April 26, 2024

Fragrant Friday - Palm Royale inspired Scentbird Collection!

In celebration of Apple TV’s original series, Palm Royale and Scentbird are taking you to the heart of fragrances inspired by the 1969 Palm Beach High Society. Discover the Palm Royale collection that represents scents that will transport you directly into each scene.
There are 6 fragrance collection themes including: 
CRÈME DE LA CRÈME - sweet, minty, and exclusively top-shelf.
DIVINE DEVIANCE - vibrant and rebellious, these scents don't play by the rules.
SUNKISSED - fresh, airy, and perfect for the outdoors.
SOPHISTICATED - classic, beautiful blends fit for the queen of the season.
LEGACY - bold, ambitious scents that scream old money.
OPULENCE - live in abundance with luxurious blends fit for high society.
With each theme offering several fragrance choices - with a few of them also being offered in a full size bottle (if you need a refresher in how the Scentbird subscription service works you can find it here)
With so many choices it's hard to narrow down which one I loved best but decided the Sunkissed collection seemed the most like me and from that what scent that was totally me was: Goodhabit Ignite - 50ml EDP - $90 - bold, energizing, and citrus-forward, the scent opens with a splash of clementine, complemented by fresh-squeezed grapefruit and a twist of blood orange. Hints of skin musk and creamy peach rise to the surface as the scent warms, grounding the vibrant elements. It smells like sunshine on my skin! This is a new-to-me brand but I will be trying more of it to be sure - I love how Scentbird makes it so easy to try brands that you just don't see in the stores here!

Enjoy some high society yourself (without the annoying people) now at scentbird.com.

- Lisamarie -

April 10, 2024

Love your planet with Shoppers Drug Mart Quo Beauty and TerraCycle!

Welcome to Earth Month and can I just say that I love it when companies do more than just pay lip service to environmental commitment!
Such is the case with Shoppers Drug Mart - just a little under a year ago saw the launch of “More Planet Love” by Quo Beauty which includes over 500 products with more sustainable packaging, using recycled plastics, mono-materials and reduced plastic packaging. Additionally, the entire Quo Beauty lineup is vegan, cruelty-free, and PETA-certified, further contributing to a more sustainable planet. 
If you are looking for a great intro to the products check out: 
Quo Beauty More Planet Love Picks - $29.99 - a curated set of products include a shimmer lip oil, mascara and eyeliner made with a minimum 70% naturally-derived ingredients and 30% recycled plastic.
Following that up, Shoppers Drug Mart is launching the new Quo Beauty Cosmetics Free Recycling Program in partnership with international recycling leader TerraCycle which introduces a convenient solution for customers to recycle empty Quo Beauty cosmetics components and keep plastic packaging from going to landfills and incinerators. For each pound of cosmetics waste shipped in through the recycling program, $1 will be donated to Shoppers Foundation for Women’s Health - which creates equitable and accessible care for all women in Canada, empowering them to lead healthier lives. 
How does the TerraCycle program work? It's easy peasy - just collect your eligible empty Quo Beauty and get a prepaid shipping label to send them in by signing up on the TerraCycle program page here. Once collected, the cosmetic packaging is cleaned and separated by material type, and then recycled into raw formats that manufacturers use to make new products. 
The Quo Beauty products that can be recycled include: plastic and glass tubes, pots, pumps, sprays and jars; lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss tubes and wands; mascara tubes and wands; eyeliner pencils and components; eyeshadow and bronzer components; foundation packaging; powder components and concealer tubes and sticks.
What can't be recycled: nail polish bottles; nail polish remover bottles; makeup wipes and sponges; makeup brushes and pressurized canisters (including aerosol cans).
The Quo Beauty Cosmetics Free Recycling Program is open to any individual, school, office or community group. To learn more about TerraCycle’s recycling process for cosmetic packaging, please visit www.terracycle.ca/how-terracycle-recycles-beauty-products.  

- Lisamarie -

April 5, 2024

Fragrant Friday - Marc Jacobs Daisy Wild

Melting snow, crocuses and longer days are all signs that spring is on it's way but the real harbinger of spring for me is the arrival of the new Daisy fragrance from Marc Jacobs that appears in stores every year around this time....

Marc Jacobs Daisy Wild - 30ml EDP - $120, 50ml EDP - $151, 100ml - $194 - a floral scent
reminiscent of a bouquet of wildflowers with a top of banana blossom accord; heart notes of  jasmine and macadamia accord; and base notes of sandalwood and vetiver des sables. 
If a floral fragrance is your springtime bliss then this one is going to be your jam. I was hoping the macadamia and sandalwood were going to make it a warmer fragrance but it smells totally fresh and floral-like on me - with the jasmine being the most prevalent note.
What I really adore though is the bottle, a wild daisy has been added to the bouquet on the cap and there are flower stems peeping through the light green juice in the bottle making it beautifully decorative on your dressing table.
Also, for the first time ever, this Daisy fragrance is fully refillable - with a 150ml refill format for $215  that you can use to top up any of the bottles.
Available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora stores across Canada and online at beauty.shoppersdrugmart.ca and sephora.ca

- Lisamarie -