February 28, 2017

Jouviance Wet & Dry Compact Foundation

Jouviance Wet & Dry Compact Foundation - $29.50 -  in 5 shades: Radiance, Rosy Beige, Healthy Glow, Sandy Beige, Amber Beige - a multi-purpose powder foundation with a fine, silky texture that evens out skin tone to hide imperfections  and provides varying degrees of coverage - use it dry for a more natural look or wet it for more  intensity.

It's enriched with vitamin E,  L-Lysine - a key ingredient in collagen development, as well as anti-dehydration agents. Plus, it's formulated with micronized powder to keep fine lines or wrinkles concealed.

I like that you can switch between using it wet and dry without the powder going all weird and hard after using with a wet sponge - perfect for commitment-phobes!

Available at drugstores in Quebec and online for everyone else at www.jouviance.com.

- Lisamarie -

Joe Fresh Gel Look Nail Polish - with swatches!

Joe Fresh Gel Look Nail Polish - $5 - in 8 shades:  Cafe Latte, Blackberry, Cheesecake, Coral Reef, Cotton Candy, Key Lime Pie, Raspberry Tart and Red Delicious - that provide all the perks of a UV gel polish without the use of a lamp! Applies in just 1 step with no top or base coat required, has high shine and is chip resistant and lasts up to 14 days and removes easily with regular nail polish remover.
Coral Reef
Red Delicious
Cafe Late

Available now at Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstore locations across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

February 27, 2017

My latest skin discovery - CARŌL’S by Life Root Healing

I love discovering new skincare - especially when it's Canadian - and these days I have been especially taken with CARŌL’S by Life Root Healing - a Canadian line of natural herbal skincare products - handcrafted in small batches, hypoallergenic and designed for use on even the most sensitive of skin types.

Of course the tricky part in trying new skincare is figuring out if it's going to work for my skin or not so I really love when they offer a discovery kit that allows you to try different products out - which they do:

CARŌL’S by Life Root Healing Complete Facial Kit - $86.90 - includes everything needed for all 6 steps of the herbal facial regime with enough product for 5 to 8 facials, as well as providing enough face cream and under eye cream to last 2 to 6 months (depending on usage) - the kit includes: 120ml Cleanser and Toner, 120ml Witch Hazel, 120ml Face Scrub, 50ml Clay Mask, 50ml Chamomile Rose Face Cream and 30ml Eye Creme.

Step 1: Clay Mask - apply to a clean face and throat - avoid the eye lid area and any other sensitive areas - when the clay has dried completely, wash off with warm water and a wash cloth.

Step 2: Witch Hazel - apply with a cotton ball or pad and wipe face and throat avoiding the eye socket area and any other sensitive area - repeat this procedure using new cotton ball until all signs of the clay have been removed.

Step 3: Face Scrub - spread 2 tsp. onto fingertips and scrub in a circular motion all over face avoiding the eye socket area and any other sensitive area - pay extra attention to any oily areas such as chin and around the nose - rinse face thoroughly and repeat the application of Witch Hazel (Step 2) until the scrub has been removed and face is clean.

Now give the skin a nice steam - place a clean wash cloth under hot water (but be careful that you do not burn your hands or face) - wring the cloth out slightly, and carefully lay the hot cloth across face to open  pores and give them a deep clean - repeat this steaming 2-3 times - when steaming is complete, immediately splash cold water on the face to close pores and increase blood circulation.

Step 4: Cleanser and Toner - apply to cotton ball or pad and wipe face and throat to re-establish the pH of the skin avoiding the eye socket area and any other sensitive area.

Step 5: Chamomile Rose Face Cream - apply to face and neck using an upwards motion.

Step 6: Eye Cream - apply a small amount to fingertips and apply lightly around eye area.

The result is skin that is remarkably smooth and nourished that looks and feels alive - thanks to products that care about the health and beauty of your skin - and as an added bonus, smell great too, like an expensive spa!

Available across Canada at Whole Foods, Choices Market and online at liferoot.com.

- Lisamarie -

New & Nifty - Avon Oval Makeup Brush Set!

Avon Oval Makeup Brush Set - $50 - with ergonomic handles and silky, close-set, synthetic bristles make application smoother and more even, apply makeup just where you want it and product stays on the brush surface so you use less.

Set includes:

Small Circle Brush - for lipstick and eyeshadow application - or use with concealer for under-eye and inner corner of the eye coverage.

Linear Brush - for concealer, eyeshadow and brow powders - also great for setting makeup in creases around the nose and eyes.

Big Oval Brush - for foundation, blush, bronzing and setting powder.

I personally found the long handles made it awkward to hold - but when I wrapped my hand around it closer to the top and put one finger on the back of the brush I got amazing control - way better then with a regular brush - and it was really easy to apply product exactly where I wanted it!

Available from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at www.avon.ca.

- Lisamarie -

February 25, 2017

Quo Spring 2017 Makeup Collection

The Quo Spring 2017 Makeup Collection offers a range of palettes and shades of glowing colour making it easy to achieve a perfectly pretty spring look!
Quo Face Palette - $20 - containing 3 highlighters and 3 bronzers. in Heat It Up and
Down To Earth
Quo Eye Shadow Palette - $18 - in No Pressure - with 4 shimmery pastel shades or
Rock It! - with 4 matte neutrals
Quo Brow Palette - $12 - includes 1 eyebrow powder split in 2 complementary shades, 1 highlighter, 1 eyebrow cream and a double-sided applicator.
Quo Matte Lip Crayon - $12 - in Almond Nude, Pretty In Pink and Simply Red - with an easy to use, swivel tube that makes precise application a breeze.
Quo Metamorphic Brush Set - $60 - includes 8 unique brushes with tapered handles and rose gold ferrules inside a holographic case meant to carry, store and protect the brushes.

Available now for a limited time exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

February 24, 2017

Nexxus City Shield Collection

Nexxus introduces the City Shield Collection that combats the damage city living does to the hair and offers a reinvigorating veil of protection against environmental damage, helping control frizz, making your hair manageable and giving it a natural-looking healthy shine. Available is:

City Shield Shampoo - 400ml - $14.99 - designed to make all hair types more manageable with a silicone and colourant-free formula containing wheat protein and Indian lotus extract reawakens and smoothes hair that is stressed by urban environments.

City Shield Conditioner - 400ml - $14.99 -  with a salon crafted, Phyto Protein Complex formula that smoothes and nourishes hair, improving hair's manageability while restoring a protective barrier that helps to shield it from damage caused by the urban environment.

City Shield Damage Defense Hair Crème - 60ml - $18.99 - a nourishing, leave-in cream that smoothes and shields straight and fine hair from city-life damage while also providing soft hold for your style. Hair is left protected and nourished, formulated with wheat protein and Indian lotus extract for a refreshing, manageable style that lasts throughout the day.

Available now at drug, mass and grocery retailers across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

Avon Skin So Soft spring inspired Limited Edition Design Original Bath Oil

Avon Skin So Soft Limited Edition Design Original Bath Oil - 739ml - $28 - with a jojoba-infused formula, an uplifting botanical and herbal scent and beautifully decorated floral bottle that makes it a perfect addition to your spring beauty routine! Add it to your bath or apply it directly to wet skin to lock in moisture to leave skin feeling soft and smooth all day.

Available for a limited time from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at www.avon.ca.

- Lisamarie -

February 23, 2017

Needful Things - Bella Vita Miracle Soap

Bella Vita Miracle Soap - $15 - in citrus, lavender and fragrance free varieties - a baked natural clay pellet filled with a delicate Marseille soap base that when wet, lathers to soften the exfoliating action of the stone.

It has lots of great uses:

Removes hard skin on elbows, knees, hands and feet - calluses disappear;

removes the most stubborn stains - including  those left by hair dye, self-tanning cream and ink;

and exfoliates non-sensitive parts of the body and helps reduce ingrown hairs when used before epilation.

 Just lather up the wet stone with a few drops and water and scrub gently - and for optimal life of the stone, don't leave it in water and it should last from 6 - 10 months!

Available now at fine health food stores across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

Joe Fresh Matte Lipsticks - with swatches!

Joe Fresh Matte Lipstick - $10 - in 9 shades: Nude, Smitten, Sorbet, Fuchsia, Melon, Neon Red, Raspberry, Ruby and Scarlet.
These have much more of a "matte" look and feel then a lot of the so-called mattes on the market these days without being heavy or chalky like the 90's mattes were. Because of this, you'll want to moisturize the hell out of your lips before applying or the colour will settle into every little line - you can see the difference between moisturizing and not in my swatch posts - guess which is which!

The colours themselves are very true to how they look in the tube, didn't change shade on my lips and had great staying power - I only had to reapply once during the day after lunch.  The scent is fruity and a bit sweet - I want to say pineapple, but I'm not sure that's right - overall a great lipstick!

Available now at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

February 22, 2017

Eye Love Wednesday - Quo Brow Kit

Quo Brow Kit - $18 - contains everything you need to achieve brow greatness with ease including: 2 brow powders in medium and dark brown that can be used separately or combined together to create the perfect shade; a double-ended brush for easy application with an angled brush on one end and a spoolie brush on the other; along with a clear brow gel to finish the look and maintain the brow's shape all day.

It's a great kit that could be made even better with the addition of a light powder for  more colour mixing options - and totally perfect if they added an auburn powder for us gingers!

Available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

This week I'm obsessed with... Lotus Aroma Youth Anti-Wrinkle Night Serum!

Love the idea of using a night time product on your skin but find that most night creams are too thick for your oily skin - or maybe your usual night cream isn't giving you all the results you want and are looking for something to boost it? Then check out:

Lotus Aroma Youth Anti-Wrinkle Night Serum - 30ml - $46 - smoothes out unevenness and rejuvenates the complexion thanks to a 100% natural formula rich in natural AHA's - made of citrus and maple sugar that coat and improve the skin; BHA's - extract from white willow bark that promotes cell renewal and impairs the skin's aging process; along with vitamin E-rich hyaluronic acid - moisturizes the skin deeply, filling lines and wrinkles for an even and rejuvenated complexion; Witch Hazel Floral Water tones and soothes; and  German chamomile extract - an exceptional skin revitalizing agent.

Just two or three drops at night on a clean face and neck every night and the result is skin that becomes visibly balanced, hydrated and more supple, rested, silky and glowing - and it can be used alone or in combination with your usual night cream.

Available at fine pharmacies and health food stores across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

February 21, 2017

Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream For Oily Skin

Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream For Oily Skin - 30ml - $8.99 - in 6 shades: Fair, Light, Light/Medium, Medium, Medium/Deep and Deep - with an oil-free formula that provides the perfect amount of coverage to even skin tone, hide blemishes and keep skin shine free all day without clogging pores or looking cakey.
For most foundation-type products I would usually recommend applying with a brush, but this one goes on much nicer with your fingers - or sponge if you prefer - something about the formula gives it a much more natural and smooth finish when sponged on rather then brushed on! 

Available now at drug, grocery and mass retailers across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

Cuticles are perfected with Deborah Lippmann, Avon and Sephora!

Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Remover - Exfoliating Cuticle Nail Treatment - 15ml - $24 - an exfoliating cuticle treatment with a fast-acting formula that gently loosens and removes dead or dry skin in the cuticle area, making it easier to push cuticles back and maintain healthy nails.

Available at Murale stores across Canada.
Avon True Color Cuticle Conditioner - 12ml - $8 - with a fast-absorbing formula containing vitamin E and evening primrose seed extract for instantly healthy looking nails - just brush on and massage into nails and cuticles.

Available from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at www.avon.ca.
If you can resist cutting cuticles, that's what the experts always recommend but I'm a fan (and addicted) to cutting mine - so I look for something very precise that won't butcher my cuticles like:

Sephora Cut To The Point Cuticle Nipper - $30 - a professional-quality precision cuticle nipper crafted from salon-quality stainless steel for easy cleaning and sanitation. The handles feature fine-tuned tension to maximize grip for precise control, and the blade angle has been designed for precision cutting.

Available at Sephora and sephora.ca.

- Lisamarie -

February 20, 2017

Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot

Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot - 30ml - $39.99 -  an intense moisture concentrate that works to deeply hydrate thirsty and dry skin for a moisture locked and plumper finish. 

The formula contains Dragons Blood - a sap found in the Croton Lechleri tree in the Amazon - which works to protect and heal the skin from all outside aggressiors while motivating skin cell regeneration as well as inhibiting inflammation and reducing redness; along with a 50% Hyaluronic solution - to instantly plump the appearance of the skin, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and soften and smooth skin for a radiant and younger-looking complexion.

It's super hydrating but also fairly light so can either be used directly on the skin (if you are oily to combination) or mixed with other products for a double shot of hydration and plumping!

Available now at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

Make change happen with The Body Shop Limited Edition Hemp Hand Protector!

Soft hands can now also be an agent of change with:

The Body Shop Limited Edition Hemp Hand Protector - 100ml - $21 - relieves very dry skin, helps soften and protect hands and restores moisture and suppleness with a formula that contains Community Trade hemp seed oil.

This cold-weather must-have has received a bold new limited edition packaging re-design by one of the world’s most renowned street artists – EINE. Using EINE’s famous typography, it communicates the positive and powerful message of CHANGE. 

Best of all, for every one you buy, $3 will be donated to help enrich our planet, oceans, people and animals.

Available at The Body Shop stores across Canada and online at www.thebodyshop.ca.

- Lisamarie -

February 18, 2017

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Makeup Collection 2017

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire introduces an expansion to their makeup line of new and limited edition products and shades that will add fun and colour to your spring makeup routine!
La Petite Robe Noire Black Lashdress Mascara - $32 - delivers volume, curl, length and definition with 9 hour hold.
La Petite Robe Noire Lip & Cheek Tint - $35 - a perfumed and favoured tinted gel for lips and cheeks in a universal pink shade with a moisturizing formula that contains a mint derivative to plump and refresh.
La Petite Robe Noire Deliciously Shiny Lip Colour - $38 - in 3 new shades: 023 Ruby Ring - a feminine and stunning dark red, 073 Orchid Beanie - a bright and vibrant orchid, 043 Sunglasses - a joyful, confident orange
La Petite Robe Noire Deliciously Shiny Nail Colour - $28 - in a new limited edition shade - 069 Lilac Belt - a bright and luminous lilac

Available now at Sephora stores across Canada and all Guerlain counters April 1st.

- Lisamarie -

February 17, 2017

Add volume with a mousse or spray from John Frieda, KMS and Pantene!

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full Volumizing Mousse - 210g - $11.99 - with a lightweight formula that thickens strands to create body for all over lift thanks to a specialized blend of styling polymers that boost volume and hold style by wrapping around hair strands, increasing hair diameter and lifting at the roots; along with panthenol, a protein, which helps strengthen and protect the hair as it increases volume - and resists humidity for long-lasting hold.
Available at drug and mass retailers across Canada. 
KMS Add Volume Root and Body Lift - 192g - $28.99 - with an alcohol free formula that lifts roots and provides targeted volume to give hair up to 70% more volume while providing heat protection. Just spray onto towel-dried hair wherever volume is desired and blow dry - for extra lift, tip your head upside down for a couple of minutes and blow dry at the roots!
Available at salons across Canada - check out www.KMSCalifornia.com to find one near you. 
Pantene Volume Body Boosting Mousse - 187g - $6.99 - a lightweight foam that lifts and adds volume to give hair body, bounce and movement along with advanced Volume Particle Technology that works as a spacer to create distance between the single hair fibres, helping to create volume and level 4 hold that locks style in place all-day, protecting hair from humidity without sacrificing hair softness and keeps hair from falling flat.
Available at drug, grocery and mass retailers across Canada. 

- Lisamarie -

Fragrant Friday - Britney Spears Private Show

Britney Spears Private Show - 50ml EDP - $39.99 - an addictive Oriental musk with top notes of whipped creme coffee, juicy clementine and nectarine; heart notes of creamy dulce de leche, orange flower and jasmine sambac; and base notes of luminous amber and sensual musk.

The scent was inspired by the electric energy Britney feels when performing and wanted to create a fragrance that was uplifting, sexy and empowering for her fans. It's a pretty scent and if you like the smell of coffee you will probably like this scent, that's the note that stuck around the longest on me which is a shame, I'm not a fan of the drink or the smell - everyone else seemed to like it though, I got asked numerous times on the days I wore it what scent it was!

Available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart.

- Lisamarie -

February 16, 2017

Test Driving - Grace & Stella Dr. Pedicure Foot Exfoliating Mask

Grace & Stella Dr. Pedicure Foot Exfoliating Mask - $14.95 - get rid of rough, dull feet with an innovative foot care product that will unbelievably shed the old, dead, callused skin right off your feet.

The formula contains 17 types of natural vegetable extracts help relieve fatigue and give energy to the feet along with skin smoothing and moisturizing ingredients to get rid of coarse, dull and dead skin.

It's easy to use just clean your feet, cut open the plastic booties and put one on each feet. They come with fasteners that are supposed secure them around your ankle but mine wouldn't stick so it was much easier to just slip on a pair of socks over the booties to keep them in place and relax for an hour. After one hour remove the booties and wash your feet with soap and water and then soak feet in plain water of another 15 minutes.

The dead skin cells will begin to peel from 5-7 days after the initial application and they recommend soaking your feet in water every day for the first 7 days after using. You are also not supposed to moisturize your feet during the peeling process as the treatment is meant to completely kill and dry the top layer of skin.
There was no way I was actually taking a picture of my own snake feet so enjoy these ones off of the site - you are not supposed to forcibly remove the dead skin on your feet but rather let it peel off naturally - but there was no way I could resist peeling away - so my feet never actually looked like day 3 - there was a disgusting amount of dead skin bits all around the couch though - they are all nice and lovely like day 7 now though perfectly soft and smooth!

Available online at graceandstella.com.

- Lisamarie -

Leave your mark for a chance to win a fabulous Givenchy lipstick!

Givenchy has a fun new game - Leave Your Mark - that challenges you to leave your mark with Rouge Interdit in the most creative way you can think of!

It's easy to enter - just follow Givenchy Fragrance & Beauty Canada on Facebook, post your "leave your mark" photo on Facebook, tag them on your photo and add hashtags #Iwashere and #RougeInterdit - you can post as many pictures as you want and they will be selecting 2 of the most creative photos on Friday, March 10th. Feel free to follow and tag Beauty Crazed on your photo too, if you win we will get a prize too!

It's a prize worth winning - you'll get your very own Givenchy Rouge Interdit Marble Rouge Revelateur - a limited-edition shade in a marbled, enigmatic, red color - that you can't buy because it's sold out! Concentrated within a marbled stick, it combines Rouge Interdit shade No.13 and Noir Révélateur - Givenchy’s iconic black shade in equal parts. Noir Révélateur’s tone that is unfathomably deep at first glance, but then it transforms upon application. Its black color brings depth to the color and enhances its every facet, while a magic pigment reacts with the lips’ pH and adapts to all skintones. The result is a hue that offers a dark, customized shade of red that perfectly suits its wearer, revealing the density of the color and even more mystery. Marble Rouge Revelateur is ideal for a result that always looks unique.

You have lots of colour choices to leave your mark with from the 20 new shades of Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick - $40 - including: 01 Secret Nude - natural beige, 02 Serial Nude - warm pink nude, 03 Urban Nude - pinkish brown nude, 04 Street Rose - pink beige, 05 Nude In The Dark - neutral brownish nude, 06 Rose Nocturne - warm brownish pink, 07 Purple Fiction - deep purplish berry, 08 Framboise Obscur - berry, 12 Rouge Insomnie - deep fuchsia red, 13 Rouge Interdit - true red, 14 Redlight - orangey red, 16 Wanted Coral - pink coral, 18 Addicted To Rose - mauve pink, 19 Rosy Night - icy pink, 20 Wild Rose - vivid pink, 21 Rose Neon - luminous bright pink, 22 Infarose - neon pink, 23 Fuchsia-In-The-Know - fuchsia, 24 Ultravioline - purplish fuchsia, 25 Rouge Revelateur - vivid to deep crimson red - smooth and long wearing, it adds sexy, light-reflective colour to the lips as it nourishes and hydrates with powerful antioxidants.

You can also enhance the hold of any of the lipsticks with a Givenchy Lip Liner - $35 - in 11 shades with a matte finish: 1 Rose Mutin - rosy pink, 2 Brun Createur - natural beige, 3 Rose Taffetas - brown red, 4 Fuchsia Irresistible - bright pink, 5 Corail Decollete - coral, 6 Carmin Escarpin - red, 7 Franboise Velours - berry, 8 Parme Silhouette - warm pinkish brown, 9 Moka Renversant - deep coffee, 10 Beige Mousseline - light brown, 11 Universel Transparent - transparent - long lasting and waterproof with a supple formula that glides onto lips for easy application and is perfect for contouring lips. It's infused with antioxidant vitamins A & E, highly protective carnauba and candelilla waxes, as well as nourishing and revitalizing oils.

Available now at Sephora and sephora.ca.

- Lisamarie -

February 15, 2017

Eye Love Wednesday - Annabelle Eye & Brow Palette

Annabelle Eye & Brow Palette - $12.95 - an all-in-one palette that includes 6 powder eyeshadows in finishes from matte to metallic; 2 eyebrow powders; 2 highlight powders; and a double-ended applicator together in one handy case.

There really is everything you would need for a complete eye look here - the dark shadows make a great liner or fabulous smokey eye and all of the shadows can be layered together to create a multitude of looks. A little tip for the eyebrow powder, they are great shades if you want a brown - but add in a little of the peachy shadow to the darker brow colour and it makes a much more natural shade if you prefer a bit of auburn on your brows!

Available now at drugstores across Canada and online at annabelle.com.

- Lisamarie -

This week I'm obsessed with... Dr Roebuck's Natural Cleansing Wipes

Dr Roebuck's Natural Cleansing Wipes - 30 wipes - $15.49 - refreshing antioxidant wipes that hydrate, restore and tone in one easy step and come infused with the soothing power of aloe, pomegranate and natural witch hazel, to purify the skin and help remove all traces of makeup, impurities and excess oil.

They won't take off waterproof eye makeup but I'm actually okay with that, I find that wipes that are that heavy-duty leave the rest of my face feeling a bit oily, but these ones will definitely get rid of the residue that your remover leaves behind!

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada and online at beautyboutique.ca.

- Lisamarie -

February 14, 2017

Make Up For Ever Pro Light Fusion Undetectable Luminizer

Make Up For Ever Pro Light Fusion Undetectable Luminizer - $48 - in two shimmering shades: 1 Golden Pink - for light-to-medium skintones and Gold - for medium-to-dark skintones - an innovative talc-free luminizer that naturally enhances and highlights your very best features.

It has a very cool, silky-smooth and soft-shimmer gel-powder texture that blends easily and can be used several different ways: to instantly transform the contours of the face and effortlessly give it a reshaped appearance; to reveal a soft, highlighted look; or to simply give skin a subtle, radiant-looking glow.

Available at Sephora and sephora.ca.

- Lisamarie -

Mary Kay Light, Reinvented Nail Lacquer - with swatches!

Mary Kay Nail Lacquer - $10 - nails make the best accessory this season thanks to these springlike hues from the Mary Kay Light, Reinvented Spring 2017 Collection:
Brilliant Violet
Luminous Mauve
Vivid Sunburst
New Blue

Available exclusively through your independent Mary Kay beauty consultant - check out www.marykay.ca or call 1-866-455-5454 to locate one of your very own.

- Lisamarie -