September 30, 2010

Avon Healthy Makeup for beauty with benefits Preview and Contest!

The new Healthy Makeup colour collection from Avon is designed to enhance the key signs of healthy skin:  hydration - moisture helps keep in essential nutrients so skin looks fresh, texture - smooth, silky skin allows colour to go on evenly and look naturally flawless and radiance - radiant colour makes your entire look come alive.  The line is formulated with a triple vitamin and antioxidant complex infused with vitamins A, C, E, pomegranate and olive leaf and I especially like that several of the products contain an SPF!  Here's what is available in the new line:

Healthy Makeup Mousse Foundation - 18g - $14.99 - available in twelve shades from light to deep with a feather-light feel and a velvet matte finish.  It has a light to medium buildable coverage and is suitable for sensitive skin.  Triple vitamin & antioxidant complex in enriched with pomegranate and apple.

Healthy Makeup Liquid Foundation SPF 10 - 30ml - $14.99 - available in twelve shades from light to deep the foundation instantly boosts moisture up to 164%.  It has a satin finish with light to medium coverage and is suitable for sensitive skin. Triple vitamin & antioxidant complex in enriched with pomegranate and apple.
Healthy Makeup Eyeshadow - 7g - $9.99 - cream to powder eyeshadow available in eight shades:  platinum, rose satin, tiger's eye, iced mocha, violet dusk, lilac ice, crystal waters and limestone - crease-proof, smudge-proof to wear all day.  Triple vitamin & antioxidant complex is enriched with olive leaf.

Healthy Makeup Lipstick SPF 15 - 3g - $9.99 - available in ten shades: pink radiance, blooming berry, apricot burst, luminous peach, fresh berry, naturally perfect, pink flush, cocoa gleam, rose shine and pink light - with vitamins A,E and B complex to help diminish dryness and restore a rosy glow.  Triple vitamin & antioxidant complex is enriched with pomegranate and olive leaf.

Healthy Makeup Lip Conditioner SPF 15 - 3g - $9.99 - available in clear plus four tints: berry, coral, nude blush and rose - boosts moisture 115% and is formulated with collagen to help lips look softer and smoother as well as vitamins A, E and B complex for moisture.

Sound like something you'd like to try?  Be our guest!  Up for grabs is:
A mousse foundation in natural beige, 2 eyeshadows:  violet dusk and iced mocha, a lipstick in pink light and a lip conditioner in nude blush.

This contest is open to everyone, everywhere. All you have to do is join Beauty Crazed as a follower if you aren't one already.  You can either do it through Google or through Networked Blogs on Facebook - you can find both signups on the right hand side of the Beauty Crazed site.  Once you belong to our crazy family just leave a reply to this post letting us know you want in and give us your best healthy fact or tip.   If you give the contest link a tweet and/or post it on your blog, there's an extra entry in it for you! Including an e-mail address would be extra helpful and you can write it like this - info(at)beautycrazed(dot)ca - so the bots can't find you but we can.  If you prefer not to leave your info on a public post, please leave a post saying you want to enter and then e-mail us your info -, please put "Avon Contest" in the subject line.  Winner to be decided by random drawing and you have until October 21st to enter. 

- Lisamarie -

Lipgloss and literature - Brenda Novak has Killer Heat for both!

Two of my very favourite things are makeup (duh!) and fiction - it's not often the two come together but Brenda Novak, being a woman after my own heart, has found a way to do it!  Buy a copy of Brenda's newest book before October 5th, mail her the receipt and you will receive this Three Color Custom Specialist gloss also called Killer Heat!  A $21.50 value so that is one great deal!  If you aren't familiar with this American brand - I made Cindy tell us about it here so go read up and then run out and get your copy of Killer Heat!  Mail your receipt to:

Brenda Novak - Killer Heat Lip Gloss
PO Box 3781
Citrus Heights, CA 95611

This offer is good while supplies last so don't procrastinate!  And I did check to make sure that Canadians could get in on this too and they can - it's red, it's sparkly and you need it! Brenda's books are great too so you really can't lose on this one! You can check out Brenda's website at for more info about the book or this offer.

- Lisamarie -

Leah Miller wants to hang out with you on Queen Street!

If you are going to be in downtown Toronto tomorrow from 12-3pm go check out Leah Miller at The Bay on Queen Street.  I've had the pleasure of meeting her and she is a really lovely person!  You can also win 2 tickets to see a So You Think You Can Dance Canada show live with the purchase of 2 Lise Watier products at the counter!

- Lisamarie -

Say Goodbye to Frizzy Hair with Rene Furterer and Phyto Anti-Frizz!

Being obsessed with frizz, I'm always willing to test anti-frizz products - here is the latest:

This Rene Furterer anti-frizz masque (100ml - $30, 200ml - $54) - from the Myrrhea line - is  a hair mask to be applied on rebellious, or curly hair after shampoo. You only need a small amount and just like the Myrrhea anti-frizz fluid (125ml - $30), it works pretty well: your hair feels softer and smoother.  Again the only thing I don't like about it is the scent, but since this mask must be rinsed out, it's a complete non issue.  You can find it at selected salons as well as Sephora.

I've known about Phyto for many years but I had never tried anything from this brand before. I know a few Caribbean girls who kept on gushing about this line and this hair relaxing balm (phytodefrisant, $24 for 100ml) is fantastic, indeed. Apply a dab of this translucent balm on wet hair, just before styling. It's designed for curly or permed hair and provides natural hair relaxing benefits.  It does not straighten your hair completely obviously, that's not the point, but it really eliminates the frizz. It left my hair smooth and not greasy at all which I really loved. It may seem pricey but to me it's worth every penny!
You can find Phyto products at Sephora as well as selected salons.


September 29, 2010

Gym Bag Essentials from White Sands, Olay, St Ives and Live Clean!

White Sands - The Fix - 120ml - $19 - this super multi-tasker will transform damaged, dry locks into youthful shiny hair and provides hair the following benefits: infuses silkiness, controls frizz, balances moisture, adds shine, smoothes, detangles, protects hair colour, minimizes hair breakage, is thermal intelligent, defines natural body and reduces split ends. You just spray a small amount in hair after towel drying and lightly mist again when dry.  I started using this as one of my gym products because it's one of the few times that I actually use a blow dryer and the product seems to work better when I useit with one rather then just air dry. It gets bonus points from me for the smell - it's amazingly fruity!

 Available at fine salons across Canada and the US as well as at

Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Moisturizer Plus Cooling Hydration - 50ml - $28.99 - gives you the usual seven benefits of the line: line minimization, moisturization, energizes appearance, gentle exfoliation, pore refinement, free radical defense and subtle firming.  What makes this a gym favourite for me is the cooling effect it has from the rapid release formula matrix which instantly releases cooling water hydrators in a formula with vitamins and minerals plus mint extract.  I don't know about you but when I exercise, my face turns super red and stays that way for a long time.  This moisturizer helps with the uncomfortable "hot" feeling that my skin has - the other stuff are a bonus!

St. Ives Energizing Citrus Moisturizing Body Wash - 532ml - $6.99 - made with natural ingredients and 100% natural extracts and contains no parabens or phthalates.  The best part of course is the smell, it is super citrusy!  They say that is also smells like mint and eucalyptus but all I smell is the wonderful citrus!  I like this one for the gym because it rinses off so easily, you don't want to have to spend longer then necessary in a gym shower so this is key!

Live Clean Fresh Water Moisturizing Body Lotion - 227 ml - $6.99 -  for normal to dry skin contains 98% plant ingredients including naturally derived hyaluronate.  It's parapen, phthalate and phosphate free and enriched with certified organic botanicals.  It's the perfect gym lotion because it smells great and absorbs really fast, so I don't have to wait to get dressed after!

It comes in a couple of other types as well: Exotic Nectar Argan Oil Replenishing Body Lotion for dry skin and Sensitive Skin Fragrance Free Body Lotion with Vitamins A & E for sensitive skin.

You can find Live Clean at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix.

Any of this inspire you to hit the gym?  And of course I would love to hear about your gym faves!

- Lisamarie -

New products from Benefit - Girl Meets Pearl, Magic Ink and Prrrowl!

Girl Meets Pearl - $34 - a luminous liquid illuminator for your face that you can wear with makeup or on its own.  Contains raspberry and chamomile for soothing, sweet almond seed for firming and smoothing, sesame seed oil for moisturizing.

I have been using a bit of this over my foundation on my cheek and brow bones and I'm a fan - best part, it smells like raspberries!  I tried using it allover and it would start off looking good but would end up looking greasy in my oily areas so I now avoid using it there.

Magic Ink - $24 - a jet-black, non-irritation, smudge proof liquid eyeliner with a really thin brush that I expect liquid eyeliner expects will appreciate - that expert would not be me because if there is a bigger spaz out there then me when it comes to liquid eyeliner, I would like to meet her! 

Of course Benefit has a solution to my problem of not being able to draw a straight line - the jimmy jimmy DOT technique - you are supposed to say the phrase out loud as you move along your upper lash line and every time you say DOT, you make a dot of black line in between your lashes.  Space out the dots for natural looking volume or dot closely together and connect for a slim sleek liquid line.  I was a little skeptical at my ability to do this but it actually worked for me - when I have dots to connect, I can actually draw a line!

Prrrowl - $32 - a double ended tube with a sparkling peacock-blue iridescent mascara topcoat on one end and a shimmering pink lip gloss on the other

The lip gloss is okay, nothing exciting on it's own I like it much better layered over a deeper lipstick - the mascara on the other end is amazing!  If you've ever thought about doing coloured mascara but thought it might be too much wear this on it's own, you get a little bit of colour and sparkle.  If you want something more dramatic, wear it over your usual black mascara - so pretty!

This is the kind of thing that I wish had been around in my clubbing days - so cute and so portable!

You can get your Benefit fix at selected Shoppers Drug Marts, Murale, Holt Renfrew, Sephora and online at

- Lisamarie -

September 28, 2010

Comfort or Edge? Sometimes You don't Have to Choose! Check out SocietyofLES' New Knitwear Line.

The Ani - $70
It has only been shipping for a few weeks, but SocietyofLES - a collaboration between fashion stylist Susan Siegel and her husband, a Wall Street financial advisor - has already been featured in fashion magazines like inStyle, Teen Vogue and worn by the likes of Eva Longoria-Parker or Jessica Alba... not too shabby for a new knitwear line!

It is a casual style but I think it still looks edgy and interesting, design wise and most of all it screams young Hollywood if that's the look you're going for - just make sure you don't pair these tees with ripped tights a la Miley!

Society of LES includes 12 knitwear designs in various colors and can be purchased online at or in stores like 25Park, or Fred Segals if you're in the US.

The Perry - $82
The Harper - $98
The Ana - $82
The Hudson - $66


Leah Miller SYTYCDC dress watch - September 23 & 24!

September 23 - Stella McCartney apricot organza over beige lace mini dress with nude patent leather platform pumps by Brian Atwood.
September 24 - Halston gold and silver metal sequin tank dress with Brian Atwood nude patent leather platform pumps

- Lisamarie -

TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System for pro results without the pro!

The most awesome beauty toy has finally made it's way into Canadian Sephora locations.  If you've been anywhere near a Sephora lately you can't have missed the huge displays everywhere for the TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System and if you're anything like me, you have been wondering how complicated it is to use and whether a total spazcase (such as myself) could master such a complicated looking device.  You see, I still remember the airbrush machine that they introduced at Holt Renfrew a few years back.  I can't remember what the name of it was but I knew a makeup artist that had it and she was forever having problems with it - if an expert has issues, what hope is there for someone like me?  The answer is lots, because TEMPTU is totally different from the airbrushers of years gone by!

TEMPTU AIRbrush makeup System - $265 - what is different about this system then previous ones I have seen is that the foundation comes in a little pod - no longer do you have the hassle of having to fill a reservoir with foundation and then clean it out when you want to change colours - these pods just snap in and out, no cleaning required!  Not only that, you can switch between foundation, blush and highlighter with absolutely no hassle!  It's very easy to use, just snap in the colour pod, adjust the air pressure for desired coverage (dial up for more coverage, down for less) and off you go!  The AIRbrush is light so it's easy to maneuver and it kind of feels like cool air blowing on your face, be careful if you're ticklish!  You control how narrow or wide the area you cover is by how far you hold the AIRbrush from your face which makes it easy to cover specific areas or hide blemishes. What I really like about airbrushing is how buildable the coverage really is because of all the different ways there are to control the about of foundation that goes on your face.  This is totally different from the way regular foundation is buildable since obviously when you are applying a second layer with a brush or sponge you can't help but wipe a bit of the first layer off when you apply the second - with airbrushing you never actually touch your skin so layer 1 stays put!  I found that there was almost no learning curve, within 3 uses I had the application down pat and you don't need to worry about learning how to do it, the system comes with a user guide and a how-to DVD, they are also very happy to demonstrate the system for you in person at Sephora if you buy it in-store.

The AIR pods themselves come separately:

AIR pod Foundation - $65 for 2 pods - available in 12 colours:  001 porcelain, 002 ivory, 003 warm ivory, 004 sand, 005 beige, 006 warm beige, 007 natural, 008 honey, 009 golden, 010 almond, 011 chestnut and 012 espresso

I quite like the feel of the foundation itself.  It's light and hydrating and with a primer, it has great lasting power on me and a soft looking finish.  I am still on my first pod, to be fair, I don't use it everyday - not that it couldn't be for everyday use but it does take longer to do then slapping some foundation on my face with a brush and my mornings usually are pretty rushed so I have been using it more for weekends and nights out.  I understand that a pod should last about 2 months with regular use - but I expect that would also depend on what coverage setting you use it at too.

AIR pod Blush - $36 for 1 pod - available in 4 colours: 401 pale pink, 402 soft peach, 403 washed rose and 404 sheer berry

I totally love the way airbrushed blush looks!  Having fallen in love with cream blush this summer I am really appreciating this look and again you can really dictate how light or strong the colour is!  If you are a pale face like me, check out the sheer berry, it looks gorgeous on light skin!

AIR pod Highlighter - $42 for 1 pod - available in 4 colours - 301 champagne, 302 gold, 303 bronze and 304 copper

I tried the lightest one, champagne and it was a nice highlighter, I will need to try one of the darker colours and see how it works as a bronzer, I expect it would be a nice effect!  This would also be good for contouring if that's your thing!

If you are still deciding or can't shell out the bucks for the airbrusher, TEMPTU also has a RETOUCH line with airbush quality formulas and high-definition results.  They have a water-enriched silicone formula which allows for a flawless application while moisturizing and conditioning the skin.  The system contains Ceramide 3 and an olive oil vehicle, which nourishes and protects the skin, while Vitamins C & E provide anti-oxidant protection.

RETOUCH Foundation - $56 - with a built in brush applicator it perfects, corrects and minimizes imperfections creating a flawless and radiant complexion.  Available in 12 colours: 001 porcelain, 002 ivory, 003 warm ivory, 004 sand, 005 beige, 006 warm beige, 007 natural, 008 honey, 009 golden, 010 almond, 011 chestnut and 012 espresso

RETOUCH Blush - $42 - with a built in brush applicator it provides a dose of ultra-natural and dewy colour to cheeks with a smooth and lightweight liquid formula.  Available in 4 colours: 401 pale pink, 402 soft peach, 403 washed rose and 404 sheer berry

RETOUCH Highlighter - $48 - with a built in brush applicator it adds an instant and luxurious glow to both face and body.  Available in 4 colours:  301 champagne, 302 gold, 303 bronze and 304 copper

RETOUCH Powder - $51 - with a built in brush applicator it's a lightweight, mineral-based formula that rids you of shine and provides natural looking, satin soft skin.  Available in 6 colours:  200 translucent, 201 soft beige, 202 warm natural, 203 golden honey, 204 deep tan and 205 rich brown

and if that's not enough you can even tattoo yourself with ADORN - $30 - each kit contains: 9 tattoo design sheets, 20 ADORN Tattoo Application Pads, 1 ADORN Tattoo Setting Powder, 1 ADORN Reusable Clear Bag and 1 ADORN Application Instructions & Care Card.

I haven't tried any of the products from the RETOUCH line, I would love to hear opinions about it if anyone has!  And if anyone else has thoughts about the airbrush system, I'd love to hear them too!

TEMPTU also recently launched a website - check out - a behind the scenes look at Fashion Week - where you can see how flawless runway styles are created and how you can do it yourself!  They also have Lookbook Beauty events at Sephora where you can choose your look from TEMPTU's previous fashion shows, have your VIP picture taken and have it automatically posted to Sephora's windows and  You can check out their Facebook page to find upcoming Lookbook Beauty events near you.

If you can't make it to an event you can still submit your own "freestyle" look at home to participate which you can share with friends and have a chance to win a VIP ticket to attend Fashion Week Fall 2011!

- Lisamarie -

OPI - Lucerne-tainly Look Marvellous and Glitzerland - Lippmann Collection - Today Was A Fairytale and Boom Boom Pow swatches -

Still trying out the colours from the OPI fall Swiss collection, this time it's: Lucerne-tainly Look Marvellous and Glitzerland - Love them! What is really nice about them is that 1 coat gives you a polished metallic look that is perfect if you are running out the door and need to do something fast, while 2 coats gives you a rich metallic colour - I can see these getting a lot of use by me for the holidays!
Now I'm not normally a glittery nail polish kind of girl - mostly because I hate the way chunky glitter feels - I like a smooth nail so I was pleased to discover that the two new holiday colours from the Lippmann Collection: Today Was a Fairytale and Boom Boom Pow (with real 24K gold dust inside) add beautiful shimmer without lumps! Fairytale looks blue in the bottle but the glitter is silver and I loved the effect with the OPI silver!  You can find Lippmann polished at Donato Salons in Toronto as well as Murale.
 - Lisamarie -

September 27, 2010

Kevin Murphy introduces new hair products - and that's no porky!

It was a beautiful day poolside at C Lounge at 450 Wellington Street West in Toronto a couple of Wednesdays ago when Australian hair god, Kevin Murphy hosted a lunch for the media to launch some cool new products.

If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Kevin or trying his line, you should - Kevin is very charming and the products are really fun!  I can't really help you with an intro to Kevin but I can introduce you to the new products so read on my friends!

Hair models were on hand to show off what the products can do and to also prove that short people (me) can not take decent pictures of impossibly tall models!

Powder.Puff - 14g - $26 - this unique powder volumiser contains seaweed, apple, plum, cranberry and citrus extracts.  It's easy to use, you just shake a tiny amount onto dry hair massage between your fingers for instant volume!  Not only is this a wonderful product for fine haired folks like me, it can also double as a dry shampoo if your hair is just a little bit dirty (it's not meant to be one though so don't try this trick on really dirty hair!)
Night.Rider - 110g - $22 - a paraben free paste that provides a touch hold and a rough matte texture for short or choppy looks.  Can be used on damp or dry hair.  My only caution is you need to work fast and in small sections if you are doing something fancy as it sets quite quickly!
Jet.Pak - $43 - A kit perfect for the world traveler it contains 5 generously sized travel essentials: Hydrate-Me.Wash - 40ml, Hydrate-Me.Rinse - 40ml, Anti.Gravity - 40ml, Session.Spray - 50ml and Fresh.Hair - 57ml
Luxury.Wash - 250ml - $25 - an ultra rich shampoo that is sulphate and paraben free with ingredients specifically suited for the needs of thick, coarse hair including: mango butter which has excellent moisturizing properties to counteract the effects of permanent colour and chemical damage, buriti nut oil which is a natural source of vitamin A and gives the hair elasticity and shine.

Luxury.Rinse - 250ml - $25 - with the same benefits of the shampoo it has the ability to make the hair more supple and improves flexibility on hair that is naturally course.  It's especially good for curly hair as it has the right hydro lipid balance that suits the needs of curly hair as too much moisture can result in flyaways and frizz.

I have totally the wrong hair type to give you any sort of opinion for these ones so Christelle has been testing them and will have a review soon so stay tuned!

Check out to find out where you can pick up Kevin Murphy products near you!

- Lisamarie -

Germaphobes will sleep a little easier tonight thanks to Kleenex and Nougat London!

Every now and then PR companies will send us products that I think are kind of wacky and when the Kleenex hand towels first crossed my desk I wondered why they were killing trees when it's so easy to throw your towels in the washing machine?! Of course I do launder the towels in my own bathroom, but it suddenly occurred to me that I couldn't remember the last time I washed the towels in the guest bathroom - it's been awhile... So if I don't do it often and I have a reasonable level of hygiene, imagine how often the towels in your male friends guest bathrooms get washed?  Horrifying to think about, I know!  It then became very clear to me what an excellent idea these Kleenex things were!  I'm not advocating them for everyday use for yourself, but as something to use in your guest powder room or to throw a couple in your gym bag so you can avoid the sketchy roller towel - I'm all for this!  Kleenex Hand Towels available at major Canadian retailers - $3.49 for a box of 60.

I am by no means a hand sanitizing whore - I don't keep a tiny bottle of it in every pocket and purse or go running to it every time I see a dispenser (you know who you are!) - mostly because I just don't like the smell!  If public hand dispensers start stocking Nougat London I just might change my ways though.  Upper Canada Soap recently became the exclusive distributor of the Nougat London bath and body collections in Canada making this fabulous British line much easier for us to get our hands on!  The products are available in two fragrances:  Tuberose and Jasmine and Fig and Pink Cedar and range in price from $7-$100 - the line really is beautifully presented and saved my ass when I need a hostess gift - I got her the most beautiful soaps that she just loved!  So if you hate the smell of regular hand sanitizer but still want to be less germy, check out the Fig and Pink Cedar - it smells amazing!  Check out for retail information.

- Lisamarie -

September 26, 2010

Inspiration: Doutzen Kroes for Elle Magazine

Doutzen Kroes poses for Elle France (October edition) with a makeup and styling from bold to natural. From one extreme to the other, one thing is sure: Doutzen always looks amazing!

mark. on the dot eye color compact - 6.75g - $18 - 9 high impact colours with a metallic finish


Pictures: Alex Caley


Get inspired!  Get busy!


September 25, 2010

Dryel - turn your dryer into a dry cleaner - without the surly underpaid employee!

Now that the season is changing, it's time for the wardrobe switchover again!  My sweaters have spent the summer in a cedar chest, which is good to keep them moth-free but not so much wrinkle free!  Dryel is my saviour for dealing with this problem - 30 minutes in the dryer in a bag with a dryel sheet and they are wrinkle free, clean and they smell great!  If you aren't familiar with how it works, it's basically an at home dry cleaning system that safely steams and cleans, soils, stains and odors while removing wrinkles.  Best part, the dry cleaner won't be able to lose your clothes anymore! You can use it on anything and everything and what it will be really great for this year is dark denim - you have to be careful about washing it too often or the dye starts to fade, but by using Dryel instead, I can get rid of stains and wrinkles without having to put it in water!  I used Dryel for years and then it kind of disappeared so I am thrilled to see it back again and improved!  They have replaced the plastic dryer bag with a fabric one which isn't nearly as noisy when tumbling in the dryer and they have also added a stain remover pen and touch up spray to their line up!

Available are:

The Dryel Starter Kit - contains 2 ultra-concentrated cleaning cloths that will care for 2 dryer loads (up to four garments in each load for a total of 8 garments), an instant stain remover pen, a re-usable fabric protection bag and an instructional pamphlet including coupons.

Dryel six-load refill packs in Clean Breeze Scent to care for up to 24 garments 

Dryel 3-in-1 Touch Up Spray - is specially formulated to safely care for your everyday and dry clean clothes.  Use to extend the time between cleanings.  To use, simply spray a light mist evenly on fabric (using more spray in heavily wrinkled, smelly or clingy areas).  The, use your hands to press and smooth away wrinkles.  You can then air-dry the garment or place it in the dryer.

Dryel On The Go - helps remove fresh stains, safe even on dry clean only fabrics. delicates and hand-washables such as wools, silks, rayons, linens, cottons and other special care fabrics.

Now I'm told it can be purchased in Canada - they are carrying it at WalMart in the States but I haven't actually been in one lately to look - if anyone has spotted it anywhere, leave a comment and let us know where!  I have found it online at if online shopping is more your thing!

- Lisamarie -

September 24, 2010

Prada: from Chiquita to Neon Stripes - I Just Don't Like It!

I was not impressed by Prada's latest runway show for Spring/Summer 2011 - an abundance of bananas, monkeys -reminiscent of Chiquita bananas...ew! - mixed with bright colors and stripes... it's loud, and it's giving me a headache. Not to mention, the shoes are weird, and the raccoon makeup and accessories seem out of place. This collection just baffles me!


Are You Ready for the Nailympics?

Well, too bad you've just missed them! Held in London, the Nailympics - previously called Nail Olympics- ended last week. Apparently this competition attracted 354 contestants from 24 different countries and takes place every year! It looks nuts but at least you have an excuse not to do the dishes with those things!

There's always next year!