Crazed Guest Posts

What you've read the whole site and are still jonesing for more Beauty Crazed pearls of wisdom?  I can understand how you feel and lucky for you there are other sites out there that are insane savvy enough to want us to write for them... I know, some people right?!  Go, enjoy!

 Say Vegan! 

Do we have intelligent stuff to say about vegan makeup products? Darn tootin' we do!

This Beautiful

We add our two cents on makeup removers!

Contributed to an article on summer makeup trends!

Elevate Magazine

All the tips and tricks for getting softer skin all over your body!

How to bounce back from the bad things summer can do to your skin!

Getting rid of tattoos, port wine stains and birthmarks!


Menopause may be a bitch, but you don't have to look like one!

Dr. Kellett's Reflect line

We offered up our eczema busters

Asked for our take on Fashion & Beauty in 2077

Madeleine Magazine

This new fun mag has decided our stuff is good enough to steal - okay fine, not really, we said they could use it!

The Practical Fashionista


MTV Fora