March 18, 2011

Giorgio Armani [3.R] Regenessence offers cutting edge skincare!

According to Armani, there is skin, and then there is Armani skin - skin that you want to touch, a skin that you won't forget, a skin that appears luminous, youthful, desirable.  Beyond youth, it is a quest of perfection and beauty. A skin all women crave for.  This is the skin dream that Giorgio Armani wants to offer to every woman.  Armani incorporated the cutting edge science of Regenerative Medicine to facilitate skin's regenerative potential and to prevent it from signs of aging.  The [3.R] Technology is inspired by Regenerative Medicine and is a unique combination of 3 powerful regenerating molecules to target the three main elements involved in the skin regeneration process: Linseed extract for regulation of cellular communication; Proxylan for remodeling of the extra cellular matrix (ECM); and Vitamin C for the reactivation of biomechanical forces

[3.R] Regenessence Youth Regenerator - 30ml - $145 - with the three powerful regenerative ingredients in clinical doses: Proxylan, Linseed extract and Vitamin C  - to target the three layers of the skin for an overall skin regeneration. In six days you will achieve skin that is rebounced, refined and radiant and in one month you will see an improvement in the appearance of crow's feet.

I have been using the serum for several weeks and am very pleased with how soft and radiant my skin is.  I especially like the light texture, how little of it you need to use (just one drop) and how lovely the fragrance is - a citrus top note, mid notes of jasmine and orange blossom and base notes of santal, vanilla and musk.  Essential Oils have been used in the fragrance for their stimulating, energizing, sensorial, relaxing, restorative and sophisticated properties. It's not a cheap serum but considering how little product is needed per use and how great my skin looks, I consider it a good value.

Also available in the line:

[3.R] Regenessence Multi Corrective Rejuvenating Cream - 50ml - $135 - an advanced regenerative cream to correct wrinkles, texture and tone for a global rejuvenating effect.  With two active ingredients: chestnut extract and LHA.  Made up of a reverse emulsion (water in oil) formula. The active ingredients are captured in the water drops which are suspended and protected in the oil. Once applied to the skin, the water drops break and release the actives. This formulation ensures that the cream feels as light as silk and leaves an incredible velvety touch on skin.

[3.R] Regenessence Eye Rejuvenating Serum - 15ml - $90 - comes in an easily portable tube that boasts a silver beveled applicator to ensure a good delivery of the product to the eye area as well as offering a means to improve circulation and reduce puffiness and eye bags.

The Giorgio Armani Regenessence line is available at Holt Renfrew.

- Lisamarie -

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