December 16, 2015

Eye Love Wednesday - Kiss Ever EZ Lash Starter Kit and Singles One-Time Use Lash Adhesive

Been thinking about trying out false lashes but don't really know what you are doing - then make it easy with a kit:

Kiss Ever EZ Lash Starter Kit - $8.97 - contains 1 pair of lightweight, natural and reusable eyelashes, 24 hour hold latex-free adhesive and an easy-angle lash applicator - which really makes applying lashes so much easier - whenever I try to apply them with my fingers I end up sticking my fingers to the lash - so this keeps me from having to touch them directly until they are actually on my face!
My other big problem with false lashes is that I have really oily eyelids which dissolves the glue quicker so lashes start to peel off my lid halfway through the day - of course it's too much mess/trouble to carry a full tube of glue around to reattach but these make fix ups easy:

Kiss Singles One-Time Use Lash Adhesive - 12 single use tubes - $3.47 - offers a brand new glue for every application in a pressure sensitive bottle that allows for an easy control glue application - formulated with non-irritating and soothing aloe in a hypoallergenic and latex-free formula.

Available at Walmart stores across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

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