December 31, 2010

Get ready for New Year's with romantic updos you can do yourself at home!

Robert Barbosa is the recent recipient of Contessa's 2011 Men's Hairstylist of the Year Award and last year he was named the Ontario Hairstylist of the Year so he knows a thing or two about hair.  Who better to give us ideas for something else to do with our hair other then the same old ponytail?!  This will also be handy if you've got a big night out planned tonight for New Years!

Pull your hair into a ponytail then wrap  it around itself.  Pin the bun in place but don't worry about perfection!  Skip the straightening iron and keep your natural texture to add volume to the bun.
Keep the bun loose and leave out chunky stray pieces to frame your face.
Get a sophisticated look with a glamorous bun.  To get sleek strands, use a smoothing serum before you blow-dry.  Create a center part and pull your hair away from your face into a high ponytail.  Wrap your hair into a bun, tucking the ends underneath and secure with bobby pins.  Accessorize with jewels for some extra sparkle!

If you are hoarding any great hair tips, spill them, there's only a few hours left to get ready!

- Lisamarie -

Feel the Love, Dior Love Vernis that is. Swatches!

Lisamarie was a very good girl this year so Santa brought her the Love Dior Limited Edition palette - love it so much!  I really wanted the palette and didn't realized how pretty the polish that came with it is!
928 Love is a purply-pinky, shiny and wonderful!
This was a Holt Renfrew exclusive so I'm not sure if the Dior counter would have any left, but just on the basis of the polish, it would be so worth taking a look!

Did Santa leave anything special in your beauty stocking?

- Lisamarie -

December 30, 2010

OPI goes to Texas for Spring/Summer 2011!

Texas Collection by OPI - $10.95 - has a new finish - semi-transparent, giving fingers and toes a lightly glossed appearance similar to the look of icy water-based sorbet.  To achieve the desired effect, an initial coat of polish should be applied to all ten fingers first - without doubling up coverage.  Start from the pinky finger on one hand and paint through to the pinky on the other hand, then, after the first coat has dried, apply a second coat.

San Tan-tonio - honey
Suzi Loves Cowboys - chocolate
It's Totally Fort Worth It - shimmery lavender grey
Don't Mess with OPI - forest green
Austin-tatious Turquoise - blue-green
I Vant to Be A-Lone Star - sky blue
Y'all Come Back Ya Hear? - tangerine
Big Hair...Big Nails - peach
Guy Meets Gal-veston - coral
Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em - pink-red
Do You Think I'm Tex-y? - berry
Houston We Have Purple - red violet

Available in February 2011 - what do you think of the sorbet look idea?  I'll have swatches coming up in January.

- Lisamarie -

Jessica Hart fronts Esprit's Spring/Summer 2011 campaign!

If you are already sick of the snow then here are some pretty pictures featuring Australian top model, Jessica Hart, the new face for Esprit's Spring/Summer 2011 campaign.

I love her look which I think suits the Esprit brand perfectly. Jessica Hart has graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swim Issue in 2009 as well as the cover of Australian Vogue. The 24-year-old’s trademark is her enchanting smile with the striking gap between her teeth.

The new Esprit Casual season shoot combines the spirit of the lifestyle brand, full of friendship, fun and zest for life, with a relaxed and authentic preppy look. The location of the shoot, the UCLA campus, provided the perfect setting for the new Spring/Summer range, particularly because Esprit Casual is giving all-American classic looks a new twist for this season. Inspired by the American preppy style of the 1970’s and combined with influences from the 1950’s to produce a new kind of style full of contemporary details, the college look as embodied by Esprit Casual varies between relaxed elegance and sophistication. Jessica Hart and Vogue cover girl Cameron Russell, have some hot modeling company with Shu Pei from China, who has been heralded as one of the new faces to watch this season, male model Arthur Kulkov from Russia and the current hot male star of the catwalk Sasha M’Baye.
 - Lisamarie -

December 29, 2010

Shopbop and Sephora get together to make beautiful makeup!

SEPHORA COLLECTION Palette Color Play 5 in 1 limited-edition palette - $36 -  The set includes five different color palettes that each include ten eye-shadows, two lip colors, and one blush in run-way inspired color stories to fit any mood or transition to any style. Inspired by Shopbop’s “Faces of Fashion” editorial look book. The 5 in 1 limited fashion edition color palette is currently available on and debuted in Sephora stores yesterday. Shopbop’s accompanying ‘Faces of Fashion’ look book launched today and you can find it here:

The compact is perfect for busy girls on the go.  Select one of the five different looks (palettes) and pop it in the compact. The palettes are inter-changeable; simply choose your outfit-complimenting color palette for the day.  Place the look into the compact, and you are ready to go!

Shopbop is also running a sweepstakes in tandem with the debut of the palette; the Faces of Fashion Sweepstakes:

I love the mix and matchyness of this and can see it being very useful for very busy ladies who don't have time to rummage around looking for coordinating makeup. Anyone already have this palette and want to give us your thoughts?

- Lisamarie -

Jewellery solutions for loose rings, tricky clasps and nickel intolerance!

Ring Guard Solution - $7.95 - my solution to rings that are too big has been to wrap some scotch tape around the band, which isn't the most comfortable thing but other then taking it in to be resized, I didn't realize there was any other option.  But there is and it's very easy to use, you just apply a small amount of the gel to the inside of the band and it dries clear and soft in about three hours.  It withstands water and will stay in place for months.  When you want to remove it, it just peels off.  It's also helpful to ease the pinching of clip on earrings!  Available from: and they ship internationally.
Clever Clasp - $14.95 - I discovered this during a late night TV infomercial and promptly bought a set for my mother who has arthritis and was complaining that she can never do up her own necklaces and braclets!  The kit contains silver and gold clasps as well as extenders.  You can find them on the As Seen on TV sites and I also recently saw it at Walmart.
Nickel Solution - $19.99 - Here's a clever kit that will let you test for nickel and then protect your skin from it!  I didn't realize just how many people are allergic to nickel until someone asked me if I knew of anything that would do what this kit does - once I went looking, I was amazed at how many websites there are about nickel allergy!  You can order this kit online, and they will ship internationally:

- Lisamarie -

December 28, 2010

Striving to become Lady Gaga with false lashes - or at least figure out how to put them on! POP Beauty, Make Up For Ever and Lash Royalty!

Ever since the Lady Gaga episode of Glee, I have been obsessed with false eyelashes, mostly due to the awesome pink ones that Quinn was wearing!
I searched quite a bit and the best match to those particular lases seems to be from POP Beauty.  They have three categories of lashes:  Dressed Up - $10 - subtle effect, ICONS - $12 - "look at me" lashes and Fantasy - $15 - dreamy and avant garde - which seem to be where the Quinn lashes came from.
Make Up For Ever also has an extensive selection of lashes for $17 a set of either strip or individual lashes .  Check out 115 Erin - they're also similar to the Quinn lashes.

My clever friends at Lash Royalty came up with this video which I love because it shows you what all their lashes actually look like on people, which I think will make it so much easier to pick a style!  Their lashes run $15 a pair and can be purchased online at
Check out Miss Cherie, they're my favourite!

Of course before I can start in on the fancy lashes, I need to master false lashes once and for all - I seem to have a beauty mental block about them and every time I try to apply them, it turns into a lengthy ordeal that ends in my giving up usually having wrecked an expensive pair of lashes.

September's Glamour gave me some excellent tips that I thought I should share since I'm sure there are others out there that are equally intimidated by the whole process.

Tip 1 - Adjust your view - the biggest mistake women make with false lashes: looking straight into the mirror.  Put a makeup mirror on the table instead so that you're gazing down.  You'll be able to see what you're doing and the strip will land right on the lash line.  Hold the strip of lashes up to your eyes before you apply the glue - if they're too wide, trim them down.  For easier application you can cut the strip into three or four pieces and place them with tweezers. Even if your lases come with adhesive, it's worth using a strong-hold, waterproof glue.  Apply a small amount of glue directly to the base of the fake lashes, let it dry for 20 seconds, stick the strip on, then wiggle it into place.  For a more natural look, do some fluttery clusters of individual lashes on the outer corners of your eyes only.  And FYI, if you are using the Quo glue from Shoppers Drug Mart, you don't need to let it dry before applying, it is designed to be just the right amount of tacky so you can apply right away!

Tip 2 - Add finishing touches - trace on black liner to fill in any gaps, then gently clamp lashes with a curler to blend real lashes with the faux.  Up the intensity with a coat of mascara.

Tip 3 - Take them off - Don't peel them off, to dissolve the glue, press a makeup remover soaked cotton ball against your eyelids, gently slide down and slip them off.

And a really great reader tip I got from Andrea - practice your technique with cheap lashes - she recommends the ones by ELF which are a couple of bucks, I understand that you can sometimes find ELF at Winners but I haven't come across it yet, so I'm going to see what I can find at the dollar store - thanks Andrea!

Any other tips or ideas will be gratefully received (and tried)! 

- Lisamarie -

CardSwap and Lola's Green Hair want you to make some cash on bad presents and product mistakes!

Gift cards are a super popular gift now and when you get the right one, it's awesome but when you don't, you are stuck with a piece of plastic in your wallet that you will never use!  You could regift it or even better, get some cash for it! has been around for two years and is Canada's first website for discounted gift cards.  They connect thousands of people across Canada who are looking to sell or buy unused gift cards. Most of their members can save up to 40 percent on their favorite retailers or redeem their unwanted gift cards for cash. What's really great is that CardSwap acts as the go-between, until you receive the card and know it is good, the payment is not released to the seller so there is no risk of getting a used up card!
If one of your New Year's resolutions is to reduce some of your beauty clutter then here's a great idea: is a great place for frugalistas to sell their nearly new or gently used hair care products. Visitors can post ads for FREE through March 2011. This is an amazing way for you to make a little $$$ from the stuff collecting dust in your vanities. It also reduces your carbon footprint by consuming less.  And unlike Makeup Alley, selling is permitted, unlike Ebay, it doesn't have to be new and unlike Craig's List, you won't end up with a bunch of people with questionable english skills wanting you to cash a fake money order for more then the amount of the purchase and sending them back the difference!

- Lisamarie -

December 27, 2010

Prep for New Year's Eve with Murale!

Prepare for the party night of the year with Murale Beauty Masters at Murale’s New Year’s Eve Bash. Throughout the day on December 31 st, 2010, at all eight Murale locations across Canada, Murale Beauty Masters will be offering glamorous makeovers with the hottest looks to ring in the New Year from head to fingers tips.  The ultimate New Year’s Eve beauty experience begins with skin preparation and moves on to a 10 minute mini facial then makeup application, with other opportunities for false eye lash application and nail polish touch ups.  Tickets to the event are $10 and all proceeds go to The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers. Throughout the day on December 31

Skin Preparation

Prepping the skin is essential to achieving porcelain like skin for makeup application. Murale Beauty Masters will begin the appointment with a consultation using the Beauty Metrix Tool, which provides an analysis of the skin looking at hydration, pore size, wrinkles, sebum and pigmentation, to provide a customized skin care routine. 

10 Minute Mini Facial
There’s no better way to get skin glowing for the New Year’s Eve soirée than with a facial. Murale Beauty Masters will cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize the skin to give it an ultra radiant appearance.

Benefit Brow Bar
Well-groomed and perfectly shaped eyebrows are a must for any holiday party, so this New Year’s Eve, Murale Beauty Masters will be helping every woman uncover the perfect brow shape for her face (Regular fee for Benefit Brow Bar services applies ranging from $19 to $23).


Using top of the line cosmetics from Bobbi Brown, Nars, YSL and Chanel, Murale Beauty Masters will be offering a variety of looks perfect for the New Year’s Eve party circuit. A smoky eye and soft pink lips or eyes shimmering with gold, paired with a classic red lip are always party favourites, but if unsure of what the perfect New Year’s look is, Beauty Masters will be wearing a number of the most sought after beauty looks for evening to help inspire creativity.

False Lashes
Go all out for New Year’s Eve by adding a dramatic look to the eyes with false eye lashes. On New Year’s Eve, purchase a set of false eye lashes from Quo or DUO Professional Lashes in store and a Murale Beauty Master will apply them free of charge.   
Nail Polish Touch Up
Be the star of the party with glitzy and glamorous nails, the finishing touch of Murale’s New Year’s Eve Bash. With a selection of over 100 shades from Lippmann Collection and SpaRitual, there’s surely a colour to compliment any beauty look. Nail Polish Touch Ups are an additional $10 or complimentary with the purchase of a nail polish.

To book an appointment for the Murale New Year’s Eve Bash, contact your local store.

Place d'Orleans

110 Place d'Orleans Drive
Orleans, Ontario
Phone: (613) 841-4166
Ottawa Downtown
161 Bank Street (Bank & Laurier)
Ottawa, Ontario
Phone: 613.234.7781

Ville Marie
1, Place Ville Marie
Montréal, Québec
Phone: (514) 875-1593

Calgary Downtown
205-8th Avenue SW
, Alberta
Phone: 403-261-3703

Southcentre Mall
100 Anderson Road SE
Calgary, Alberta
Phone: 403-278-8302

West Edmonton Mall
8882 170 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
Phone: 780.487.2673
Shops at Don Mills
20 Marie Labatte Road
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 416-384-1858


Oakridge Mall

650 West 41st Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia
Phone: 604-264-8035

- Lisamarie -

Chanel exposes me to a new word and new experience - Baudruchage!

When Chanel invited me to an event to experience the art of baudruchage first hand, I must admit that I had to google the word first before I accepted, not having any idea what it meant!  To save you from googling:

Baudruchage is performed by hand and consists of placing a fine membrane (called a baudruche) over the neck and stopper of the bottle.  Then the baudruche is held in place with two strands of pearl-cotton thread.  For each perfume there is a specific colour of thread.  Black for the No 5, No 19, Coco, Allure Sensuelle.  Pearly white for Coco Mademoiselle, Pink for Allure.

This technique makes the bottle perfectly watertight and protects the fragrance from the intrusion of air. A wax seal is then added to guarantee the bottle is tamperproof.  the baudruchage is a symbol of expertise, luxury and refinement.  Chanel has ten people at the workshops in France who are masters of this art.

It was quite something to see, this little French lady did it like it was nothing but I can imagine what a mess I would make of it if I tried!  I'll be thinking of her the next time I open a new bottle of Chanel perfume!

- Lisamarie -

December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Peace Dove Digital Art by Mairin Gilmartin

Whatever it is you celebrate, hope you are having a great one!

Can't wait to hear about all your new lipstick!

- Lisamarie -

December 24, 2010

Thcken up with mousse from Living Proof, Pantene, Phyto and Rene Furterer!

Mousse is a really easy way to give fine or limp hair some body, you just need to make sure that it doesn't dry crunchy or leave a flaky film on your scalp.  Another thing I've learned, don't be cheap with the mousse, you need a good amount of it for it to actually do it's job!  Here are a few of my favourites:

Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse - 142g - $21 (or $17.85 on The Shopping Channel right now) - body boosting, naturally moving for all hair types- this was recommended to me as the best mousse ever and I can't say that I disagree, this gives me such great body that I forget I have fine hair!  I don't love the smell but it doesn't linger so that's not a deal breaker!  Get it while it's on sale at

Pantene Mousse for Fine Hair - Maximum Hold - 187g - $5.99 - boosts strands for all-over volume that lasts - creates invisible support for fine hair structure, volumizes by lifting hair at the roots, locks in your style with all-day humidity protection - out of all the drugstore brands I've tried, this one is the best.  I find that sometimes with the less expensive ones, they dry very crunchy but this one doesn't.  The volume isn't as impressive as it is with some of the pricey brands, but for the cost it's not bad.

Phyto Intense Volume Mousse - Medium Hold - 200ml - $23 - adds body to all hair types, especially fine and limp hair - creates structure, increases volume and controls the style - contains Acacia collagen, a moisturizing active ingredient which hydrates hair while protecting from environmental stresses, as well as a natural UV filter. It smells great and I really did find this one hydrating, I even used it without my leave-in conditioning spray and didn't notice its absence!  Phyto products are available at Sephora.

Rene Furterer Volumea Volumizing Foam - 200ml - $25 - brings body and structure to fine and limp hair - contains natural carob extract to create volume in the hair from root to end - an anti static ingredient provides a controlled look - hair is soft, shiny and regains a natural and flexible volume. I don't love the smell but I sure do love the amount of volume I got from this one! Available at Sephora.

- Lisamarie -

MAC Cham Pale makes me yawn...

It's never a good sign when the model looks like a scary alien so the lesson from this would be, if you are a pale ginger like her (and me), you don't want to be wearing the whole Cham Pale line at once, or this is what happens! I must admit I am pretty ho-hum about this whole line, nothing stands out to me as being a must have - but I'm not big on muted colour - Stylishly Yours is much more my style so I'm happy they are both coming out on the same day!
Special Reserve Highlight Powder - $33.50
Chez Chez Lamé - soft gold with silver shimmer
Rosé Ole - soft pink with gold shimmer
Eye Shadow x4 - $43.00 - Caviar Dreams
Brule-soft creamy beige (satin)
Et tu, Bouquet? - frosted pale pink gold (frost)
Caviar Dreams - dirty frosted pewter (lustre)
Retrospeck - beached blonde (lustre)

Chromagraphic Pencil - $17.50
NC15/NW20 - NC15
NW25/NC30 - NC25
Eye Kohl - $17.50
I Get No Kick - metallic nude
Kohl Power - $17.50
Feline - rich black
Studio Fix Lash - $16.50
Black Fix - black

Paint Pot - $20
Chilled on Ice - frosted white gold
Let Me Pop - frosted light copper
Vintage Selection - frosted dirty peach
Dangerous Cuvée - frosted cool grey

Lipstick - $17.50
Tanarama - pale beige with golden shimmer (frost)
Flustered - frosted pale bronze (frost)
Quite, Please - frosted pink champagne (lustre)
Gel - sheer metallic beige (frost)
Lipgelée - $17.50
Luxure - off white with pink pearl (frost)
Sin-tillation - sparkly pale icy pink (frost)
Bubble Lounge - sparkly pink peach (frost)
Straight to the Head - sparkly bronze brown (frost)
Nail Lacquer - $15.50
Soirée - sparkly light bronze gold (frost)
Very Important Platinum - dirty platinum (frost)
Along with the makeup they are introducing some skincare products with the soothing properties of French lavender to enhance well-being, body, mind and spirit.

Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15+ Lavender - $17.50
Lip Conditioner SPF 15+ Lavender - $17.50Complete Comfort Creme - $38.50 - an ultra-rich facial moisturizer that relieves visible redness immediately

Fix+ Lavender - $21.50

Hitting counters on Sunday, December 26th - what do you think, are you a Cham Pale kind of girl?

- Lisamarie -

December 23, 2010

Makeup that multitasks from Avon, Stila and NARS!

With the holidays full upon us, I spend a lot more time out of the house then I would like.  Strangely enough, people look at me funny when I cart around a train case full of makeup so I am forced to streamline things a bit.  Here are a few of my favourite space savers:

Avon Pro Colour & Goss Lip Duo - $10 - lipstick on the outside, lip gloss on the inside! Comes in 10 colours: pink bouquet, mauvelous, foxy brown, sunset glow, perfect nude, poppy love, twig, passion plum, hot lips and berry luscious.  This clever little tube is a 3-in-1 product, you can wear the lipstick or the gloss alone or you can wear them together.  Love the space saving aspect of this, it's the perfect thing to throw in your purse and it gives you lots of options in one little tube.  The only thing I don't love is the gloss delivery method - it comes out of the little hole in the middle of the lipstick and you squeeze the bottom of the tube to get it out.  I'm always afraid I'll squeeze too hard and end up with gloss everywhere!
Available from your Avon rep 1-800-265-AVON or online at
Stila One Step Makeup - 30ml - $57 - available in 8 shades and by one step they mean that it contains your primer, foundation, concealer and powder all in one bottle.  It contains 100% natural mineral pigments, has a buildable coverage, is paraben and fragrance free, minimized pores and diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles as well as hydrates, balances and controls oil.  I tried it out this summer and it's still a favorite, you can find my review here.
NARS The Multiple - $46 - Orgasm is the perfect all-over colour - it's a peachy-pink that I love as a blush, lipstick and as a shadow to wake up tired eyes - it comes in lots of other colours if you prefer something lighter/darker, but none have as good a name!

What's your favourite product when you need to travel light?

- Lisamarie -

MAC False Lashes

Can you imagine actually having lashes like this?!  I don't think MAC's new mascara is claiming to give you lashes like these, but it is meant to give you the illusion of extensions with dramatic volume and curl - I'm looking forward to trying it!
False Lashes - $18 - False Black - black - it doesn't look like anything exciting so this should be interesting...

- Lisamarie -

Shape shares the beauty products that have changed lives!

Along with all the good advice on eating well and exercising (that I will read and then ignore), January's Shape magazine shares the pros "much have" beauty products.  I think the article is interesting because as a beauty junkie, I try a lot of different things but I don't really have any loyalty to just one product.  Even when I try something amazing it doesn't stop me trying other things because there is always a little voice telling me that there might be something even better out there!  It's probably not normal but at least this blog gives me a good excuse, I am now duty bound to try new things, just for you!  Anyhow, check out the article with normal people who try good things and then keep using them:

The beauty product that changed my life

It starts with the rush you feel at first glance. You spend time together to decide if you’re compatible. But in the end you know you’ll be loyal for life. No, we’re not talking about the way you feel when you’re smitten with a guy, but with a product—say, a frizz-fighting shampoo or a confidence-boosting lipstick. While you probably have a few standbys of your own, we wondered what the pros would pick. Check out their choices and you might find true beauty love.

Body Beautifiers
  • Jergens Overnight Repair Nightly restoring moisturizer ($7; at drugstores) “This has antioxidants that repair skin over time—and it does all that work while I’m asleep!” —Sapna Westley, M.D., a dermatologist in NYC
  • Ila blissful Body Scrub ($95; “I recently started to eat more organic foods and decided that I wanted to green my beauty routine too. That’s when a friend told me about this scrub. It contains only natural ingredients and leaves my skin feeling silkier than any other product.” —Bethany Goodfellow, lead therapist at the Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills 
  • Victoria’s Secret Sunkissed Bronze Instant Self Tan Lotion ($12; “I grew up on the beach and love a bronzed look. To get that gorgeous glow safely, I smooth on this self-tanner once or twice a week. The lotion smells like coconut, not chemicals, so it reminds me of summer all year long.’’ —Adriana Lima, swimsuit model
Hair Dos
  • Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti Frizz Shampoo ($20; “Formulated with an organic oil that seals out humidity, this fresh-smelling shampoo keeps my frizzy hair in line—no matter the weather. Now I look amazing rain or shine.” —Jessica Gillin, a hairstylist at the Marie Robinson Salon in NYC
  • Aveda Beautifying Composition ($21; “I think I have the driest hair in America! This smoothing oil helps keep my strands moisturized and shiny. I pinch a little onto my ends when they start to look and feel fried from heat styling.” —Andrea Arterbery, beauty blogger for
  • Roux ’Tween Time Instant HairColor Touch-Up Stick ($7; “This crayon-like tube of temporary hair dye is the best invention on the planet for covering grays. I keep one handy for times when I’m too busy to sit in the salon chair.” —Giselle, a celebrity colorist at the Susan Ciminelli Day Spa in NYC
  • Shu Uemura Art of Hair Essence Absolue ($65; “It’s my go-to product because I can use it all over. I comb it into damp or dry hair to make it glossy and slather it on my body to soften my skin. I go through a bottle in two months!” —Edris, owner of the Edris salon in NYC
  • Nexxus Comb Thru Finishing Mist ($11; at drugstores) “Some hairsprays don’t provide enough hold, while others make strands too stiff. This prevents flyaways without giving me helmet head. ’’ —Kristan Serafino, a celebrity hairstylist in NYC 
Smile Savers
  • Supersmile Professional Whitening System ($36; “Other whitening products have made my teeth too sensitive. But this one doesn’t—and it keeps my smile gorgeous.” —Kelly Ripa
  • Dentek comfort clean floss picks ($3; at drugstores) “These are slim enough to slip into a clutch. You never know when you’re going to need to floss on the run!” —Debra Glassman, D.D.S., a dentist in NYC
Tool Time
  • Goody Spin Pins ($6; at drugstores) “I have thick hair, so twisting it into an updo usually requires lots of bobby pins and elastics to make sure it doesn’t unravel. I wasn’t expecting much when I received a box of these corkscrew-like fasteners in a swag bag, but now I’m a convert. Using only one or two, I can create a cool chignon in 30 seconds or less.” —Annie Tomlin, blogger for
  • T3 Featherweight Gold Dryer ($200; “I’m constantly flying between New York, L.A., London, Paris, and Milan for work, and I always pack light. Most travel blow-dryers simply don’t cut it, though, because they’re not very powerful and take forever to dry my thick hair. But this one is a lifesaver—it barely weighs anything, yet it’s as strong and effective as a dryer I’d use in the salon.” —Eloise Cheung, celebrity stylist in NYC
Makeup Must-Haves
  • Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Pressed Powder ($15; at drugstores) “Now I no longer have to think about reapplying SPF. I simply dust this on whenever I’m shiny and I know my skin is protected too.” —Joanna Schlip, a celebrity makeup artist in L.A.
  • Lipfusion Micro-Injected CollageN Lip Plump Color Shine ($38; “Because I have so much on my plate, I’m obsessed with multitasking products like this. It makes my lips look fuller and adds color and sheen.” —Kim Kardashian
  • Piret & Tamara Eye Silks ($35 each; “Most cream eye shadows crease or disappear in an hour. These contain silicone, which helps the color adhere to lids, and they’re totally goof-proof.” —Suzette Lemos, a celebrity makeup artist in NYC
  • L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara ($9; at drugstores) “The brush gives loads of length and definition to lashes, and the formula is the blackest and richest around. Best of all, it doesn’t flake—ever!” —Tina Turnbow, a celebrity makeup artist in NYC 
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Red Revival ($7; at drugstores)
    “Bright red lips were all over the runway this season, and this is my favorite shade. Every time I wear it, women stop me to ask what color I have on! ’’ —Charlotte Willer, a makeup artist in NYC
  • Tarte EmphasEyes aqua-gel eyeliner in navy ($18;
    “One of my favorite tricks to make me look alert and awake is to line my lower lids in blue pencil. Not only is this liner the perfect shade of indigo, it doesn’t sting my sensitive eyes.’’ —Maria Maio, a celebrity makeup artist in NYC
Mani Cures
  • OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go ($8; “A few drops prevent hangnails. Plus, it comes in a pen-like applicator that never spills in your purse.” —Beth Fricke, a celebrity manicurist in L.A.
  • 95 and Sunny Nail files ($8 each;“These have an ultra-fine grit that won’t cause damage to your tips.” —Jenna Hipp, a celebrity manicurist in L.A.
  • Nars Dovima nail polish ($16;
    “I don’t wear polish when I’m working since it would just get smudged. That’s why I love this color for special occasions. It makes me feel like a Hollywood starlet.’’ —JIn Soon Choi, owner of the Jin Soon Natural Hand and Foot Spas in NYC
Sensational Scent
  • L’Artisan Parfumeur Mure et Musc Extreme Eau de Parfum ($155 for 3.4 oz; “I’ve worn this fragrance since I was 12 years old. I asked my mom, ‘Why can’t I wear perfume like my older sister?’ So she took me to Barneys New York and said, ‘Pick one.’ It’s such a signature fragrance for me. Everywhere I go, people are like, ‘That’s Kelly.’” —Kelly Osbourne
Complexion Perfectors
  • Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Collagen Capsules ($50; “These tiny pods are little miracle workers. When I pop one open and smooth it on under my foundation, my skin immediately looks plumper and firmer.” —Samantha Hosker, a celebrity makeup artist in London
  • Alyria corrective protection sunscreen SPF 30 ($40; “I’ve used sunscreen every day since I was 21. I love this one because it doesn’t drip into my eyes or cause irritation.” —Jeanine Downie, m.d., a dermatologist in Montclair, New Jersey
  • St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub ($4; at drugstores) “Exfoliating makes your skin brighter and helps anti-aging creams sink in better. This product does both without being harsh.” —Marsha Gordon, M.D., a dermatologist in NYC 
 Keep in mind that all prices are in US$ and being American, they don't know how to spell "colour" properly - so spill, what beauty product (if any) has changed your life?

- Lisamarie -

December 22, 2010

MAC Stylishly Yours - soon to be stylishly mine!

How much are you loving all the wonderful colour in this collection! The pigments are making me drool!
Cream Colour Base - $20
Virgin Isle - vivid bright coral (cream)
Tickle Me Pink - poppy creamy bright pink (cream)
Movie Star Red - medium toned blue red (cream)
Madly Magenta - vivid pinkish purple (cream)
Fluidline - $18
Dark Diversion - blackened plum
Blacktrack - solid flat black
209 Eyeliner Brush - $21
Zoom Lash - $16.50
New Hue - blackened burgundy
Zoom Fast Black Lash - $16.50 - deepest black
Lipstick - $17.50
Cockney - sheer yellow red with multidimensional pearl (lustre)
Neon Orange - bright clean orange (amplified)
Something New - creamy bright blue pink (amplified)
Style Curve - bright clean violet purple (cremesheen)
Lipglass - $17.50 - Clear
Pigment - $23.50
Electric Coral - bright coral with small pearl particles
Madly Personal - bright pink
 New Fixation - bright fuchsia red with soft pearl
Violet - vivid bright violet purple
Beauty Powder - $27
Play It Proper - pastel soft pink with sparkles
Too Chic - soft peachy cream with fine shimmer

On counters Sunday, December 26th, just in time for your frenzied Boxing Day shopping!

- Lisamarie -