March 16, 2011

Marcelle Paradisia for Spring 2011

I love colour in spring and Marcelle hasn't disappointed me!  I really adore the look on the model and will be trying to recreate it myself at home! If only I had the blonde hair!
Splendid Beauty Multi-Colour Face Powder - $16.95
Multi-Colour Eye Shadow - $11.95 - Lagoona - greens/blues or Tropika - pinks - I love both of these shadows and the face powder and apparently the evil geniuses at Marcelle have entirely figured out how to sell twice as much for their stuff to me - make the palettes so cute that I am loath to use them and end up buying doubles of everything so I have one to keep and one to use - it sounds even stupider when I say it out loud, I know!
 Lux Gloss - $10.50 - sheer glosses in Calypso - orange or Exotic Rose - pink

What do you think?  Is this collection calling your name?

- Lisamarie -


  1. I once saw them at the drugstore, but I was too in a rush to try out the colors. I love the color designs on them, sooooo pretty!! How does the multi-color face powder look? Is it good? Looks like you can use it as a bronzer, blush and overall face.

  2. Those designs are gorgeous!


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