been around $40 CDN) - contains five event-themed colour palettes designed to create a range of looks - just choose a palette, snap it into the compact and go!  Palettes are: Hot Date At Eight - seductive, smokey greys and black; Relax and Unplg - shimmery nudes and soft browns; Meditation Retreat - soothing greens and browns; Day At The Museum - primary colours like red, yellow and blue; and Must Get New Shoes - flirty pinks and purples.  Each palette contains 6 eyeshadows, 1 blush and 1 lipgloss.
tokidoki Robbery Palette - $49 - (original price was $49 US so it must have been around $60 CDN) - contains three removable palettes: Royal Pride Palette: 4 Eyeshadows in Lion Pappa, Savana, Ercolini, Bulletto and a Bronzer in Royal Pride; Arlecchino Palette: 4 Eyeshadows in Soya, Candy Cane, Ninja Dog, Meteo and a Blush in Momobella; Rapina Palette: 4 Eyeshadows in Liberty, Bullets, LA Gun, Adios and a Blush in Polpettina all housed in a Collectible Robbery Print tin that can be reused to house tokidoki treasures as well as a removable tokidoki logo magnet.
Stila Fabulous in Fiji Palette - $13 - (I think this is the same price it's always been which is still a steal, but if it's in the sale section they must be clearing them out so get it while you can) - contains four eyeshadows: R&R - light blue, Escape - blue, Palm - green, Wave - navy blue and a Plumeria Convertible Color.  Adventurous in Aspen and Trendsetting in Tokyo are also being cleared out!

Have you found any great deals at Sephora lately that we should know about?

- Lisamarie -


  1. oooooh the UD palette sounds like a good deal !

  2. I almost bought the UD palette, but int shipping still made it a bit too expensive...

  3. the UD palette is a great deal =D
    i think it was $40+ CND in stores~

  4. Another amazing way I save money is always spending the $120 to get free shipping. My husband argues that spending extra money does not really save money but he just doesn't understand finances the way I do! ;-)

    Best, Lisamarie

  5. I saw the UD palette was on sale, though I don't think its in stoes.

    Just to know I'm have a giveaway on my blog, here is a link

  6. I would love to try out the UD palette. I don't own any UD eyeshadows.


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