January 20, 2012

Dior Garden Party Spring 2012 Collection

Inspired by the colours of a fantastic, romantic garden - this collection is pure sophistication and just the freaking prettiest thing ever!
Dior Garden Clutch - Milly Garden #001 - $75 - Holt Renfrew exclusive - with tender pink, silvery blue and violet-tinged grey shadows and two fresh pink lip colours.
Dior Garden Clutch - Granville Garden #002 - $75 - The Bay exclusive - with pale green, precious pink and deep brown shadows and two apricot-tinged pink lip colours.
5-Colour Eyeshadow - Garden Roses #841 - $60 - tender pinks, parma violet, silver and purple.
5-Colour Eyeshadow - Garden Pastels #441 - $60 - pale pink, buttercup yellow and luminous greens.
Rouge Dior - Tulip Pink #448 - $36
Rouge Dior - Corolle Pink #363 - not at Sephora
Dior Ultra-Gloss - Party Lilac #396 and Pretty Rose #452
Diorskin Rosy Glow - Petal - Sephora exclusive - enhances your unique cheek colour for a natural healthy glow effect and adjusts to the moisture of each skin to make the cheeks blush as though through emotion with a transparent, customized and ultra-natural colour.
Dior Vernis - Water Lily #504 - soft green  and Forget-me-Not #694 - floral mauve - scented with rose vapours.

Our American friends already have them in store and online at Dior.com - we should be seeing them in store any day now, fingers crossed!

- Lisamarie -


  1. Ooooh the Diorskin Rosy Glow looks absolutely lovely!

  2. The whole collection is gorgeous . . . Love it . . .

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  4. This Dior collection is definitely one to check out and if you love beauty products, you won't be able to resist this collection. This collection screams Spring. Purple and Green are my favorite colors and to have these 2 colors chosen for the Spring line at the same time is simply cruel for beauty junkies like me.This is truly the prettiest collection I have ever seen from Dior.

    Although money is very tight, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to purchase certain items. The 5-Colour Eyeshadow - Garden Pastels #441 - $60 - pale pink, buttercup yellow and luminous greens.literally took my breath away when I first saw it. The colors are different from any I have ever seen and are very sophisticated and classy. I loved the purple palette as well but since I couldn't afford one, no less two, I had to pass this one up. All the colors in the purple palette are gorgeous as well but we've all seen these colors before. What also makes thes palettes so beautiful is the design on the eyeshadows. I love purple and would have loved to purchase it, but simply had to make a choice. And since Green is my favorite color, I had to go with the Green palette.

    I also fell in love with the Dior Clutch palette, with the brown, pink and green plus the 2 lip sticks but here again, $75 is a lot of money right now, to pay for this palette in my opinion.

    I did however had to purchase both lipsticks, the Tulip Pink and Corolle Pink. Both are absolutely gorgeous and although similar in color, one is a paler baby pink while the other has a deeper rose tint added.

    I had to purchase the Party Lilac Ultra Gloss which is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to see how it will look over the pink lipsticks I just purchased. It seems to have the right amount of shimmer and I think they will add the final polished look to my face when I finally get the products and start playing around with them.

    I really would love to get the DiorSkin Rosy Glow Blush in Petal but after spending so much money on the other products, I'm simply not sure I can swing the price which I believe costs $40 something. I have to listen to some feedback on this product first before deciding on whether this Blush is worth the price.

    And I love the nail polishes but here too, you can get similar colors for far less money.

    I had to save some money because I also fell in love with the Spring collection from Lancome. Those products are pinks and greens and work very well with the products I just ordered from Dior. I am broke but at least I'll look fabulous.

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  5. love love love the packaging...super cute!!!

  6. Another gorgeous Dior collection, especially those Garden clutches :)

  7. this collection with be available at sephora stores feb 1st :)
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