January 20, 2012

Smokey eyes made easy with new products from GOSH!

GOSH Smokey Eyes Palette - $18 - combine different colours to achieve the coveted smoky eye with easy "paint by numbers" type instructions right on the lid! Available in colour collections of Black, Brown and Plum

GOSH Intense Eye Liner Pen - $13 - a water-based, semi-permanent and smudge proof liquid liner with a soft applicator that allows for a fine, precise line. Available in Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Green, Grey and Purple.
GOSH Show Me Volume Mascara in Carbon Black - with a unique volume brush that is specially designed with deliberately placed brushes of different lengths that allow for excellent application and incredible volume.

All products available now at Shoppers Drug Mart.

And just to make it super easy, here's step by step instructions on how to use the above products to achieve a sultry and sexy smoky eye:

1. Using the Smokey Eyes Palette, apply the light middle tone eye shadow colour (2) on the eye lid - it will make a good base and will make it easier to blend the other colours.
2. Use the darker middle tone (3) on the middle of the eye lid and mark the globe with the darker shade (4) - if your eyelids are a bit heavy, apply the eye shadow above the globe to lift the eyes.
3. The lightest shade (1) can be applied in the corner of the eye and under the brow bone to highlight.
4. Blend and then blend some more so there will be no sharp edges in the colours - let them fade together.
5. Apply eye liner to the water line for an even more intense look as well as under the lower eye - it doesn't have to be perfect and can even be smeared out a bit. Then apply the dark shadow (4) over the line to soften it and make it last longer.
6. Apply Intense Eye Liner Pen just over the eye lashes on the upper eye in a heavy line - making it thicker in the outer corner of the eye.
7. Finish the look off with lots of Show Me Volume Mascara.

Voila - you now have the most intense and seductive smokey eyes - done with ease!

- Lisamarie -


  1. oooo nice! some more stuff added to the already long list! ha ha

  2. I really like it when they make is so simple to achieve the smokey effect.

  3. How is the pigment on the smokey eye palettes? I love the GOSH Intense Eye Liners, they're great!


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