February 23, 2012

tokidoki Passport Collection Spring 2012

tokidoki Airways Palette - $50 - the palette comes in a collectable suitcase shaped tin featuring the new Passport print. Inside: 8 silky city named eyeshadows: Paris - sparkling soft pink, Los Angeles - sparkling lavender, Tokyo - iridescent purple, Hong Kong - pearlized lime green, new York - pearlized olive green, Rome - matte chocolate brown, London - pearlized toffee and Hawaii - matte vanilla as well as a large keychain fob of Donutella.
Roulette Gloss Trio - $22 - a 3-in-1 lip gloss trio designed to house 3 mini glosses in one fun component. With a formula enriched with Kudzu extract - for its gentle soothing properties, and marine extract - vitamin and mineral rich ingredient - for soft, supple lips. The glosses are non-sticky, super-shiny and medium pigmented with a sweet vanilla mint scent. The shades can be worn alone or layered to create custom shades. Available in 3 trios: Coco Bella - dusty pink, Hercolino - peachy nude, Mozzarella - cranberry red; Ariecchino - bubblegum pink, Carina - soft pink, Ciao Ciao - peachy pink; Bruttino - berry purple, Adieu - cherry pink, Lion Pappa - hot pink
tokidoki Passport Bag Collection - offers the perfect travel silhouettes for any occasion - each style offers custom Passport artwork, purple detailing and tokidoki logo charm and zipper pull:
Passport Everyday Bag - $24 - a medium sized, multi-purpose bag for daily use or travel. With a clear front panel design that lets you see all the contents easily.
Passport Clear Travel Bag - $34 - a multi-purpose clear bag with travel container kit, including 3 air travel regulation tubes and 2 air travel regulation pots to store all your beauty needs.
Passport Medium Hanging Travel Bag - $50 - an all-in-one bag with multiple pocket dividers, elastic holders and a door hanger hook.

Available now at Sephora and sephora.com

- Lisamarie -


  1. I'm a sucker for tokidoki stuff & these are so cute! Love them!

  2. I have to say I'm a huge fan of the tokidoki I acquired during the "Yankee Swap" I am drawn to the packaging and the color combos!

  3. by acquired you mean "stole" right? let's not forget I was there... ;-)

    Best, Lisamarie

  4. As much as I like Tokidoki design, the airway palette case is a bit bulky (I saw it at Sephora last weekend) and the surface is made of paper. =/

    I wish they made this palette separate from the box, so I can actually use them for different purposes.

  5. I feel like getting the Airways Palette just because Hong Kong is my hometown and favourite city in the whole wide world <3


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