January 18, 2012

This week I'm obsessed with... Stila Love at First Blush Palette!

Some of my favourite things in life include: cute packaging; palettes; pink; shimmer; and hearts - so is it any wonder that I'm besotted with

Stila Love at First Blush Palette - $16 - a multi-coloured pressed powder in 3 shades of pink for a natural blushing glow.

I love the graduated colours which makes it easy to use one colour at a time. Of course palettes like these beg to be applied with a big fluffy brush and have all the colours swept up at once which is also a very pretty look... on the cheeks mind you. I have seen a few posts where they recommend using it this way as an all over highlighter but I'm going to have to disagree with that suggestion - it's way too pink for that! Unless you want to look like you got a bit too much sun I would use this strictly as blusher!

And of course this palette just screams Valentine's Day - it's probably too much to hope for that the boy will think to buy it for you so print off this page and leave it someplace where he will find it... Of course, this would also make a great gifty for your single BFF, just so she knows somebody loves her!

Available for a limited time in January and February at Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques, Murale, Sephora and sephora.com.

- Lisamarie -


  1. Ah this is beautiful! I missed out on the last Valentine's Day Blusher from Stila and I'm still kicking myself for it. I've been to a number of Shopper Drugmarts though and have not seen this anywhere! I'll keep an eye out for it, though.

  2. this immediately reminded of the Physician's Formula one! :)

  3. that's the one with the scent that's supposed to make you happy right?


    Best, Lisamarie

  4. This palette looks soooooo cute, I just wish if you posted a swatch


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