March 5, 2011

Stila Spring 2011 Collection Lights Up the (and my) World!

I've been eying this collection at Sephora for several weeks now but for some strange reason, none of the testers were ever there so I have been waiting to get my hot little hands on the products first so that I would have something intelligent to say - okay intelligent may be pushing it but you know what I mean!  If you are sick to death of winter, cold weather and corpse like looking skin that looks like it hasn't seen sun in eons, read on:
All Over Shimmer Duo in Kitten - $29 - multi-tasking at it's best: eye shadow, highlighter and decollete powder all in one pretty package!  This is the product I was most looking forward to trying - Kitten is one of my very favourite eyeshadows and now combined with this darker shade, makes a kick-ass highlighter!  I am fair enough that it even gives me a touch of colour but I expect normal people would just get the glow.  And it's glowy, not glittery which is a big plus!
Coconut Crush - $32 - the latest crush is a bronze, rose gold shade to be used on the lips and cheeks.  It contains coconut extract which is known to slow the degeneration of collagen and support the skin's natural structure to slow premature aging, as well as potent antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E to moisturize and protect.  This is the other product that I really wanted to try because I really liked the idea of the colour but I wasn't too keen of the coconut aspect as it's my least favourite smell.  No matter how great the colour, there is no way I could tolerate a strong coconut smell especially on my lips!  If you are of the same mindset, the smell is not a big deal - it's not overly strong even to begin with and it fades away really quickly. The colour itself is gorgeous and looks just as nice as a blush as it does on the lips which I do not always find to be the case with the Crush products.
Eye Shadow Trio - $26  - can be used wet or dry- Ethereal - base - light pinky tan with shimmer; lid - light mauve grey with silver shimmer; liner - dark brown with gold pearl or Gilded - base - light wheat with shimmer; lid - intense deep gold with gold sparkle; liner - rich espresso with gold sparkle
Silk Shimmer Gloss in Sunlight - $29 - formulated with silk powder, ultra-fine pear shimmer and infused with camellia seed oil and sunflower seed oil which all together give you smooth, luxurious, moisture-rich wear, high shine and impeccable comfort. This gloss formula is one of my favourites - it feels so smooth and slick on and really has one of the best shine pay-offs!  The colour of this one can be worn by pretty much everyone but I think I prefer the Coconut Crush bronze with rose to this one.

Available at selected Shoppers Beauty Boutiques and of course Sephora.

Have you started your Stila spring shopping yet and if so what did you get and what do I need?!

- Lisamarie -


  1. Such pretty makeup! I love Stila!!!

  2. i'm loving this romantic color story~

    gonna check out the kitten duo in stores =D

  3. The Kitten Duo is absolutely fabulous, as is the Coconut Crush! The Coconut Crush is the perfect bride color if you do freelance, as it just goes with everything and is quite buildable for a more intense color.
    I just picked up the Stila Convertible lip and cheek color in Gladiola. It's a scary looking orange that blends out into the most perfect peach! You should check it out! I actually have a swatch of it in my most recent haul on my blog! =)

    Andrée xx


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