January 30, 2012

Mascara Monday - Dior Diorshow New Look Mascara

Diorshow New Look Mascara - $35 - is a brand new addition to the Dior mascara range being introduced with the Dior New Look Makeup Collection -  it multiplies volume lash by lash with a new intelligent nano-brush made of supple rubber and resistant plastic allowing for easy application and ultimate precision.The lower part of the brush is made up of four reservoirs and rows of separating spikes which load lashes from the root while allowing for maximum extension. While the upper part of the brush has a "lash catcher" micro-head which slips into the slightest gap to catch every lash, even the very shortest.

As well it has Lash Multiplier serum formula which instantly thickens and extends lashes with a polymer that adds stretch and volume enhancing properties to help coat each lash for extreme thickness, stretch and curl. And for long term benefits, the formula is also enriched with fortifying royal jelly extract which acts at all stages of the lash life cycle to reinforce lashes over time for a thicker fringe. For added drama is the intense colour effect obtained from an exclusive 3D effect, Dior Black Glass pigment which is coated with light-reflecting particles for a magnifying effect that increases the depth and shine of the colour. With a formula that dries quickly and won't smudge.
I really like the small brush which I find easy to control and is much less likely to accidentally bump your skin. I also like that it comes in a choice of black, brown or blue - this is the brown colour that I'm testing - a colour of which I'm a big fan and I love it when companies do a real brown like this one and not a "black-brown" which really isn't brown at all.
I did not touch my lashes with my lash comb even though I really wanted to just so you could truly gauge the volumizing properties which I know are lost once you comb it! As you can see you get good volume which is kind of surprising considering how small the brush is!
I don't normally like volumizing formulas because I find they feel hard and crunchy and no one wants crunchy lashes. This Dior formula is soft and pliable which I think also helps give my lashes more curl.

- Lisamarie -


  1. wow, so nice.


  2. Think i will try this, got red hair and really want to try a brown mascara =)
    I hope it will look good on, have search so long for a brown mascara and not black/brown as i always found.


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