February 6, 2012

Clarins Extra Firming Day and Night Cream

Your Clarins Extra Firming creams just got better through innovation with the first products to reinforce the overall dermal structure by targeting the three key elements and the links which connect them: collagen fibers, elastic fibers and fibrolats. A good quality connection between the different fibers and cells allows the dermis to adapt to facial movements and go back to its original state.

Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream - 50ml - $85 - fights skin slackening, helps reduce apparition of wrinkles and firms the oval of the face all with a matte finish.

Contains: Organic Green Banana, Lemon Thyme, Carcinine and Bocoa - to reinforce firming and anti-wrinkle action; Organic oat sugars - for an immediate "lift" effect; Hyaluronic acid double molecular weight - for moisture; and an exclusive anti-pollution complex - for protection.

I love the smell of Clarins products - they have that "spa" smell that I love. This cream is especially fun because you can smell the green banana in it!

Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream - 50ml - $88 - restores even complexion, helps prevent the deepening of lines and reinforces the firming action of Extra Firming Day.

Contains: Survixyl IS - for firming and regenerating action; Lotus Zymbiosome - to prevent dark spots; Venuceane and Rhodiola - for antioxidant protection; Glutrapeptide and Stimulent - for protection for the renewal potential of the epidermis; and Hyaluronic acid double molecular weight - for moisture.

Firmer skin in just 4 weeks - hard to find fault with that! Find them at your local Clarins counter.

- Lisamarie -

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  1. I got samples for these two in my January Glossybox (see my blog for full details.)
    Altough I don't have wrinkles I really like how my skin feels after using them.
    I have been using both creams for a week, my skin is very soft and looks great.


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