January 18, 2012

L'Oréal Volume Collagen - puts the life back into fine, flat hair!

Limp haired ladies should rejoice because L'Oréal has some new products that aim to put the oomph back in your locks! A silicone-free formula containing the wonders of collagen - known for its plumping and strengthening properties - texturizes the hair fiber by building strength from the inside out which helps support hair at the roots to provide all day volume!
The Hair Expertise Collagen line includes:
Volume Collagen Shampoo - 385ml - $5.99
Volume Collagen Conditioner -385 ml - $5.99
Volume Collagen Body Boost Root Lifting Spray - 200ml - $6.99 - instantly amplifies flat, fine hair without weighing it down - the nozzle allows you to spray it right into your roots rather than it just misting all over your hair where it's not needed as much - which I think is clever but I might even use it just for the smell which is very fresh!

Elnett Volume Hairspray -400 ml - $14.99 -  if you love your Elnett for the way it offers non-sticky all day hold that you can run a brush through but have been wishing it would give you more body, then you'll be happy to know that the latest Elnett is all about adding volume and is enriched with Pro-Keratine!

- Lisamarie -

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  1. I have just tried a L'oreal shampoo, the one for damaged hair. I was quite impressed actually and it really smelled great as well.


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