January 25, 2012

L'Oréal Professionnel Absolut Repair Cellular

If your hair is very dry or damaged you probably spend a lot of your money, time and energy trying out products that promise to make your hair look and feel soft and healthy. If this sounds like you then you owe yourself a look-see at the Absolut Repair Cellular line which targets and addresses issues with all 3 zones of the hair: Zone A - Surface - the scales come apart and the edges are lifted and chipped - hair is brittle, rough and dull; Zone B - Cuticle - the intracellular cement is gradually depleted and can no longer act as a natural protective barrier - hair is porous and dry; and Zone C - Cortex - the core of the hair fibre is comprised of a complex network of cortical cells bonded together by ionic junctions - chemical aggressions weaken or break these junctions and compromise the hair fibre. Available in the line:

Cleansing Balm - 250ml - $21.35 - a gentle foaming balm that deeply repairs hair fibre and cleanses without friction - I have been alternating it with the shampoo/masque duo as recommended and you actually can really see the difference to the frizzies when you use a shampoo that relies on friction to clean as opposed to this balm!
Leave In Repairing Cream - 150ml - $21.35 - provides nutrition, instant softness, suppleness, control and protection for the hair ends for hair that is manageable, visibly soft and shiny.
Thermo Cell Repair - 150ml - $21.85 - activated by heat, it helps repair and protect the hair fibre and facilitate blow drying.
Serum - 50ml - $26.50 - super light with a silky texture, itrepairs damaged ends and smoothes the hair fibre leaving the hair looking and feeling more healthy.
The products that I'm really enjoying (including the Cleansing Balm) contain a new Lactic Acid technology that repairs the hair in all three zones by penetrating deeply into the core of the hair fibre to repair hair from the inside out bringing hair back to a healthy state in only 10 days!

Shampoo - 250ml - $17.65, 500ml - $24.40 - restructures the hair fibre and restores strength, resilience and shine to very damaged hair while it cleanses.
Masque - 200ml - $28.10 -  deeply repairs, nourishes and instantly conditions and leaves hair feeling stronger, more supple and looking shiny and transformed.

Something I have noticed in the last few brands of shampoo/conditioner that I have tried is that there seems to be this trend towards the shampoo being thicker than the conditioner. I don't like this - in my little world, the conditioner is supposed to be thicker than shampoo, that's just the way it is - so I really appreciate how nice and thick the masque is, way better than the typical wimpy conditioner. Unlike some masques you may have used that have to stay on for 10 minutes or so, this one only needs to be on for 2 minutes - the same as a normal conditioner.

The other thing that is great about these products is that they don't weigh my fine hair down. I don't find that I am able to use a lot of products that are meant for fine hair because they are too heavy and just end up making my hair look greasy. No greasy looking locks with this one, just soft, smooth and healthy looking hair!

The only thing I'm not overly fond of is the scent - a little too floralish for my taste, but since it doesn't linger, I can live with it.

L'Oréal Professionnel products are available in salons only - find one near you at www.lorealprofessionnel.ca

- Lisamarie -

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  1. I just tried a different L'oreal one (the red and white bottle) and the smell is among the strongest I've ever smelled and it really lingers too!


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