January 21, 2012

These products from Stemulation, Garnier, Murad, Sukin and Serious Skin - will do your heavy lifting (but won't take out the garbage)!

Stemulation Rescue Repair - 50ml - $96 - a powerful hand and body treatment to visibly lift, firm and hydrate skin. It's designed to restore and renew areas of the hands, feet, knees elbows and decolletage, troubled with age spots, extreme dryness, loose skin and calluses with a powerful formula with proven age-defying ingredients to replenish the essential antioxidants and peptides your body needs for younger skin.

Stemulation products contain a unique derivative of growth factors from stem cells that can be absorbed directly into the skin as well as natural and organic ingredients proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve the tightening and firmness of skin tissue as well as diminish the appearance of sunspots.

Now available at Murale where you will also find the other products in the line: Facial Serum - 15ml - $135 and 30ml - $240 and Boost Creme - 15ml - $75 and 30ml - $140
Garnier Ultra-Lift Serum + Cream - 50ml - $22.99 - with 2X Pro-Retinol from nature (retinol and linoelic acid) it combines a concentrated serum and a daily moisturizer to help boost anti-wrinkle action and instantly give skin a firmer appearance. In 2 weeks, skin appears firmer, fine lines and wrinkles appear visibly reduced. Which really is a clever idea when you think about it - for most people a serum alone isn't enough moisture and you end up having to slap a moisturizer on top of it - this product eliminates the extra step!
Murad Resurgence Rejuvenating Lift for Neck and Decollete - 50ml - $55 - combats thinning skin, discoloration and sagging, providing an instant lift. With a botanical blend of ingredients including java plum, mango and banana pulp extracts that work together  in a collagen enhancing compound to improve elasticity to enhance smoothness and suppleness, plump and resurface skin. While bearberry and licorice root extracts lighten, brighten and even skin tone, reducing the appearance of spots and discoloration.

Available at Murale, Sephora and sephora.com
Sukin Purely Ageless Intensive Firming Serum - 30ml - $23.99 - a light gel-cream rich in natural actives, to gently firm, refine and leave skin feeling smooth. Contains argan oil, açai and goji fruit extracts that work to reduce the signs of aging and cocoa butter to lock in moisture to help protect skin from environmental conditions. What makes this brand great is what the products don't contain: parabens, artificial colours, petro-chemicals, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances or animal derivatives!

Available at health food and specialty stores across Canada - check out - http://www.sukinorganics.com/stores.asp to find one near you

Serious Skin Firma-Face XR Instant Temporary Invisible All Over Skin Tightener - 85g - $49.95 - an instant, temporary, all over skin tightener - within minutes wrinkles are temporarily smoother over, the skin is pulled tighter, pores appear to be shrunk closed, nose to mouth lines look diminished, under eye puffiness looks smoother and crows feet seem to disappear. What's different about it is rather than traditional tighteners that lay on top of the skin, this one is micronized which allows the firming ingredients to filter deep into the wrinkles, lines and pores to perform the firming benefits from within the imperfections to help re-connect and tighten the look of the skin's surface without the delicate topical film that can be easily disrupted by facial movements, creams and liquid makeup.

Available at The Shopping Channel - www.theshoppingchannel.com

- Lisamarie -


  1. What's the point if they don't take out the garbage ;) The Serious Skin Firma-Face XR Instant Temporary Invisible All Over Skin Tightener does sound like a keeper, although I think it is a bit overdone to have such a long name for such a tiny bottle, LOL Stemulation sounds good too: any experiences with it yourself?

  2. I've been using it on my knees to see if I can give myself a knee-lift that will be a little cheaper than Demi Moore's 10K one, I'll let you know how it turns out... ;-)

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. I got a sample of the skin tightener and I am too afraid to try it yet !


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