February 16, 2012

Clinique Almost Lipstick - in colours you can make your own! Black Honey, Lovely Honey and Chic Honey swatches!

Clinique Almost Lipstick - $18 - is the answer to a prayer for all you colour-phobics out there - an ultra sheer lip colour that allows your natural lip colour to come through, creating a custom shade that is unique on everyone who wears it. And because it's so sheer, it's super easy to apply, no liner, brush or really even mirror required. The perfect lipstick for when you only have one hand available because you are hanging off a subway (or I suppose any kind of) pole!

I tried the Black Honey Almost Lipstick from the Black Honey collection that came out in the fall and I'm happy to say that they seemed to have solved the bullet flaking problem that I experienced then!

Black Honey has been joined by 7 other shades: Shy Honey, Tender Honey, Spicy Honey, Luscious Honey, Chic Honey, Lovely Honey and Flirty Honey.
Black Honey
Lovely Honey
Chic Honey

As you can see from these swatches, you don't need to be scared of how dark the colour looks in the tube - on the lips it becomes very sheer, natural and wearable!

- Lisamarie -


  1. I've wanted black honey for so long.... but these almost seem like a tinted lip balm?

  2. In a recent study done, Black Honey was one of the lipsticks listed with lead content. It's on the lower end, though, with 0.26 ppm (parts per million).

  3. Black Honey looks great on you! I wish it did that for my lips, but all I get is some weird dark raisin color. Chic is now on my list.

  4. Isn't that funny - I was disappointed that it didn't show darker on me - I guess it really does customize itself to everyone!

    Best, Lisamarie


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