July 30, 2011

3 beauty tools that I can't live without - from Jerdon, Cover FX and Shiseido!

When we think about getting ready and making ourselves beautiful we tend to credit the lipsticks, foundations and other colour cosmetics with the final result but give very little thought to the behind the scenes items that make getting to beautiful possible! Here are 3 that I now could never do without:

Jerdon First Class Deluxe Lighted Makeup Mirror JGL9W 5X  - $29.99 - this tri-fold mirror has regular and 5x magnification; four light settings: day, office, evening and home; and a built-in outlet.!

I used to have one of these when I had a basement apartment with almost no natural light - it got lost or broken in a move and I never replaced it and I had forgotten until trying this one how handy it is to have those different light settings! The light in my bathroom is totally different from the lighting at the office so it makes much more sense to apply my makeup for where I will be rather than where I am. The outlet is very handy too for being able to plug in my flatiron closer to a mirror then I am normally able to as well!

Available at Amazon.com and Bed, Bath & Beyond.
Cover FX #130 Foundation Brush - $38 - if my foundation doesn't look good then the rest of my makeup isn't going to look as good as it could and since I usually wear a liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer, I like to apply it with a brush. I have run the gauntlet of brushes and could never find just the right one until I happened on this Cover FX beauty - not too hard or too soft, it deposits just the right amount of foundation on my face without absorbing too much of it. As someone who used to use sponges to apply foundation, I never realized just how much of my foundation the sponge was sucking up and wasting until I started using a good brush which will absorb almost none!

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Murale, Sephora and The Bay. Go to www.coverfx.com to find a retailer near you
Shiseido Facial Cotton - 80g - $8 - I know that you're thinking - "$8 for cotton pads, are you out of your mind!" - I get it and used to say the same thing until I tried one and I swear, I will never use a cheapie one again! The difference between these and the store brand cotton pads I used to buy is how soft the Shiseido ones are - since I use them to take off eye makeup and apply toner, it makes sense that I would want to use something as soft as possible. Until I started using them I didn't realize how scratchy the store brand ones are! The only thing these aren't as good for is taking off nail polish, because they are so soft, bits of them tend to attach to the softened polish - so I've kept my rougher pads for that!

You can find them at Shoppers Drug Mart when they are in stock but they always seem to be sold out. I recently discovered that The Shopping Channel also carries them in bundles of 2 for $16 so they will be no new "go to" place for them!

What are your beauty tool "stars"?

- Lisamarie -

30/07/11 Link Love

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The Beauty Spotlight Team Makeup Bag Spotlight - Modesty Brown

It's time for another Mystery Makeup Bag post from the Beauty Spotlight Team. It's only the second post and we've already got some cheating going on! Modesty Brown is bending the rules and showing us what's in her holiday makeup bag. It looks pretty small though, surely that's never going to last a beauty blogger through a ten-day holiday? Let's see what's she's crammed got in there.....


July 29, 2011

Nadeen Boman and I talk diet, exercise and Controlex!

I don't believe it's a coincidence that the first 3 letters of diet spell "die" - is there anything worse than depriving yourself of things you enjoy eating? This of course is why we so often hear that diets just don't work - most people aren't capable of sticking to a regime that sucks all the joy out of life and replaces chocolate with carrots!

I recently had the chance to have a chat with Nadeen Boman of Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp and Bulging Brides - fame.  From the shows, you might think that she is also of the opinion that weight loss = never eating anything delicious(ly bad) again, and to be fair if you are trying to loss a bunch of weight in a short amount of time you will have to forgo the empty calories. I was interested in Nadeen's take on people looking to lose weight over longer period of time and what tips and tricks she could offer to make it as painless as possible.

Her suggestion is to take it easy - make 1 or 2 healthy lifestyle changes a week and don't expect it to be easy for them to stick - it takes 21 days to form a habit! And of course we already know what you need to do to lose weight but she was kind enough to refresh us:
1) Cut down on your food intake and make healthy choices;
2) Exercise - find something you enjoy doing and you will be more likely to stick with it;
3) Drink lots of water - thirst is often mistaken for hunger and water will flush toxins out of your body;
4) Get enough sleep - you need at least 6-8 hours a night

Nadeen is also promoting Controlex a new, Health Canada approved natural weight loss product that is comprised of three main ingredients:
- Glucomannan (Konjac Root) is a soluble fibre that has a strong absorption capacity;
- Yerba Maté, also known as “Paraguay Tea”, is rich in vitamins and minerals including calcium, iron, phosphor, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2;
- Pepsin, a biocatalyst that accelerates the process that breaks down food we eat so it can be absorbed by our bodies.
It's very easy to use - just take one capsule 15 minutes before eating breakfast, lunch and dinner along with a big glass of water - basically it helps fill you up so you don't have to eat as much to feel full, delivers lots of important vitamins and minerals and helps break down the food you do eat aiding in your digestion.

One of the worst things you can do when you are trying to lose weight is skip meals (sounds strange but it's true), so taking Controlex which is an appetite moderator, not a suppressant will also remind you to eat!

A 30 day supply of Controlex (90 capsules) will run you $34.99 and you can find it at Walmart.

I would love to hear if anyone has tried it and what you thought and  if anyone has any great eating or exercise tips, those are great too!

- Lisamarie -

Fragrant Friday - tokidoki SANDy Rollerball!

Something cute is living in my purse - tokidoki SANDy Rollerball - 10ml - $23 - with notes of Pear Blossom, Freesia, Honeysuckle, Gardenia, Hint of Vanilla and Amber Musk, it's a light yet lingering fragrance perfect for these hot summer nights!

The packaging of course is adorable and has the added bonus of being a bit prickly which makes it super easy to locate in the bottom of my bag!

Or if you want something less pointy, give one of the other ones a try:

Adieu: Black Berry, Strawberry, Juicy Orange, Tiare Flower, Water Lotus, Creamy Vanilla, Cashmere Woods.
Adios: Lemon Leaves, Pink Grapefruit, Cyclamen, Day Lilies, Pink Orchid, Lotus Blossom, White Musk, Peach Skin, Crystallized Woods. Ciao Ciao: Water Hyacinth, Out of the Shower Accord, Muguet, Day Lily, Sheer Jasmine Petals, Musk, Sun-Drenched Woods.
Donutella: Raspberry, Bright Bergamot, Muguet, Jasmine Sambac, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk.  
Siberia: Cool Aldehydes, Muguet Petals, Night Blooming Jasmine, White Orchid, White Musk, Soft Woods. 

Find them at Sephora or online at www.sephora.com 

- Lisamarie -

July 28, 2011

Cleansers that multi-task from Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, Marcelle and Avon!

Why have a cleanser that only cleans when you can have one that does everything (except possibly windows)! Great if you travel, have limited bathroom counter space or are just too darned lazy to be bothered with extra steps!

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare All-In-One Facial Cleanser with Toner - 200ml - $32 - gentle and non-drying, removes all makeup - deep cleansing action removes impurities & pollutants, rinses clean leaving skin soft, never tight or dry. Good for all skin types including sensitive skin. With dry hands, massage onto dry face. 10 seconds for dry skin, 30 seconds for oily skin then rise.

The Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare line is available at The Shopping Channel www.theshoppingchannel.com, Sephora and sephora.com.

Marcelle Essentials 3 in 1 Cleanser - 170ml - $14.25 - this light, non-greasy formula cleanses, removes face and eye make-up (even waterproof) and tones for skin that is soft and refreshed skin that is free of impurities.
Avon Care 3 in 1 Cleansing Lotion - 100ml - $4.99 - cleanses, tones and moisturizes all in one go with a refreshing gel lotion that is formulated with aloe and ginger.  Suitable for normal to dry skin.

Available from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at www.avon.ca

Dior Rouge Serum Crystal - for sheer and glossy fall lips!

Dior Rouge Serum Crystal - $40 - a new collection of six shades: 215 Primrose Crystal, 345 Coral Crystal, 455 Tea Rose Crystal, 645 Sweet Pink Crystal, 675 Passionate Pink Crystal and 855 Carmine Crystal -  feature a sheer, glossy finish with all of the skincare benefits of the original Rouge Serum. It's formulated with ten times more active ingredients than a classic lipstick including: concentrated vegetable butter for texture and softness, SPF 20 for environmental protection and an exclusive blend of active ingredients - vitamin A, mango butter, Centella Asiatica Extract to stimulate collagen synthesis, Ruscogenine to stimulate microcirculation and promote oxygenation and Commiphora Extract to stimulate adipocytes for improved texture and volume.

Available at all Dior counters in the fall except for Sephora.  I was a fan of the original Rouge Serums - I like the slim tube which makes it easier to apply and very portable - so I am looking forward to trying these so stay tuned for swatches!

- Lisamarie -

Maybelline ColorSensational The Shine Lipcolor Fruit Punch and Disco Pink swatches!

Maybelline ColorSensational The Shine is the newest super shiny lipstick from Maybelline. Having been majorly love with Maybelline Wet Shine for years and very upset when it was discontinued (I'll even admit to still having one that I use) I was thrilled to see this line that I was hoping would be a dupe! It's not exactly the same, the Wet Shine I have doesn't have any shimmer while this one does so I think it's kind of a hybrid of the Wet Shine and Diamond Shine - but not as glittery. Whatever it is, I like it - it's moist, shiny and smells great!
 Fruit Punch - love this shade, it adds just the right amount of colour to perk me up when I look tired!
Disco Pink - might be a little too light for me or I might be getting to used to wearing bright colours and it's making everything seem light!

- Lisamarie -

July 27, 2011

Lise Watier Equinoxe Collection Fall 2011

Another fun collection from Lise Watier, this time using my favourite blues for the eyes and a couple of really dramatic nail colours - bring on the fall!
Quatuor Wet & Dry Eyeshadows  - $35 - Equinoxe - Limited Edition - with shades of chocolate, taupe, gray and teal inspired by the autumnal splendour of the Canadian Rockies - comes with a Mini Metamorfix Liquid Transformer to transform dry eyeshadow into a rich creamy liquid as well as intensify the colour to make it ultra long wearing.
Duo Bronze & Glow Face and Cheek Powder - $27 - Limited Edition - a golden shade on one side to help prolong your summer sun-kissed skin while the other side is a pink blush to perk you up.  Can be used together or separately to achieve a radiant complexion.
Duo Mineral Eyeshadows - $25 - Misty Green - part of the regular collection - gray-tinged sage with luminous pastel green
Bleu Glacier - Limited Edition - satin blue-gray and deep blue - both duos are composed of micronized minerals that are enriched with chamomile, ales and cucumber powder extracts.
Plumpissimo Le Gloss - $20 - Cafe Frost - Limited Edition - neutral and golden or Berry Frost - part of the regular collection - frosted raspberry
Rouge Plumpissimo - $20 - Nude Love - part of the regular collection - softly refined nude pink.
24 HRS Glam Eyeliner - $21 - Brown - chocolate matte brown - gentle and oil free
Nail Lacquer - $12 - Limited Edition - Fuchsia Frost - bright and sparkling pink or Espresso - deep, rich, creamy brown.

Available now in-store and online at www.lisewatier.com

- Lisamarie -

Exfoliate your way to brighter skin with a nighttime treatment from Serious Skin Care, Clinique and Olay!

Radiant skin is a big concern for so many of us and it's no wonder when the causes of skin dullness are so varied. Everything from UV exposure, lack of moisture, poor cell turnover, sleep deprivation and the natural aging process can strip away our natural radiance. One solution is manual exfoliation but it's not a great one if you have sensitive skin so check out a few creams that will do the exfoliating work for you in a much gentler way!

Serious Skin Care C Morning Magic Overnight Renewal Exfoliating Micro-Cream - 59ml - $33.50 - works overnight to help reveal a super-soft, plump and hydrated looking complexion by morning my helping to resurface , micro-peel and dissolve dead, flaky skin cells, optimize youthful collagen and help rejuvenate a lush, resilient look.  Contains a mixture of Vitamin C Esters, Vitamin C Acids and other exfoliants to help break down and dissolve the old, dulling skin cells while promoting and optimizing the natural turnover of skin cells right behind them.

Available at The Shopping Channel - www.theshoppingchannel.com

Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer - 50ml - $51.50 - brand new to the Turnaround line and clinically proven to make radiant skin emerge overnight. Contains a cocktail of ingredients to help boost the skin's natural exfoliation process: Salicylic Acid in a Salisome Time Release Delivery System for exfoliation; Chestnut Seed Extract; RNA Fragments to encourage the natural, nighttime cellular turnover process; and Micrococcus Lysate to support nighttime repair. As well as radiance, the product also addresses the dehydration that can occur at night with the moisturizing benefits of: Sodium Hyaluronate to attract and bind moisture to the top layer of the skin; Trehalose to help retain moisture; and Hydroxyethyl Urea a moisturizing agent.

I haven't tried or even seen this product so I can't comment on how well it does or doesn't work, but I am a big fan of the Turnaround line so I'm looking forward to checking it out! Available in August at Clinique counters across Canada and at www.clinique.ca
Olay Regenerist Night Resurfacing Elixir - 50ml - $39.99 - this light glycolic peel  is designed to work over the course of the body's natural sleep cycle to gently resurface skin for a firmer, smoother skin appearance. Oil and fragrance free. Contains Glycolic Acid - to increase natural exfoliation and surface renewal, Humectants - glycerin, propylene glycol and butylene glycol, Pal-KTTKS - an anti-aging penta-peptide, Antioxidants - green teas and grape seed extract, and skin soothers and conditioners - pro-vitamin B5 and panthenol.

Do you like the idea of waking up to more beautiful, radiant skin? I like the sound of all of these and would love to hear about any others that you have tried and liked!

- Lisamarie -

This week I'm obsessed with... Whish Hair Inhibiting Gel!

Whish Hair Inhibiting Gel - 220ml - $28.60 - not only does it smell and feel great on but it also slows hair growth - with ingredients that are all natural and organic! Contains larrea divaricata extract to inhibit hair growth, organic aloe to help heal nicks and cuts, organic shea butter and panthenol to moisturize and organic cucumber to protect, hydrate and calm skin. The cooling gel formula is not only great for skin that is chafed after shaving and waxing but also super soothing for skin that has gotten too much sun!

I tried the Lavender scent which is amazing and it also comes in Lemongrass, Pomegranate and Almond.

I've been using it for about a month and it does seem as though the hair on my legs is finer and grows in slower - the gel or wishful thinking? - either works for me!

I've also added it to my list of things that feel great after being kept in the fridge, especially when you've gotten too much sun!

Score your own at eBeauty.ca - they still have a deal going on for free shipping when you spend over $25 so this is a great time to get it!

Go to www.ebeauty.ca to check it out!

- Lisamarie -

July 26, 2011

New and Notable at Shoppers Drug Mart - Nicole by OPI, GOSH, Nanoblur, CoverGirl, Korres and Revlon!

Nicole by OPI Texture Coat - $10.99 - in black, white, gold, silver, turquoise and red - if you find the name "texture coat" confusing, don't worry, it's just another name for shatter! I've got my eye on the gold one!
GOSH Professional Permanent Cream Hair Colour - $9.99 - in 7 new shades: 111 Light Beige Blonde, 243 Dark Mocha Brown, 251 Medium Ash Brown, 253 Light Cinnamon Brown, 263 Light Hazelnut Brown, 336 Dark Burgundy Red, 366 Light Bright Red
L'Oréal Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Golden Balm Night Cream - 50ml - $32.99 - Eye Cream - 15ml - $32.99 - for mature, very dry skin and uncomfortable skin - Enriched with calcium and precious oils to provide 24 hour intense hydration and comfort they offer intense repair and nourishing properties to mature skin and also help to strengthen fragile skin and restore skin resilience and radiance.

The Night Cream smells amazing thanks to the 10 replenishing precious oils: Passiflore, Corn, Cameline, Rice Bran, Rosier Muscat, Apricot Kernel, Camomile, Majolaine, Neroli and Sweet Orange.
Nanoblur - $19.99 - look up to 10 years younger in 40 seconds with the immediate correction of the appearance of skin aging including the look of lines, wrinkles, crow's feet, sagginess and enlarged pores. Can be worn with or without makeup.
CoverGirl Lash Perfection Volumizing Mascara - $10.99 - in very black, black or brown - wraps each lash for plumped lashes that resist clumping.
Korres Wild Rose Brightening Skincare Regimen Kit - $49 - for normal to dry skin - includes travel sizes of: White Tea Facial Fluid Gel Cleanser - 20ml; Wild Rose Face and Eye Serum Brightening & Line Smoothing - 20ml; Wild Rose 24-hour Moisturizing & Brightening Cream 20ml x 2; and Evening Primrose Eyecream - 5ml

Revlon Flavor Gloss - $10.49 - in 005 Colada Fizz, 010 Pineapple Fizz, 015 Grapefruit Fizz, 020 Grape Fizz, 025 Apple-Tini Fizz, 030 Mint Fizz, 035 Watermelon Fizz, 040 Orange Fizz

- Lisamarie -

Estée Lauder Pure Color Sensuous Rouge Lipcolor - two formulas for the price of one lipstick!

Estée Lauder Pure Color Sensuous Rouge Lipcolor - $34 - a funky new lipstick with a "core within core" technology which delivers two formulas with one swipe: a firm, pigment-rich shell which provides easy application; while the jellified glossy core boosts shine and moisture. You can see the 12 colours it's available in below.

I especially like slim lipsticks for their ease of application so I am looking forward to trying it - stay tuned for swatches!

It will be available at Estée Lauder counters across Canada, or online at www.thebay.com and at www.sears.ca beginning in August 2011.
- Lisamarie -

Chanel Le Vernis Black Pearl and Graphite - do you need them? Swatches!

I remember before they launched, when I was just reading descriptions of these polish colours - Black Pearl from the Chanel spring collection and Graphite from the new Chanel fall collection - and thinking at the time that they sounded interesting - but it's not until you see them in person that you realize just how cool they are!
Black Pearl - don't be fooled into thinking it's just another grey polish - it's a deep metallic grey with flashes of blue - very fun!
Graphite - I'm calling this a sparkly silver with hints of gold - but what's really cool about it is the green flashes - this is definitely not your everyday silver sparkle!

So the answer to the question is yes - YES, if you don't already have them then need them - you really do! There, have I convinced you or did you already drink the kool-aid and have them in your collection?

- Lisamarie -

July 25, 2011

Dior Blue Tie Fall 2011

Blue is the new black at Dior counters this fall which is featuring shades of deep marine, luminous petrol blue and sky blue tones delicately highlighted b touches of white to create a sophisticated, unexpected version of the smoky eye. Lips are soft and nails are pale or dark - it all comes together for a look that is a mix of masculine and feminine and a modern take on the nighttime beauty look, inspired by a woman dressed in the tailored elegance of a tuxedo.
Dior Blue Tie Palette in Smoking Blue - Exclusive to The Bay - $70 - all your smoky makeup essentials in one chic metal palette. Includes four shades of eyeshadow to create a smoky navy eye and one shade of nude lipgloss. For those of you who don't like palettes that include eye and lip products together because of the mess factor, you'll be pleased to know that a clever little cover keeps your lipgloss pristine!
DiorBlush - $42 - 889 Pink In Love and 839 Vintage Pink (not at Sephora)

Rouge Dior - $36 - 314 Angelique Beige (not at Sephora), 428 Pisanelle Pink, 651 Tourbillon Pink and 741 Allegro Pink (not at Sephora)

Dior Vernis - $26 - 219 Safari Beige (not at Sephora) and 908 Tuxedo

Available at all Dior counters mid-August - except where noted.

I'm all about the blue so this collection is right up my alley! Is it doing it for you?

- Lisamarie -

Despite what the government thinks - Every Penny does Count!

This summer, the Avon Foundation for Women in partnership with Scotiabank is asking Canadians to roll their pennies to benefit Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada.  They have a goal to collect 125 million pennies - which comes to $1,250,000 in honour of Avon's 125th Anniversay

It's easy to participate and help - just gather up your pennies and roll them; you can either use your own wrappers and just make sure they are identified with account number 80002 06366 14 - or you can download special pink wrappers at: http://avoneverypennycounts.ca
Then just drop your rolled pennies off at any Scotiabank location!

Help out a great cause and get rid of all those pennies rattling around your house, pockets and purse, what could be better?! You have from now through October, happy penny hunting!

- Lisamarie -

Maggie Ford Danielson and I talk Benefit Eye Wanna! Eye Gotta!

My Saturday mornings are usually spent on the couch thinking about going to the gym, contemplating cleaning the house but in reality working on my ass groove while catching up on bad television. You'll be happy to know that this past Saturday was a lot more productive when I had a chance for a sit down with Benefit Cosmetic's Global Beauty Authority, and daughter of co-founder Jean Ford - Maggie Ford Danielson. Hearing about her busy life made me feel a little guilty about my slothful ways - between constant travel and appearances on HSN I was amazed to learn that she's getting married in a couple of weeks - she looks way too calm for someone about to get hitched! I was also very surprised to learn that she's not doing her own makeup for her wedding - I'm obviously a total control freak, it never even occurred to me not to do my own!

Maggie was in town for a Eaton Centre Sephora event but luckily she first had time for a chat about her obsession with eyebrows, Kate Middleton, the early (crazy) days at Benefit, her must-have Benefit products: Instant Brow, Boi-ing and They're Real! Mascara and of course Benefit's latest launches: They're Real! Mascara and Eye Wanna! Eye Gotta! Eyeshadow Kits.

If you missed it, you can find our review of They're Real! Mascara here - and of course I was excited to check out the new eyeshadow kits! Limited Edition and exclusive to Sephora at only $40 each, you might be hard pressed to pick just one:
Eye Wanna! The Maggie Collection - has 3 velvet eyeshadows in skyline - blue silver, inked - midnight sapphire and deco - fresh plum as well as 2 creaseless cream shadow/liners in static - shimmering pewter and airbrush - pink pearl.
Eye Gotta! The Annie Collection - has 3 velvet eyeshadows in canopy - warm nutmeg, purple haze - gilded purple and spiced - golden olive as well as 2 creaseless cream shadow/liners in foiled - platinum fawn and flash - shimmering sand

Both kits are gorgeous - I especially love how pigmented the powder shadows are and how clever they were to put the cream shadows into little pots so they won't dry up like they do in most palettes. I also love the funky artwork on the packaging - you can always count of Benefit to bring the cool factor!

If I was a normal person who ever actually used up an eyeshadow, my only complaint would be the design of the eyeshadows and how there is no divider between the colours which means as the colours start getting used up they will eventually crumble into one another. The smartest thing to do with this kind of design is to use the 1st and 3rd colour starting at the outer edge of the pan and work your way in and start using the centre colour in the middle and work your way out in a circle - this will cause the least amount of stress to all the colour borders keeping them intact for as long as possible. Who said I never learned anything in my structural engineering classes!

I'm probably more partial to Maggie's Collection because I love lots of colour, put if you like things a little more toned down, the Annie Collection might be more your style.

Whichever one you choose don't drag your feet - when they're gone, they're gone so get yourself to Sephora to check them out or you can order them online at www.sephora.com.

- Lisamarie -

July 23, 2011

Beat the heat by putting your beauty products on ice!

Have you ever noticed that Canadians are all about the weather? Be it super hot or cold, we love to talk/complain/bitch about it - it's a good think we don't live in a temperate climate or what would we all have to talk about!?

Speaking of weather, damn it's hot! I've been keeping my cool by storing some of my beauty products in the fridge  - just don't do it if there is a warning on the package to keep the product out of extreme temperatures! I also find that lotions in a pump bottle become too thick to pump out so I avoid chilling those too.

Here's what I've been keeping on ice:

Benefit Ultra Radiance Facial Re-Hydrating Mist - 133ml - $30 -  It's funny that your skin can feel oily and sweaty yet at the same time dry! Not only does this spray hydrate your skin but also soothes and refreshes. With magnesium PCA and white & blue lotus extracts to help skin combat stress as well as relax and soothe the skin and sodium hyaluronate, a powerful hydrating agent capable of holding up to 1,000 times its weight in water, obviously to hydrate.

You can use it after you cleanse, use it to set and/or refresh your makeup or just use it as a pick-me-up throughout the day!

The only thing that I don't love about it is the smell - I can't put a finger on exactly what it is - it seems almost cucumber-y to me which is not a favourite scent of mine - but as the smell dissipates almost immediately and my skin feels so refreshed after using it, I can deal!

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Murale, Sephora and Holt Renfrew.
Biotherm Aquasouce 24h Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel - 50ml - $45 - you've heard me rave about this moisturizer before, it's a long time favourite of mine (as well as Christelle's) but did you know that it has a new improved formula. The scientific-y part of the new formula offers longer lasting moisturizing results which is all well and good but I love how it smells even fresher, feels even lighter and absorbs even quicker than it did before. I actually has a cooling feel to it on its own, but put it in the fridge for a half hour before using and it's A-MA-ZING!

LUSH Whoosh Shower Jelly - 100g - $10.95 - For ultimate coolness, store this one in the freezer. Contains rosemary and geranium essential oils for a kick of energy as well as a mix of lemon, lime and grapefruit juices to increase circulation while cleansing skin. Tear off a small piece of jelly and lather it in your hands or on a shower loofah. It's like washing with jello!
Avon Anew Sun Sunscreen Body Mist Lotion SPF 28 - 150ml - $39 - lightweight and oil free it has broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection that is water-resistant. I can't begin to describe how great this feels when you spray it on cold - especially on days like the ones we have been having lately where I am always too warm - it's heaven!

Available from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at www.avon.ca
The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray - 100ml - $10 - I'm going to come right out and say it, in this kind of heat, I come home with hot stinky feet - cooling on it's own, when left in the fridge this stuff becomes instant foot orgasm spray! TMI? Sorry, but it's true!

Other things I'm thinking would be great from the fridge: After Sun Lotion - especially if you have a bit of a burn, Toner, well really I can't think of anything these days that wouldn't be better cold! I'd love your suggestions!

- Lisamarie -