May 31, 2010

Vichy Aera Teint Foundation Review

A couple of months ago I introduced you to three new foundations from Vichy:  Aera Teint Pure Fluid and Cream Foundations as well as a Mineral Powder one.  It's taken me awhile but I have finally had a chance to test all three and I'm ready to tell you all about it!  I tried the opal colour - which is the lightest shade for all 3 formulations which is a perfect colour match for me!

Aera Teint Pure Fluid Foundation - 30ml - $27.95 - Comes in 5 colours:  opal, ivory, sand, honey and bronze - It's paraben free with a natural finish that lasts up to 12 hours.  Contains minerals and anti-pollution action with a fresh finish that helps skin breath.  This is the one that I am wearing as I type this post and if I wasn't thinking about it I would forget that it was on my face - it's that light!  It comes in a glass pump bottle - I like the pump, not sure about the glass, one of these days my spaz self will drop and break it, I just know it!  If you prefer to apply your foundation with a brush, as I do, my tip is to only pump out a little bit onto the brush at a time.  The foundation is very liquidy and tends to drip right off the brush if you put too much on.  It takes me about a half pump to cover my whole face so I apply it a quarter pump at a time.  I find the coverage light and seamless and doesn't require a ton of blending to look foundationless.  I have no complaints about its staying powder although I do wear any foundation with a primer so I'm sure that accounts for a lot of it.  Overall, a great hot weather foundation!

Aera Teint Pure Cream Foundation - 30ml - $27.95 - in the same 5 colours, also paraben free, same natural finish and same mineral and anti-pollution action.  I started off with this one when the weather was still cold and my skin was doing its dry thing.  I found it moisturized well and gave full coverage which was actually more coverage then I prefer so I ended up adding a little bit of moisturizer to it to thin it out a bit.  It felt very comfortable on the skin so it was great for the dry skin issue I just don't have any serious skin issues to hide so it was overkill on the coverage.

Aera Teint Mineral Powder Foundation - 1.5g - $27.95 - with purifying minerals in 4 colours:  opal, nude, sand and gold. - I have never used a mineral powder foundation before so this was a new experience for me!  I find this formula to be the most flattering on my skin's normal/combo days.  When my skin is dry, I found that the powder really enhanced the dry areas.  It doesn't give super coverage, so if you are looking to cover a lot of "sins" then you probably won't love the powder.  If you want a light finish to even out skin tone it's great for that.  I loved this on days when I didn't feel like wearing a lot of makeup but still wanted my skin to look polished.  It's also great over top of one of the liquid foundations to add a little more coverage.

- Lisamarie -

Bobbi Brown takes you to her Beach Club for Summer 2010!

Bobbi Brown's Beach Club collection is inspired by how happy and healthy she thinks people look on the beach and how pretty, glowing skin and shimmering lids say "summer" to her.  Sounds like a good reason for a collection to me!

The Long-Wear Cream Shadows - $28 - come in four metallics:  moonstone, surf, opal and pink oyster and one matte: shore.  For a sheer effect it can be blended on your lids with your fingers and for a more dramatic look add another layer.  It can also be layered with your favourite shadow for a soft shimmer. Stays colour-true and crease free all day long.

Limited Edition Beach Shimmer Brick - $49 - five bars of warm, pearlized shimmer.  You can swirl all the colours together to create a sunny glow for your face or use them separately on cheeks and eyes.

Bobbi Brown is available at Murale and Holt Renfrew and the summer collection hits the counters in June.

- Lisamarie -

May 30, 2010

L'Oréal brings you Colorist Secrets you can use at home!

Salon-inspired hair treatments including a Haircolour Remover, Brass Banisher and Shine Gloss

Haircolor Remover - $13.99 - we all screw up our colour from time to time and now there's an easy way to fix it - one simple step will remove permanent colour - even salon colour within 20 minutes!  You can also immediately re-colour immediately afterwards so no walking around with weird stripped hair.  The kit includes:  developer, haircolour remover powder, instruction sheet and professional gloves - mix the two products together and off you go!

I actually had a friend try this the other day after she screwed up her hair colour so I would have something actually useful to say in this post.  Do NOT leave it on longer then the maximum 20 minutes - we left in on my friend for 10 minutes and that was plenty - so once you have it on, check often to see how fast it's working on you.  Also, keep in mind that you are going to have to reapply colour afterwards - this will not strip out the new haircolour and take your hair back to its original colour - it will look funky and splotchy so unless that's the look you are after, you will have to put some sort of new colour in.

Brass Banisher - $11.99 - an ammonia-free treatment that is specially formulated to work on natural, highlighted and colour-treated hair to reduce any gold, red or orange tones.  It can even be applied after colouring or highlighting your hair to balance your new colour.  Takes just five minutes and infuses hair with luminous shine making hair look more natural and glossy.  The kit includes:  developer créme, anti-brass gloss, hi-moisture deep conditioner, instruction sheet and professional gloves.

Shine Glaze - $11.99 - designed for natural, colour-treated or highlighted hair, it features an ammonia-free formula that is gentle on hair and infuses it with brilliant, glossy shine making hair look and feel healthier from the minute you use it.  Takes just 10 minutes - apply, rinse, instant shiny hair!  Results last for up to 6 weeks.  Kit contains:  developer créme, clear shine gloss, hi-moisture deep conditioner, instruction sheet and professional gloves.

- Lisamarie -

May 29, 2010

Sex and the City 2: So Over The Top, I'm Over it!

 I went to a Sex and the City screening last night and the theater was -as expected- full of women who had decided  to emulate their favorite characters, wearing mostly high heels, glitter and short dresses (I wore flats and jeans, it's a movie theater, people, not a nightclub). Some of them even posed on the blue carpet Dove had set up. You could feel the excitement in the air and a theater full of excited women is... noisy! The trailers for a few upcoming romcoms made me ashamed of my gender.

As for the movie itself? I knew the ENTIRE plot just by watching the trailer. It's not a bad movie, it was quite entertaining, although 30 minutes too long for my taste; but really, Samantha is the only interesting character in the movie. This sequel reeks of desperation: the writers crammed every joke, quip, pun they could come up with in this 2 hour+ movie. The girls' outfits are fabulous, it's definitely Patricia Field's best work by far. But that's just the problem here: everything is so perfect and over the top. Perfect houses, perfect husbands, perfect wardrobes, male servants, hot athletes lounging by the hotel may be soft porn for women but it doesn't make for a particularly interesting movie.

I sincerely hope this is the last installment.  Really. It's time to retire, Carrie.


Conversation Pieces offers free shipping to Canada!

I don't know about you but I love online shopping!  For the same reason I used to love swapping, I adore getting packages in the mail!  A lot of the great online places seem to be in the States and the sucky part is the shipping costs of course which are usually ridiculous.  If you do like online shopping here's something to check out next week - Conversation Pieces is offering free shipping to Canada as part of their Around the World in 5 Weeks promotion.  During the other weeks they are offering free shipping to Singapore, Britain, Australia and Hong Kong.

Now I've never ordered from them so I can't speak to the quality of their wares, but I will say that I took a look at their site and they have lots of cute pieces and the prices are not at all unreasonable.  They also have a great vintage section which I think is a neat idea!  Just keep in mind that if you love something, buy it, they don't carry unlimited quantities so when things are gone, they are likely gone for good - which would explain their tagline - Regret not what you buy, but what you don't buy!  May 31 - June 6 is Canada week for free shipping.

- Lisamarie -

May 28, 2010

Lash enhancers from your drugstore! Lise Watier, Dermaglow and Revlon

You've heard me go on about  RapidLash ad nauseam so I'm sure you've figured out by now that I am a big fan of the lash enhancing genre.  The only other one I have tried other then Mavala - which is impossible to find - was the L'Oréal serum - you can find the review here.  I love RapidLash, but I often find it hard to locate so I thought it was about time that I looked into other options since lots of companies finally seem to be coming out with versions of their own. I decided to avoid all of the super pricey ones from Sephora and concentrated my efforts on what was available at the drugstore.  Keep in mind, I haven't tried them all yet so if anyone has tried one of these or even others not listed and would comment on how they worked, that would be super helpful!

Lise Watier Duo Lash Booster - $55 - On one end is a lengthening serum which directly treats the root area to help stimulate growth thanks to its concentration of peptides.  Lashes are visibly longer after 2 weeks of daily use.  The other end is a fortifying treatment which complements the serum action while protecting and strengthening over time each lash thanks to its formula infused with Panthenol, vitamins A & E and botanical extracts.  Lashes are conditioned and shiny.  Boosted and fortified, lashes are visibly longer and fuller.

I started using it exactly 2 weeks ago because I wanted to see how well it lived up to the 2 week claim when I wrote the review - and to really put it to the test and because I ran out of RapidLash several weeks ago, I stopped using anything so my lashes are back to their more-or-less normal length.  After 2 weeks they are definitely longer, not crazy long or anything but they hit my glasses when I wear mascara, which my normal lashes don't do - that is my scientific test for these kinds of things.  I am very interested to see what the results will be after a couple more weeks of use as that is when you get optimal results with RapidLash.  I must say that I really like the double ended deal with this one - I like the extra step of applying something to my actual lashes as well as the root line.  I also like that the serum is in a clear tube so that I know how much is left - this is actually my pet peeve with most products that come in coloured containers!  I experienced no adverse reactions with my eyes so overall I am very pleased with it.  It could even replace RapidLash in my heart if these results continue - and I expect it will be easier to find!

Here are a couple of others I have noticed at Shoppers but haven't tried:

Dermaglow Lash Enhance - $60 - growth & conditioning treatment which is clinically proven for an up to 25% increase in the appearance of lash length in 2 weeks.  Strengthens, conditions and moisturizes to maximize lash & brow appearance.  Reduces the appearance of sparse and broken lashes.  Fortified with a natural peptide and vitamin enriched boosting complex.

I am a fan of the Dermaglow brand so I expect this will be a good one - anyone tried it?

Revlon Grow Luscious - $10.99 - in blackest black, black shimmer and blackened brown - mascara with a lash enhancing formula which complements the natural growth cycle of your lashes and improves their overall appearance and condition with each use.

I like the idea of a mascara/lash enhancing in one tube.  I know Christelle tried the L'Oréal one and liked it so I'd love to know if anyone has tried this one.

- Lisamarie -

Avon cools you down for summer!

It's a scorching hot day and you pull out your lipstick to reapply it,  not only do you get beautiful colour but also a cooling sensation for your parched lips...sound like a dream?  Reality baby!  Avon has come out with lip and eye products that not only deliver colour and hydration but also a cooling effect that is perfect for summer! 

Cool Bliss Eyeshadow - $7.99 - available in 4 shades:  Exquisite Blue, Sparkling Plum, Frothy Mocha and Pebble Stone - with a hydrating formula that sooth lids on contact and help prevent drying.
Ultra Color Rich Cool Bliss Lipstick SPF 15 - $9.99 - available in 6 cooling shades:  Frosty Nectar, Glacial Brown, Pink Freeze, Frozen Berry, Nude on Ice and Violet Ice - uses crystalized colour to leave lips looking cool while SPF 15 helps prevent sunburn.

Available in June from your friendly neighbourhood Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at

- Lisamarie -

May 27, 2010

Summer in the City Girlfriend Giveaway - Contest!

You would have to be living under a rock to not know that Sex and the City 2 opens today and of course I am looking forward to seeing what my friends Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte have been up to!  We know the girls for their great hair and constant cocktails.  Of course being normal people, we don't have that kind of money but Goody, Andrea and Skyy Vodka can give us the lifestyle at a DIY price! Check out the nifty guide they sent to get your favourite SATC look -
I don't know how I feel about do-it-yourself brazilians, but I guess that's what the vodka is for...

Better yet, they have been good enough to offer up a prize pack to one of our lucky readers!

Here's what you can win:
Goody's entire Simple Style Collection - before they hit the stores!
A full summer supply of Andrea Professionals waxing products including their best selling Brazilian Hard Wax
Fiji Water to help hydrate after your girls night out!  - Oh who are we kidding, it's to help that wicked hangover you are going to have after consuming the -
SKYY Vodka Kit - complete with 750ml bottle of the official vodka of Sex and the City 2 (why don't I have an official liquor, that's what I want to know!) drink recipes and more!

Worth winning?!  Of course it is!  And don't worry, your chances are good I am absolutely not going to let Christelle enter even though she desperately wants that vodka!  This contest is open to Canadian residents 19 years old and older. All you have to do is join Beauty Crazed as a follower if you aren't one already.  You can either do it through Google or through Networked Blogs on Facebook - you can find both signups on the right hand side of the Beauty Crazed site.  Once you belong to our crazy family just leave a reply to this post letting us know you want in and which Sex and the City girl you are most like and why.   If you give the contest link a tweet and/or post it on your blog, there's an extra entry in it for you!  Including an e-mail address would be extra helpful and you can write it like this - info(at)beautycrazed(dot)ca - so the bots can't find you but we can.  If you prefer not to leave your info on a public post, please leave a post saying you want to enter and then e-mail us your info -, please put "Summer in the City Contest" in the subject line.  Winner to be decided by random drawing and you have until June 11th to enter.

And because I love cocktails and think everyone should have a SATC2 party, I scoped out the recipes for you:

Glamour Girl - ode to Carrie Bradshaw

Fresh ice
2 oz. SKYY Vodka
1/2 oz fresh lemon juice
1/2 oz fresh lime juice
1/2 oz simple syrup (heat 2 parts sugar and 1 part water to a simmer, stirring, until sugar dissolves.  Let cool)
Splash créme de cassis
2 tbsp sugar

Place sugar on saucer.  Pour a splash of créme de cassis onto another saucer and tip the top of a martini glass into it to coat.  Dip into the sugar to form a rim.  Add ice, vodka, lemon and lime juices and syrup to a cocktail shaker.  Shake well.  Strain into prepared martini glass.  Carefully pour a few drops of créme de cassis on top of the drink at the side of the glass; it will float to the bottom.

Blonde Ambition - for Samantha of course

Fresh ice
1/8 of a fresh lemon
1 1/2 oz SKYY vodka
1 oz fresh orange juice
1/2 oz simple syrup
5 raspberries, plus one for garnish
Squeeze and drop lemon into cocktail shaker.  Add ice, vodka, orange juice, simple syrup and raspberries.  Shake well and strain into a martini glass.  Garnish with a raspberry.
Red Over Heels - pays tribute to Miranda

Fresh ice
3 red grapes, cut into halves
2 fresh basil leaves, plus one for garnish
2 oz SKYY vodka
1/2 oz fresh lemon juice
3/4 oz simple syrup
Muddle grapes and bail in the bottom of a cocktail shaker.  Add ice, vodka, lemon juice and simple syrup.  Shake well and strain into a martini glass.  Garnish with basil leaf.
Park Avenue Princess -  for Charlotte, who else?

Fresh ice
1 1/2 oz SKYY Vodka
3 oz lemon-lime pop
1/8 of a fresh lemon
1/2 oz red wine
Pack a tall glass with fresh ice.  Squeeze lemon over top and add to glass.  Add vodka and pop.  Stir well.  Float red wine on top.

- Lisamarie -

NeoStrata launches a two-step offensive against acne and oil!

Is there anything more frustrating as an adult then still breaking out? - wrinkles and pimples should not go together!  I am fortunate to break out very rarely, but I know Christelle and many of my other friends still wage a constant battle with their skin. As a matter of fact, 70% of adults are plagued by breakouts!  Take heart, my friends at NeoStrata have launched a pair of complementary products to help you out:  Toning Solution Level 2 to banish blemishes and Oil Free Matifying Fluid to absorb sebum and control unwanted shine.

Toning Solution Level 2 - 100ml - $28.75 - contains 10% glycolic acid - the highest concentration allowed on the market - and 2% salicylic acid. Glycolic acid’s exfoliant action removes the build-up of dead skins cells on the epidermis. This means pores don’t clog up,which translates into a clearer, smoother, acne-free complexion. Salicylic acid has purifying antibacterial properties, so it deep cleanses pores, preventing the formation of acne. Combined, these concentrations of glycolic and salicylic acids form a fast-acting antibacterial toner that unclogs pores and removes oils without stripping the skin’s natural barrier.

Oil Free Matifying Fluid - 50ml - $30.75 - is the only product on the market clinically proven to control the appearance of sebum and shine for more than 6 hours. This specialized formula uses patented microparticles that absorb excess sebum on the skin’s surface to create a matte finish. As a result, pore-clogging oils that lead to acne, blackheads and other skin imperfections are controlled.  It can be applied after a daily moisturizer and as a base to extend make-up wear.

I gave my sister a tube of this to try as shiny skin is the bane of her existence and she was impressed with it - she really did get over 6 hours of shine-free skin! I will be picking one of these up to add to my summer skin routine too!

In the short term, NeoStrata Toning Solution Level 2 and NeoStrata Oil Free Matifying Fluid instantly give skin a shine-free, smooth, velvet-like texture and appearance for more than 6 hours. In the long term, complexion will look clearer, skin blemish-free and pores smaller.  Available at your drugstore now!

- Lisamarie -

Nature meets science in the Dior Hydra Life line!

I am so behind with my moisturizer reviews - I still owe you posts from the winter when my skin was dry!  We are almost too late to bother but I didn't want you to miss out on Dior's Hydra Life line which launched in April.  I was still at the tail end of my dry skin dilemma so I gave the Hydra Life Pro-Youth Comfort Créme a try as comfort was exactly what my skin was craving at the time!  I was extremely pleased with the results, it moisturized without being greasy and a little really went a long way - I say this because with dry skin it is easy to get carried away and think the more you put on, the better it will be for your skin - I find that when you put on too much it stops soaking in and just sits on top of your skin, making it look and feel gross.  The smell is light and very subtly floral, but not in any way that smells "grandma" to me.  The best part for me is the heavy jar the creme comes in.  It has some real heft to it, if someone should ever break into my house while I am moisturizing, he had better watch out!

The whole line contains a host of rare plant substances that, once applied, boost cell life.  Dior actually has gardens all over the world that the ingredients for Hydra Life come from including:  Jisten (extraordinary moisturizing power) from the Garden of Surkhan-Darya in Uzbekistan, Black Rose (extraordinary anti-oxidant power) from the Garden of Brittany in France, Centella (stimulate collagen synthesis) form the Garden of Marovoay in Madagascar, Mallow (for cell renewal) from the Garden of Anjou in France, Longoza (anti-aging properties) from the Garden of Ramafan in Madagascar, Kniphofia from the Garden of La Drome in france and the Vine (anti-oxidant and stimulating properties) from the Garden of Yquem in France.

Here's what is available  in the Hydra Life line:

Beauty Awakening Mask - $39
Pro-Youth Sorbet Créme - $65
Pro-Youth Comfort Créme - $65
Pro-Youth Hydrating Serum - $86
Pro-Youth Protective Créme SPF15 - $65
Pro-Youth Protective Fluid SPF 15 - $65
Pro-Youth Eye Créme - $60
Pro Youth Skin Tint 1 - $41
Pro Youth Skin Tint 2 - $41
Pro Youth Skin Tint 3 - $41

I have loved the comfort creme and  I will be checking out the Protective Fluid for the summer now that my skin is back to being its weird combo self again!

- Lisamarie -

Say NO to Jumpsuits!

I've been quite traumatized lately by the ubiquitous jumpsuit. Watching Tyra Banks criticizing ANTM contestant's fashion sense while wearing a series of horrid jumpsuits (apparently her own designs, no kidding...) was more than I could bear. I hate jumpsuits with a passion: if Tyra looks bad in them, what chances have we got? They are not flattering, unpractical (I mean hello! You have to undress completely to go to the washroom) and ugly. Did I mention how much I loathe them?

Kids, just stay away from them! Jumpsuits are evil. They are invading red carpet events and transforming beautiful women in oddly shaped goofballs as the following exhibits will demonstrate:


Old Spice Found a Man More Manly Than Your Man!

More of the same: Here is another hilarious Old Spice commercial! This commercial first aired a few months ago but for some reason is back on TV...and it's still funny.

I want that man!


May 26, 2010

The City girls score OPI at Wango Tango and why Lisamarie is becoming a TV star!

I've always wondered what the upside to being a celebrity is?!  I mean, it doesn't really seem like a lot of fun to me.  You work hard, you have heavy makeup caked on your face all day, people follow you into the bathroom in public places trying to get your autograph, the paparazzi shadow your every move and you can't lose or gain 5 pounds without the Star being all over your ass and proclaiming you have an eating disorder. Well, other then the fame part, which I guess some of them must like, they also get to attend lots of events.   Most events, including KIIS FM's Wango Tango that Whitney Port, pictured here attended, has a gifting suite where the stars are invited to come "shopping" at various brand's booths.  The OPI booth was a popular one at this event where stars took home swag bags filled with a vairety of OPI products including nail laquers from the Shrek Forever After Brights Collection and the Spring/Summer 2010 Hong Kong Collection.

Whitney looks so pretty here that I don't have the heart to be jealous!

Roxy Olin on the other hand, had better make sure her nails look awfully good and then maybe no one will notice that whatever was filling out the top of dress seems to be missing - she needs to swing by the cutlet booth!

Also, do you notice that both girls are carrying a clutch?  You would think that if you are visiting the gifting suite, you would make sure you wore a shoulder bag to keep your hands free - although maybe if you are a celeb, you have minions to carry stuff for you...

Free stuff and minions?!  I'm sold?!  If the girls from the City can do it, I don't see any reason I can't become a star and start reaping the swag rewards!

You'd watch a show about a beauty blogger who likes free nail polish, wouldn't you?!
photos courtesy of OPI
- Lisamarie -

Pixi - fun colours, cute packaging and natural ingredients make for a line worth checking out!

Pixi has started on it's global expansion campaign by launching in the top 20 Boots stores in the UK.  Adorable packaging, natural ingredients and beautiful colours are what I think of when it comes to this line.  I have heard a few bloggers mention that they don't think there is enough  natural ingredients in the products to actually have any benefit, but I look at it this way:  some natural ingredients has got to be better then the alternative of none, so adding aloe vera to sooth and hydrate or Vitamin E for anti-aging - is better then adding chemical crap that will not have any benefit at all and will likely irritate your skin - just sayin'...

Since it's not readily available in Canada you might not be that familiar with the line and it's high time you got acquainted!   Until it makes it's way to us, we will have to comfort ourselves with getting it from Target in the US or ordering it online at which you'll be tempted to do so when you see their new offerings:

Endless Silky Eye Pen - $14 - I was trying to decide why they were calling this an "eye pen" rather then an eyeliner - I thought maybe it was a British thing and then realized that using it was just like drawing on your eyeliner with a pen!  We have all used the eyeliners that have proclaimed to be soft and tugfree and have turned out to be anything but - search no more, they are called silky and they are indeed!  They are meant to have the intense look of a liquid liner but in a pencil form so even a spaz like me can draw a nice even line!  They contain Vitamin E and natural mineral pigments and are paraben, mineral oil and preservative free.  And best yet, are waterproof, so once you get your line on, it's not going anywhere!  Mine makes it through a day at work and a trip to the gym with no smudging so I'm convinced!  It's available in 6 colours and I'm hopeful they'll come up with more as this is my new fave!

Flawless & Poreless - $28 - smoothes out fine lines and pores to create a seamless, silky canvas with a beautiful no-shine, cashmere finish.  Includes willow bark extract for natural shine control, skin-smoothing silica and salicylic acid to clear and unblock pores and allow for utterly flawless, long-lasting makeup application.  Suitable for all complexions and skin types.

Lumi Lux Bronzer Palette - $25 - this 4-colour palette contains naturally awakening and glowing shades to flatter all skin tones in a sliky, non-powdery mineral formula.  The colours range from creamy nude to golden rose and true bronze.  Each fairy colour can be individually applied for highlighting, contouring and shaping, or blended together for an overall seamless glow.  Contains magnesium to strengthen, vitamin E to protect the skin and shea butter and jojoba oil to nourish the skin surface as well as kaolin to naturally mattify the skin.  I think it's the cutest thing ever!

Smoky Eye Primer - $18 - an ultra flattering, smoky-tinted 'magnet', it locks down your shadow and intensifies the smoky effect, keeping your eye makeup flawless for hours and hours -without creases or smudges!  Vitamin E and Chamomile Flower extract smooth eyelids and camouflage imperfections and lines, diffusing light across the whole area.  It can even be used as a long wear cream eye shadow.  Smokey Eye Primers are water-resistant, long wearing and anti-creasing.  Seeing as my smoky eye look often ends up as an all over my face look by the end of the day, this is a great idea!

Hey Pixi!  How about making your next expansion plans include Canada!

- Lisamarie -

Trade Secrets has OPI as their June gift with purchase!

Trade Secrets have given me a heads up on the June GWP:  from May 29th to July 2nd with a $55 purchase you will receive a OPI Maintenance Nail Envy Nail Strengthener - a $19.95 value - while supplies last at participating Trade Secrets/Glamour Secrets.

Trade Secrets/Glamour Secrets is also the exclusive hair sponsor for Strut For A Cure, which you may remember me telling you about here.  If you are still thinking about going, get moving and buy your tickets, it's tomorrow!

- Lisamarie -

CLEAN launches a bath and body line that not only smells CLEAN but is clean!

We already know CLEAN for their amazing smelling fragrances which smell... well clean... and now they have introduced a line of  bath and body products formulated with innovative Cotton Vantage technology that they say will revolutionize how we get clean.

Cotton Vantage is a new technology blending cotton seeds, cotton extracts and cotton proteins in liquid or dry form to create high-performance bath and body products.  Liquid cotton extracts are infused into the wet products including the Body Lotion, Shower Gel and Body Butter as they have been proven to have extremely hydrating effects on the skin, while dry cotton extracts are a key component in the Dry Shampoo and Fresh Body Veil as they contain moisture absorbing benefits.  Now not only will you smell CLEAN, but work throughout the day to keep skin feeling fresh through extended hydrating properties, moisture and oil absorption, and time-released CLEAN scent.

Here's what is available in the new line:

Fresh Body Veil - 3.8 fl oz - $30 - a next generation lightweight body powder which when applied to the skin, creates an invisible, delicate veil between moisture and clothing, keeping you cool and dry by wicking moisture away continuously throughout the day.
Dry Shampoo - 3.17 fl oz - $20 - you can find my review for it here and let me just reiterate, this stuff makes your hair smell amazing!
Soft Body Lotion - 18.5 fl oz - $36 - luxurious and intense lotion is enriched with cotton extracts, cotton protein, vitamins A & E, cocoa butter, coconut and olive oil for silky smooth skin that feels, soft, moisturized and smelling wonderful
Bath & Shower Gel - 18.5 fl oz - $26 - a light foaming cleanser that is loaded with cotton extracts, moisturizing aloe and botanicals so it doesn't leave skin feeling stripped and dry as it gently cleanses
Body Butter - 5 fl oz - $28 - they call it butter but it is actually soft and fluffy, not butter like at all!  Enriched with cotton extracts, illipe, shea butter and moisture-binding properties for highly hydrating effects on your skin without the greasy feel of some butters.

With the launch of the new CLEAN Bath and Body line, CLEAN also introduces  their "CLEAN Credo" philosophy, which means products should not only smell CLEAN but be clean.  In compliance with the CLEAN Credo, products have been stripped of sulfates, parabens, propylene glycol, mineral oil, artificial colours/dyes, animal ingredients and other harsh chemicals.

And here's the really good news, Canadians are used to having to wait for everything to make it's way to us, usually months later then when everyone else gets it - but this time, not only can we get our hands on it at, it is also available at select Canadian Sephora stores - West Edmonton, Toronto Eaton Centre and Vancouver Pacific Centre.

Look for more products to be added to this line in the coming months and while you are waiting, inhale deeply and enjoy the new CLEAN line!  And you can find more info at

- Lisamarie -

Clairol wants to help you warm up your haircolour for summer - personally! Contest!

Warm weather always gets me thinking about changing my hair colour to something lighter!  This year I went from my winter dark auburn to a light copper with blonde highlights and have even been considering going a bit lighter to a strawberry blonde.  If you haven't been thinking about lightening up for summer, it's time to consider it!

Graced by icon Brigitte Bardot and more recently brought to the spotlight by beauties like Gisele and Jennifer Lopez, the natural, sun-kissed look is all the rage.
“In the summertime I always tend to warm up my clients’ colour since it happens naturally with the sun,” says Clairol Consulting Colourist Luis Pacheco. “Work with the elements rather than against them and you’ll look effortlessly beautiful all summer long.”

Here are a few more tips from Luis to help you get the sexy, beachy look that’s perfect for the season:

1.        Stick to natural-looking shades.  The sun will fade and warm up hair colour, so natural, multi-dimensional colours will look best once this starts to happen.

2.        Know what looks natural on you.  If your skin tans nicely, you’re likely a warm tone – go for golden shades.  If you tend to burn more, chances are you’re a cool tone – ashy colours will look best.

3.        Go beachy, easily.  When refreshing your colour, only apply it to the roots allowing the natural fade to come through on your ends.  This creates the sought-after  beachy ‘ombre’ look.

4.        Go caramel.  Lighten brown and black hair by one or two shades and choose a caramel shade that will go with tanned skin like a cherry on a sundae.  Try the new Nice 'n Easy Color-blend Technology Caramel collection.

5.        Blondes beware! Overly bleached hair will not take kindly to sun, saltwater and chlorine.  Bring your lightness down a notch and opt for a gentle hair colour formula like Perfect 10.

6.        Vacation doesn’t mean from your hair colour.  For longer trips and getaways, pack a box of Root Touch-Up and hide pesky roots in 10 minutes flat.

Of course the hardest part of making a colour change is knowing what colour to change to.  Have you ever stood in the hair colour aisle wishing you had an expert by your side telling you exactly what colour you should pick.   Now you can, my boy Luis is here to help you out!  One lucky winner will receive a colour consultation from Luis - who will examine a recent photo of you and give you tips, colour recommendations heck, he'll send you some permanent hair colour and even throw in some CoverGirl makeup to go with your brand new summer colour!

Sound good, want in?  This contest is open to all Canadians with hair.  Just leave us a comment letting us know you want in.  Please leave your e-mail address and you can write it like this - info at beautycrazed dot ca - so the bots don't get you.  Winner will be decided on by the best sob story - so let us know why you need your very own colour consultation!  You have until June 4th to enter - Good Luck!
- Lisamarie -

May 25, 2010

Holt Renfrew at Yorkdale Benefit Brow Bar Grand Opening Event on Thursday!

You might recall from my post here how much I enjoyed my Benefit Brow Bar experience - and if you haven't tried it already and are in the Toronto area, here's the perfect opportunity to give it a go - for free!

Thursday, May 27th from 12-7pm is the grand opening of the new Benefit Brow Bar at Holt Renfrew at Yorkdale Mall where they will be offering up complimentary brow service and consultations!  You can drop by or book an appointment at 416-789-5377.

- Lisamarie -

MAC takes us To The Beach for Summer 2010!

In what has turned out to be a season of beautiful summer collections, MAC has outdone themselves!  The packaging: adorable, the colours: beautiful and the fun factor: off the charts!

MAC comes out with so many collections that they sometimes start run together in my mind and I can't remember anymore what colour went with what collection - that's why I love it when they do special packaging!

My list of "must haves" is getting long!

Eye Shadow - $17.50

Sand & Sun - light peach (matte)
Firecracker - frosted mid-tone red orange (veluxe pearl)
Sweet & Punchy - bright yellow green (veluxe pearl)
Shimmermoss - green with green pearl (veluxe pearl)
Humid - intense green with shimmer (frost)

Lipstick - $16.50

Beachbound - sheer frosted pale peach (glaze)
Lazy Day - light dirty blue pink (lustre)
Thrills - rosy copper with gold pearl (frost)
Funbathing - mid-tone bronzed plum (cremesheen)

Lipglass - $16.50

Easy Lounger - light baby pink with multi-dimensional pearl
Flurry of Fun - sheer sparkly peach
Splashing - mid-tone blue pink with soft gold pearl

Lip Pencil - $15.50

Life's A Breeze - soft pink
Temperature Rising - loudmouth orange - very tempted to get this for Christelle...

Eye Kohl - $17.50
Rosemary & Thyme - mid-tone olive gold with shimmer
Float On By - dark green turquoise

Powder Blush - $22

Hipness - intense coral with soft white pearl (frost)
Get- Away Bronze - mid-tone suntan (frost)

Loving the Hipness, this is definitely on my "must have" list!

High-Light Powder - $32

Marine Life - multicolour pressed powder - I love this packaging so much that if I was actually going to use the powder I would have to buy two so I would have one to use!

Nail Lacquer - $14.50

In The Buff - muted taupe avocado (cream)
Scorcher - creamy bright coral red (cream)

I'm going to have to see the Buff colour in person, all the pictures I have seen so far look more white then anything... but the Scorcher I love, what a great summer colour!

MAC To The Beach Cream Bronzer - $30

Beach Bronze - golden glow with soft gold finish
Weekend - mid-tone deep orange brown with soft pink pearl

I think this looks really interesting - now that I have started on a bronzer kick, I think giving a cream bronzer a try would be an interesting new experience!

Lustre Drops - $22.50

Pink Rebel - blue pink with gold pearl
Sun Rush - peachy bronze with gold pearl

Bronzing Powder - $27

Golden - muted golden tan-beige with golden shimmer
Refined Golden - finely spun golden with soft pearl finish

MAC To The Beach Bronze Body Oil - $27

Glowing tan with multidimensional golden shimmer

130 Short Duo Fibre - $45.50 - a short, round dual fibre with flat head composed of both natural bristles and synthetic fibres, ideal for application with creams, emulsions and various powder products
11 Duo Fibre Powder/Blush - $48 - flat, tapered face brush that contains a combination of short, natural fibres and longer, fibre optic fibres ideal for light application and highlighting/shading with various face powders; ideally suited with mineralize skinfinish powder products.

MAC To The Beach Bag - $59.50 - I'm going to need this bag to bring my haul home!

Available at MAC stores only.

The collection hits the counters on Thursday (May 27th)

So what's on your To The Beach wish list?

- Lisamarie -