February 16, 2012

Erin the soap guy lathers up with Pretty Organics Lemony Fresh and Cinnamon Coffee Cake Shea Butter Soap!

I recently discovered the Pretty Organics line of products and since Erin gets really grumpy when he doesn't get included in stuff I had him try out a couple of the soaps - take it away Erin:

Pretty Lemony Fresh Creamy Shea Butter Soap - $6 - This was an interesting one. I am conflicted – which is odd as I am generally not conflicted about soap.  There is soooo much to like about this product. It smells lemony (love that scent), it is made without testing on animals (although that would be one very nice smelling sloth…Kristen Bell reference…), and it's made with 100% vegan, organic or sustainably wild-harvested ingredients (I must admit that I really don’t know what that means other than I can imagine a free range chicken running alongside all of the soap ingredients…). All of that said, the lemony scent coupled with the shea butter and essential oils wasn’t for me. The soap left me feeling quite dry and was not the most sensitive for my sensitive spots. I realize that most of my soap reviews include this “private parts” comment, however that is one area I like to ensure is clean and therefore needs soapy attention!!
While I was at it, I also tried the Pretty Cinnamon Coffee Cake Creamy Shea Butter Soap - $6 - This soap left a clean feeling without the same level of dryness as the Lemony Fresh. The odd part of the experience was the scent.  I am one who loves both Cinnamon and Coffee Cake, but the two scents in a bar of soap seemed a little odd. My feelings are affirmed every time I enter a coffee shop after using the product and heavyset customers look at me with “hungry eyes”. All kidding aside, the scent was a little too sweet for my liking. Now if they could just combine the Lemony scent with the feel of the Cinnamon and Coffee Cake soap we would have a total winner!

- Erin & Lisamarie -

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