August 21, 2010

Katie Price Wears an iPod Crown Paired with a Tin Foil Jumpsuit. Because She Can!

Amazing! Katie Price (aka Jordan) is AMAZING! She has outdone herself...and what I really mean is she manages to look ridiculous, awful, crazy and slutty all at once! This ought to be some kind of world record. Lisamarie always makes fun of how I'm distracted by shiny objects - I've got a 3 seconds attention span - but do you blame me for being distracted by this? I'd like to point out: she's not just wearing a tin foil outfit, she's also wearing a crown made out of iPods! At least she spared us from her camel toe by wearing a skirt on top of that jumpsuit.  It's still mesmerizing, though. I love you Jordan  but perhaps that botox has gone to your brain head!

Drew Barrymore needs to fire her hair stylist AND her makeup artist. This is the type of makeup I put on my face was I was 6 years old. I know soft curls and bed hair are in right now ,  but this is just bad frizzy morning-after-alcohol-fuelled-Ibiza-party type of hair. 

Phoebe Price know, Phoebe Price! She manages to wear about 20 colors, patterns and textures all at once and that's a talent. I don't think I've got that much variety in my entire wardrobe. Next to Katie Price, she still looks understated, and it's scary. Phoebe: you even fail at being bad!



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