March 26, 2011

Volumizing Shampoos and Conditioners from Ojon, John Frieda, BēYü and Sebastian!

There are lots of volume building products on the market - being a fine haired girl, I'm sure I've tried most of them!  What I've learned is that my best bet for hair that looks thick and luxurious is to start off with a good volumizing shampoo and conditioner, if they're crap then nothing else I add to my hair will do any good!  And what the worst offenders do is leave a film of product behind, which I guess is supposed to make your hair look fuller but it just makes mine look dirty, so my most important criteria is a product that rinses clean! Here are four that I can recommend:

Ojon Volume Advance Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner - 250ml - $42.00/set - a lightweight daily shampoo that gently cleanses and hydrates fine, limp hair, increases the volume of fine hair without weighing it down and adds texture and shine while the conditioner adds lightweight body and shine to fine, limp hair and helps detangle and condition without weighing hair down.   They contain Ojon Oil which is rich in essential lipids that repair damaged hair, seal the cuticles and prevent future damage; and Peruvian Amaranth which has a high protein content that helps seal the cuticle to increase body and thickness as well as provide fine hair with essential nutrients needed to gain strength, fullness, shine and flexibility.

I knew I would love these when I saw the tagline "Like a mega-phone for fine hair"!  The only thing that concerned me was if they would have the typical Ojon smell, which isn't my favourite.  I can tolerate it in small doses but I don't think I would want it in a shampoo.  Not to worry, there is a faint hint of it, but it mostly smells herbal to me - a little bit of lavender combined with other herby things, I really can't but a finger on it exactly but I find the scent very pleasant.

This line is launching over at The Shopping Channel tomorrow so there is a special launch price of $36 for the set - so it's a great time to give it a try! Check it out at

John Frieda Full Repair Full Body Shampoo and Conditioner - 250ml - $10.49/each - has a bodifying formula with Inca Inchi Oil which is rich in omega-3 repairs the look and feel of overworked hair for full, flowing styles.  Weightlessly smoothes and detangles strands, reducing the risk of breaking and snagging when combing or brushing.  Safe for colour-treated and chemically-treated hair.  This is John Frieda's newest line and already a favourite of mine!  There is a whole collection that you can check out here.

BēYü Über Volume Cleansing Creme - Strawberry Candy - 250ml - $23  - with organic chamomile and black walnut - gently washes your hair while boosting it with volume, body and shine.  Safe for colour treated hair. Über Volume Conditioning Creme - Strawberry Candy - 250ml - $23 - with organic wild cherry bark and hibiscus protein - detangles your hair leaving it incredibly bouncy and light. They had me at the scent - "Strawberry Candy" - it truly smells delish! It's good incentive to keep the conditioner on longer too! Available online at:

Sebastian Volupt Volume Boosting Shampoo - 250ml - $23 - contains cushioning-particles to provide a volume boost and soft touch. With natural bamboo extract. Colour safe.
Volupt Volume Boosting Conditioner - 250ml - $25 - with micro-lite technology.  Shields-in volume with lightweight softness.  With natural bamboo extract.  Colour safe.

This is a great shampoo and conditioner, don't get me wrong, but what is extra genius is putting them in different coloured bottles!  I don't know about you but light is not my friend first thing so I tend to take my morning showers in the dark and I don't know how many times I have washed my hair with conditioner and vice-versa - never have that problem with these!

- Lisamarie -


  1. I absolutely LOVE Ojon products. The smell doesn't bother me that bad I think because the benefit outweighs the smell.

  2. Thanks for this! I want to try the John Frieda one, cuz it has color-safe as well... although I haven't had much luck with John Frieda products.... lol

  3. yikes... i don't think i've ever forked over that much money for shampoo and conditioner~
    but the BēYü sounds good =D lol more yummy to be exact =p

  4. I could not get past the smell of the Ojon products, even a whiff of it might be too much for me. Looking forward to the Sebastian and John Frieda thou!


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