February 9, 2012

Lancôme Rouge in Love - Rose Pitimini and Rose Sulfureuse swatches!

Lancôme has a new long wear lipcolor in a collection of radiant, high potency colors, with up to 6 hours of wear that is surprisingly featherlight offering delightful comfort. Lancôme Rouge in Love - $30 - comes in 24 shades that are divided into 3 mood groups to suit every time of day:
Jolis Matins - fresh and light shades with tone-on-tone pearl particles for a sheer effect: Beige Dentelle, Rose Pitimini, Jolis Matins, Dans ses Bras, Rose Rendez-vous, Rose en Deshabille, Jolie Rosalie, Corail in Love
Boudoir Time - fun and flashy shades with more pigmentation: Miss Coquelicot, Rouge in Love, Madame Tulipe, Rose The, Brune Plumetis, Rose Boudoir, Rose des Soupirants, Violette Coquette
Tonight Is My Night - deep and intense shades with golden pearl particles for a more opaque finish: Chez Prune, Rose Sulfureuse, Violine Lamee, Rouge Valentine, Chocolat Mordore, Midnight Rose, Sequins d'Amour, Rouge Saint Honore

There are so many lipstick choices it can seem overwhelming so Lancôme Official Makeup Artist, Lora Spiga has some advice for picking colours:

First determine what colour family you prefer. Warm or Cool.

Choose a colour from the “Jolis Matin” mood within your preferred colour harmony. This would be the ideal colour to wear to start your day. For example: If you like warmer tones, I’d recommend Jolis Matin in Rouge In Love, if you prefer cooler tones, a great colour would be Rose Pitimini. After lunch with friends, perk up the lips with a brighter more playful colour. The “Boudoir Time” mood would be perfect. A warm choice would be Miss Coquelicot and if you prefer cool, try Violette Coquette. And of course, for that after work dinner or party choose a colour from the Tonight is your Night mood. As a warmer choice try Rouge Saint Honore and a cooler choice Violine Lamee.

Ideally you want to choose 3 shades to compliment your moods throughout the day. Choosing 3 shades within the same colour harmony will ensure that your make-up always looks beautifully balanced. 

Of course, Rouge in Love encourages women to pick your lipcolour based on how they feel at a given moment. For instance, if they feel joyful, they would most probably feel more like wearing a punchy shade, whereas if they feel more romantic they would probably choose a softer shade.
I tried a couple of the rose shades from the collection and I was kind of surprised by the way they look in the tube - like they could be matte. The way they feel on the lips isn't like a moisturizing lipstick feels either if that's your preference - they feel very light but not slippy the way a moist one does, but as you can see from the below swatches - they look moist and shiny on!
Rose Pitimini - I just love the golden sheen this one has!
Rose Sulfureuse - a very sexy rose!

- Lisamarie -


  1. I love theses...great post!


  2. These look so gorgeous however, WHY do these cosmetic companies make it so confusing? It must be a french thing!


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