February 1, 2012

Rodial Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel - as weird as it sounds?

Rodial Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel - 50ml - $75 - a unique gel that is known in some circles as the "liquid facelift" helps to define facial contours and plump sagging skin. It contains Dragon's Blood - which sounds gross but is actually a tree sap which works to form a second skin-like protective film on the skin as well as protect against environmental damage and contains anti-inflammatory properties; Collageneer - to stimulate and increase the natural collagen production and sythesis for smoother, plumper skin; Volufiline - to increase fatty deposits in the skin and to plump sagging skin; and Commipheroline - to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve tonicity and elasticity of the skin.

Used twice a day for 28 days the results expected are: an increase in skin elasticity; reduction in skin sagging; dramatically defined and volumized skin; and firmer skin around jaw line and cheek bones with improved tonicity.

What I think is interesting about it is how you can feel the tightening effect soon after applying and not in the usual gluey kind of way that you do with some instant tightening products, more like your skin just suddenly lifted itself up a couple of centimeters. And as far as I'm concerned the airless pump design is brilliant, I wish all products that came in a jar would do this instead, it's so much more sanitary then dipping your fingers in and out of a jar!

Available exclusively at Murale.

- Lisamarie -


  1. I want to try this one out! I want to say I use Dragon's Blood to keep me looking young. Right? Right!

  2. Just make sure you include an evil laugh when you say it - "I stay young with Dragon's Blood Muwhahahahahahahahah!"

    Best, Evil Lisamarie


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