March 17, 2011

Spring Blush swatches - Givenchy Blush Gelée and Yves Saint Laurent Creme de Blush No 2

With so many pretty blushes coming out this spring, my cheeks have been hard at work swatching them all!  I am especially loving all of the cream and liquid options! Something I've learned - blush is hard to pick up in photographs unless you are very heavy handed with it - so I was a bit and I didn't blend it in as much as I normally would so the colour would show up better - that being said, please don't anyone be worried that I am actually walking around on the streets like this!
Keep in mind that the products in the picture are actually the reverse of what you see on my face - Givenchy is on the right and YSL is on the left.
Givenchy Blush Gelée - Jelly Blush - the star of the Givenchy Naivement Couture Spring-Summer 2011 collection - sadly it's limited edition but I am hoping they will re-release it in additional colours in upcoming collections.  The colour looks almost hot pink on the sponge but once applied to the skin leaves just a faint flush behind - I had to really pile it on to make it show up at all for this picture!  I like the sponge applicator which makes sense for this product as it is quite liquid and I like how smooth and cool the blush feels going on.  It blends easily and looks incredibly natural.
Yves Saint Laurent Creme de Blush - Cream Blush - a new regular product that was introduced in the YSL Spring 2011 Bohemian Chic collection this colour is No 2 - Powdery Rose.  The texture is really wonderful - very creamy going on which then turns to a powder and a tiny bit goes a long way which means this pot of blush will last me forever! And please excuse the eyelash that I just realized is in the picture or blow on it for good luck!

More blush swatches coming up next week so stay tuned! And if you think there are any I must try, let me know!

- Lisamarie -


  1. What gorgeous blushers! I need the YSL one in my life!

  2. OMG im loving these 2 blushers! sooo natural and pretty! great review :)

  3. i like the Givenchy "applicator" but the YSL color =]

  4. Very pretty! I want the Givenchy one--especially b/c of the applicator, looks interesting.

  5. Hi Lisamarie,

    I have both blushes in my collection and I like them. Givenchy is always on my list and so it´s natural that I bought that lovely blush. I like the scent of it and the texture. It looks very natural on the skin and it´s perfect for summer, because it stay on and on...... I have a review on my blog. Please check out.

    I bought the YSL blush last year and I like it also, but for me it´s harder to apply. I like the new colours of that blush in the pictures that I saw. I check it out at the counter and maybe I bought another one.

    If you like Givenchy? Check out my blog!

    xoxo, Sandra

  6. They're bothe so pretty and perfect for spring! Ugh! How to choose??


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