February 28, 2012

Smell my fingers! Scented nail polish polish swatches - Sephora by OPI It's My Pink and Dior Forget-Me-Not!

Scented nail polish - gimmicky? Maybe, but I don't care - beauty is supposed to be fun and what could be more fun then accosting random people on the street and making them smell my fingernails!?
Part of the Sephora by OPI Betsey Johnson collection - It's My Pink - scented with Betsey's Too Too fragrance. The colour is gorgeous and the scent is apparent and really lasts! I was expecting to be able to smell it right after I painted my nails but not much past that - I could actually still smell it the next day - by the end of day 2 it was gone, so don't worry you are stuck with it if the thought doesn't amuse you!
Part of the Dior Garden Party Spring 2012 collection - Forget-Me-Not - scented with rose vapours. The scent from this one didn't last much past the painting process - it was gone in a few hours - great colour though!

What are your thoughts on scented polish - too gimmicky or too fun?

- Lisamarie -


  1. These are really nice colors! :)


  2. Nice colors!
    I dont really care about the scent but like you said it's for fun :)
    Thanks for swatching!

  3. Wowwww, I'm gonna have to snag some of those up when I go to Sephora next!

  4. love the colors! scented nail polish can be fun, if they're not too over powering.


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