September 22, 2023

Fragrant Friday - Burberry Goddess

Burberry introduces their first-ever refillable fragrance:
Burberry Goddess - 10 ml EDP - $45, 30ml EDP - $120, 50ml EDP - $153, 100ml EDP - $206, 150ml EDP Refill - $206 
A lot of work went into creating this gourmand fragrance - during the process to create the perfect vanilla accord, the precious vanilla was wrapped with notes of bright lavender diva essence from Provence and earthy notes of cocoa and ginger roots, creating an aromatic balance to each vanilla. The Olfactive Pyramid Top: Vanilla Infusion and Lavender; Heart: Vanilla Caviar; Base: Vanilla Absolute. 

It is in one word: yummy! I loves me a vanilla scent and this one is chock-full of vanilla-wonderfulness, obviously sweet but not cheap sweet, elevated sweet like a sultry tropical evening - this is my new fall fragrance for sure!
I actually wasn't expecting a sweet fragrance because the bottle is so elegant - with an archive-inspired shape modernised with a gold medallion.
Available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora stores across Canada and online at and
- Lisamarie -

September 13, 2023

Plump and firm skin with Isa Knox Anew, Korres and Vichy!

Pump your way to plump skin with:
Isa Knox Anew Clinical Collagen Booster Firming Cream - 50ml - $65 - fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and skin elasticity is improved with a formula of moisturizing and skin-plumping niacinamide and squalane. I especially love the hygienic, airless pump - just press down on the top and it dispenses just the right amount of cream without your fingers ever having to touch the rest of the product!
Available online at

For skin that has lost its bounce:
Korres Black Pine Bounce Firming Moisturizer - 40ml - $70 - a plumping face cream that brings the bounce back to your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and replenishing hydration. Powered with a formula of black pine - packed with polyphenols, stengthening skin to improve the appearance of firmness, fine lines and wrinkles; 4D bio-shapelift - a powerful complex to visibly lift and firm the appearance of the facial contours; and spilanthes acmella extract - to provide a tensing effect that firms and lifts the appearance of the skin.

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada and online at

For skin that needs some resculpting help for the neck and face contours during menopause:
Vichy Neovadiol Phytosculpt Neck & Face Contours - 50ml - $61.95 - fights skin sagginess and lack of firmness in two key areas: the neck and face contours. Formulated with tensing phytosterol of natural origin and densifying proxylane - your neck and jawline with thank you for it!

Available at Vichy counters across Canada and online at

- Lisamarie -

September 8, 2023

Fragrant Friday - DS & DURGA I Don't Know What

DS & DURGA I Don’t Know What - 100ml - $300, 50ml - $210, pocket - $75 - a fragrance enhancer with transparent radiance that gives any perfume a certain, as the French say - je ne sais quoi which translates to: I don’t know what - a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to play around with perfume. 
It's like a magic wand for fragrances - sure it can be worn as a modern wonderfully transparent aroma on its own, but it can also be layered over anything. If you like to wear fragrant oils like sandalwood, rose, jasmine, patchouli, oud, etc. - just spray this over them and it turns the oil into a perfume - extending the longevity and enhancing the scent. Or say you have a scent that you don't necessarily care for or has lost some of its power with age - just layer it on top and prepare to be amazed...
It does this because it is made with no notes but instead a secret combination of materials that perfumers use to highlight and enhance notes in a perfume. A Bergamot accord announces freshness, Vetiver Acetate a thin amber, Firsantol a lingering sandalwood, Iso E and Ambrox Super a radiance - together meant to layer and enhance everything else it touches.
I like it a lot on its own but decided to try it out on my nemesis fragrance - Chanel No. 5 - I know it's a classic and there are millions of people out there that love it, I'm just not one of them. It has an old lady smell to me that I just don't love. Somebody gifted me this bottle and I know it was expensive so I just don't have the heart to throw it out so I decided I would try to I Don't Know What it and see if it improved the scent for me. And actually it does - I would be willing to call it classic now instead of old lady - it still has too much floral to it to make it something I would want to wear on a regular basis but it does make it bearable and that is a high compliment for sure!

Available online at - but unless you are sure you want to spring for a full-sized bottle you should check it out on Scentbird - you can get a 30 day supply (0.27 oz vial) as part of your monthly subscription (which is $16.95/month) or as a one time purchase for $31.95 (all prices are in US$). 
And while you are at it check out the other DS & DURGA fragrance which is my current love - Pistachio - a sweet and creamy scent that just makes me happy!

- Lisamarie -

August 23, 2023

Needful Things - pink makeup from Fenty Beauty, Trinny London and Korres!

I went to see the Barbie movie a couple of weeks ago (excellent, highly recommend!) and while I was totally into the the whole dress all in pink thing to see the movie, I realized that my closet contains a whole lot of neutrals and no pink! 
No problem, my makeup collection has more then enough pink to make up for it - and this is what I went with...
Fenty Icon Velvet Liquid Lipstick in Pink Limo Scene - $43 - a luxe and whipped liquid in vivid hot pink  with a velvet-matte finish that won't settle into fine lines or dry out your lips.
Available online at

I balanced out the bold lip with a more subdued eye:
Trinny London Eye2Eye in Joy - a shimmering blossom pink moisture enriched cream shadow - I love this one (the whole line really) because I am such a lazy morning makeup person and all you have to do is swipe a bit of this across your lid with a finger and it adds perk and polish with zero effort! 

Available online at
Korres Gel Effect Nail Colour in Candy Pink - $15 - a uniform gel veil with sweet almond oil that dries in less than 60 seconds, without the use of a UV lamp, to become the dazzling shield of colour - I confess I put this on in the car - it really did dry fast and even with the hurried application there was no chipping for over a week!

Available online at

- Lisamarie -

August 18, 2023

Fragrant Friday - Paco Rabanne Lady Million Royal & 1 Million Royal

Feeling regal? Then does Paco Rabanne ever have a new fragrance for you...

Paco Rabanne Lady Million Royal - 50ml EDP - $112, 80ml EDP - $138 - a fruity floral fragrance with a top note of pomegranate; a white flowers heart of jasmine, sambac, tuberose and orange blossom; and a woody, ambery and musky base of cashmeran.

I personally smell more of the fruitiness of the pomegranate in this and get less of a floral vibe, which is good for me as I'm all about the fruit - it dries down very warm on me with a hint of sweet so I'm a fan.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Royal - 50ml - $112, 100ml - $142 - an amber woody fragrance for men with top notes of cardamom, tangerine and bergamot; heart notes of lavender, sage and violet leaf; and base notes of benzoin, cedar and patchouli. 
I tested this out on someone who is a fan of the original 1 Million but hasn't cared much for any of the follow up fragrances and he describes it as a more mature version of the original as well as having really impressive longevity!

Accents of regal red have been added to the iconic bottles which are bling-y enough for King Henry the Eighth himself but still sustainable enough for Alicia Silverstone - both formulas are totally vegan and comprised of 79% of ingredients of vegetal origin - cows happy, carrots sad!

Available at Hudson's Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sephora, Jean Coutu and London Drugs stores across Canada.

There isn't really a new commercial for them - just a tacked on blurb at the end of the original 1 Million/Lady Million one - and honestly the whole time I have been doing this, I've had Lorde's Royals song running through my head so here you go, it can live in your head too!

- Lisamarie -

August 16, 2023

This week I'm obsessed with...Belif Aqua Bomb PHA Exfoliating Toner Pads!

Exfoliate, soothe and hydrate all in one clever little pad with...
Belif Aqua Bomb PHA Exfoliating Toner Pads - 150ml (70 pads) - $32 - diminish dry, flaky patches to reveal brighter and smoother skin with a formula of 2% polyhydroxy acid - smooths and exfoliates dead skin; bakuchiol - nature's retinol for the skin for fine lines; hyaluronic acid - to hydrate; and centella asiatica - to soothe.

The pads are double sided: the embossed side helps slough away dead skin cells and excess oil while the smooth side offers gentle skin refinement and hydration. 
Nothing feels better on your tired skin after a long day and of course the jar container means they are super portable - so take them everywhere! Just keep in mind if you have sensitive skin that you might have to work up to daily use, try using them just a few times a week at first until your skin adjusts.

Available now at Sephora stores across Canada and online at

- Lisamarie -

July 28, 2023

Fragrant Friday - Scentbird - the best in fragrance subscription boxes!

Remember a few years back when subscription boxes were all the rage? I loved them - it was a great way to try new products that I might never have gotten around to because who wants to go all the expense of buying something full sized and hating it?! Sadly, ever increasing Canada Post rates drove most of the subscription services out of business here so I was thrilled to discover a wonderful fragrance service...
Scentbird - offering the perfect way to discover new fragrances without buying a full-sized bottle - and they deliver to Canada! Every month, they deliver a generous sized sample (each bottle is 8ml or about 120+ sprays - enough to apply 4 sprays daily for 30 days) of an authentic designer or niche fragrance of your choice straight to your mailbox! Once you start a subscription, you can browse all of the perfumes on Scentbird’s site and add different fragrances to your queue for future shipments. Each month a fragrance from your queue will be sent to you and if you leave your queue empty, Scentbird will just send you its Fragrance of the Month.
All you have to do now is pick some scents - having this much choice though can be hard! To help with this you can take the Scent Profile quiz which will then recommend a bunch of scents they think you will like. 
Or if you are like me and still find the choice overwhelming there are other fun ways to find fragrances you might like - I went with the Horoscope option which gave me 12 choices for Taurus in 2023 - several of which contained notes that I love - and as it turns out they were excellent choices for me once I smelled them - discover new fragrances is my favourite part - I am especially thrilled receiving English Laundry Oxford Bleu - a brand/fragrance I was not at all familiar with before and now don't want to live without!
No more spending $80+ on a bottle of fragrance that you might not like after the first few uses - the subscription cost is very reasonable: 1 item per month: $16.95 USD, 2 items per month: $27 USD ($13.50 USD per item) 3 items per month: $37 USD ($12.33 USD per item) And you’re not limited to just fragrances - there are also full-size makeup and skincare products for you to choose from as your monthly product selection. There are no hidden fees or shipping costs for subscribers in the USA and its territories. Subscribers in Canada will pay $4.99 USD for shipping.
They also have a great Instagram page - if you are around Monday (August 1st) be sure to tune into DS & Durga x Scentbird Instagram live takeover at 11:45 am EST (8:45 am PST). Come listen to the founders of DS & Durga David Seth Moltz and Kavi Ahuja Moltz talk about their collection, partnership with Scentbird, new product launches, and more.
Your fragrance adventure starts at - enjoy!
- Lisamarie-

July 19, 2023

This week I'm obsessed with... Maelys Get-Dreamy Overnight Toning Body Whip!

Ahhhh summer - of course I love it but it does have a downside - mainly that all of that skin that I got to hide with layers of  winter clothes now gets uncovered - and it may or may not be fit for public viewing... 
Here to help:

Maelys Get-Dreamy Overnight Toning Body Whip - 200ml - $64 - a clinically proven overnight toning whip that helps to smooth and tighten the look of skin, reduce the look of cellulite and reduce skin roughness.
The paraben, SLS and phthalates free formula contains milk thistle & uva-ursi leaf extract to help smooth the look of areas of concern; passion fruit seed oil to provide hydration to the skin and protection from environmental stressors;  and drops of melatonin and valerian to get you you in the sleeping mood. The premise is just to massage it into problem areas before bed and let it do its work while you sleep.

I can't argue with the name, the scent is dreamy and I am thoroughly convinced that it makes me sleepy but it is not a miracle worker that eliminated problem areas while I slept... it did however improve things by making my skin smoother and more moisturized which does help it look better - the cellulite and imperfections aren't gone but they are less noticeable and with regular use I expect to see even more improvement!
Available online at
- Lisamarie -

June 30, 2023

Fragrant Friday - Avon Haiku Sunrise

Avon introduces a new sun-inspired scent that is set to illuminate your life...
Avon Haiku Sunrise - 50ml EDP - $35 - a woody floral fragrance with top notes of wild fig, watermelon and Madagascar black pepper; heart notes of fresh coconut water, sweet rhubarb and marine accord; and base notes of warm cedarwood, cashmere woods and amber.
I'm not sure what a sunrise specifically should smell like but this could be it - it's very outdoors-y and fresh which would be a very logical way for a sunrise to smell and a perfect summer scent!

Available now at

- Lisamarie -

June 23, 2023

Fragrant Friday - Paco Rabanne Fame Blooming Pink

What's pink and gold and as joyful of an armful of blooming flowers...
Paco Rabanne Fame Blooming Pink - 80ml EDP - $165 - a warm floral fragrance with top notes of succulent, 100% natural origin mango and fresh bergamot; heart notes of bright jasmine from Grasse and olibanum; and sensual and warm base notes of incense - sustainably sourced in Somaliland, vanilla and sandalwood.
I like the top and base of the fragrance but the jasmine really stands out making it a little too floral for my taste - it smells very pretty and feminine which isn't my jam but jasmine lovers will likely appreciate it. On the other hand, do I love the glittery pink pastille dress on this collector edition bottle? You know I do!

Available now at Hudson's Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sephora and Jean Coutu stores across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

June 7, 2023

This week I'm obsessed with... Fenty Beauty Match Stix Color-Adaptive Cheek + Lip Stick!

Your summer makeup routine just became a lot easier thanks to...
Fenty Beauty Match Stix Color-Adaptive Cheek + Lip Stick in Strawberry Pop - $42 - a hydrating multi-use gel-stick that uses color-shift technology to bring out the most flattering universal rosy color of cheeks and lips for all skin tones with a moisturizing formula that applies evenly and smoothly for a soft dewy finish.
These adaptive colour products are hard to do properly - I find you usually end up with either something too pale to show up on most or so vibrant that it looks scary on pale skin. Rihanna got it right with this one - I tried it out on several different skin tones (yes, people do scatter when they see me approach with the product du jour and that gleam in my eye) and it looked lovely on everyone - nothing crazy just a nice flush of colour! If you decide you need this in your life, don't delay, it's limited edition and I think it's going to sell out!

Part of the Fenty Beauty Summatime Collection the rest of which is also worth checking out:
Poutsicle Hydrating Lip Stain in Gem And I and Fuchsia Wife - $40 - for a wet-look shine and a soft stain of colour; and Fenty Icon Semi-Matte Refillable Lipstick in Nosy Rosy, Tropic Doll and Miss Candy Venom - $26 - long-lasting universal shades with a creamy, semi-matte finish - paired with a matching Summatime Edition Case - $20 - get it on the site and you can also score yourself a Summatime Water Bottle - $35 - staying hydrated has never been so pretty as with this lightweight aluminum bottle - it holds 500ml and has a clip fastener to help you not forget it!
Available at Sephora stores across Canada and online at and while it lasts. 

- Lisamarie -

May 27, 2023

Celebrate National Sunscreen Day with Isa Knox Anew, Belif and Blue Lizard!

As a beauty blogger I get asked a lot about what the best product is for anti-aging and I always answer: "that's easy, sunscreen!"And seeing as it's  National Sunscreen Day it seems like the perfect time to remind ourselves (and our future selves) that the best thing we can do for our skin is wear that sunscreen everyday - applied liberally and often! 
Here are a few I love:
Isa Knox Anew Solaire Active Face & Body Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunsreen - 80ml - $42 - offers advanced sun protection and luxury skin care in one easy water-light formula that blends quickly and evenly with no white cast that offers protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays, with hydrating panthenol, niacinamide and peony extracts help keep skin feeling hydrated, soft and smooth. If your not a regular sunscreen user but want to be this is an easy way to add it to your routine by replacing your usual moisturizer with it!
Available at
Belif Aqua Bomb Broad Spectrum SPF 50
- 50ml - $50 - a dual-functioning sunscreen and moisturizer both protects and hydrates the skin year-round without leaving behind a white cast or greasy residue, making it the new perfect addition to every skincare routine. It contains enriching antioxidants and ingredients such as marigold extract to reduce UV-induced oxidative stress and woodbine to activate the cells from antioxidant effects, along with sun-blocking benefits to protect against harmful UVA/UVB rays. Free from phthalates, sulphates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, synthetic organic dyes and animal originated ingredients. 
Available at Sephora stores across Canada and online at and
Blue Lizard Sheer Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ - 89ml - $21.99 - a sheer mineral sunscreen that is easy to apply, leaving no visible residue. Created with zinc oxide and a blend of shea butter, antioxidants, and vitamin E to promote softer, healthier skin, it provides broad spectrum protection against aging UV rays and fights free radicals with cucumber and papaya extracts. It's water and sweat resistant for up to 80 minutes - and FYI, it also comes in a face formula!
Available at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada and online at
- Lisamarie -

May 17, 2023

This week I'm obsessed with... Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Rollers and Joico Heat Hero!

Looking for an easy way to add some extra bounce and maybe even curl to your hair? Check out:
Conair Xtreme Instant Heat - $45.99 -  with ceramic infused technology for better heat transfer and longer lasting curls from 12 flocked rollers in two different sizes: 8 x 1 1/2" and 4 x 1 3/4" to smooth, curl and add volume and 12 jumbo flexible wire clips for a secure hold without crimp marks.

Those of you who like instant gratification will really appreciate how fast they heat up - only 85 seconds!

I have fine shoulder length hair that refuses to hold a curl so my hopes for this was smoothness and body... and it didn't disappoint! I get the best results by letting them cool completely in my hair before removing - so about 8 minutes and finger combing after, no brushing. 
I also make sure to use a product before and after that protects my hair from the heat and add extra shine - my pick: Joico Heat Hero Glossing Thermal Protector - 145g - $24.99 - infused with nourishing hydration for strong, super-shiny, well-defended hair thanks to heat deflecting polymers that provide light style retention and help to protect hair from damaging thermal tools and moringa seed oil - a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins A & E and silica - all fundamental to creating healthy, strong, damage-resistant hair while helping to boost shine and softness.
Available at mass retailers across Canada and online at
- Lisamarie -

April 28, 2023

Fragrant Friday - Calvin Klein Euphoria Eau de Toilette

Calvin Klein Fragrances introduces Euphoria Eau de Toilette, a fresh and intoxicating addition to the Euphoria pillar of fragrances that evokes the tender strength of youthfulness and sensuality:
Calvin Klein Euphoria - 100ml EDT - $124 - a sweet, fruity gourmand with top notes of sparkling Mirabelle plum, pink pepper and wild raspberry leaf; heart notes of radiant orchid accord, responsibly grown and Fair Trade certified rose essence and guava blossom; and base notes of addictive vanilla accord, crystal amber and cashmeran.
The fragrance comes in a renewed transparent glass version of the iconic bottle, revealing the delicate, morning dew-inspired pink shade of the scent.
A lot of Euphoria versions have come and gone over the years and I have loved them all - this one is no different! It has a lightness to it that feels very young and fresh with the amber and vanilla notes peeking through to give it some sex appeal - I have been wearing it to the office and have gotten so many compliments - even from a stranger in the elevator - so this one is officially in my spring rotation!
Available at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada and online at
- Lisamarie -

April 26, 2023

Thoughtful Beauty Choices made easy at Shoppers Drug Mart!

Shoppers Drug Mart is now making it easier to find products formulated without certain ingredients or are more mindful of our planet thanks to:
Thoughtful Choices at Shoppers Drug Mart - a lineup of beauty, hair and body products that must meet at least one of the following two criteria:

1. No animal testing and formulated without the following ingredients: parabens, phthalates, SLS, SLES, triclosan, formaldehyde, formaldehyde releasing agents or hydroquinone; and/or

2. Be mindful of our planet with the packaging containing a minimum of 30% recycled content; and/or has fully recyclable outer packaging; and/or has a refillable solution

You might be surprised by how many products there are are doing good - a few of my new faves:

Naturally Serious After-Dark Natural Peptide Sleeping Cream - 50ml - $45 - helps you fake a good night’s sleep and help transform skin’s appearance overnight with flaxseed peptide - to help lift and firm the look of skin while smoothing the look of fine lines and wrinkles and apple extract - to pull in moisture as you sleep to give skin a hydrated and luminous look.

Evio Beauty Hemp & Peppermint Lip Serum - 10ml - $22 - a deeply moisturizing treatment with a soft oil balm texture that keeps lips supple and hydrated with a formula high in omegas 3, 6, and 9 to repair the skin barrier and form a seal over lips to keep moisture in and antioxidants and natural fatty acids to nourish and protect skin. Comes in a clear and 2 tinted formulas for a natural or perfectly polished look!

QUO Beauty 50% Plant Based Blending Sponge - $10 - offers all the benefits of your favourite Quo Beauty blending sponge but with half the plastic! This revolutionary sponge contains 50% naturally sourced plant-based material that blends your favourite liquid foundations and powders to an impeccable finish.

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada - just keep an eye out for the Thoughtful Choices logo and discover lots of new and new-to-you products that will make you feel good about your beauty routine and online at

- Lisamarie -

April 21, 2023

Fragrant Friday - Paco Rabanne Invictus Victory Elixir

Discover the newest addition to the Paco Rabanne collection, the pinnacle of intensity from Invictus, a rich, powerful, long-lasting, potent elixir blending spicy woods and biting freshness for the epic achiever:
Paco Rabanne Invictus Victory Elixir - 100ml Parfum Intense - $145, 200ml Parfum Intense - $193 - a precious ambery, woody, and spicy elixir with top notes of aromatic lavandin from Provence, green cardamom and black pepper; heart notes of dark, mysterious incense and woody Indonesian patchouli; and magnetic base notes of tonka bean liqueur and vanilla bean sourced from Madagascar. 
It smells spicy and a bit sweet which is exactly how I like my men to smell and I also like the trophy shaped lacquered gradient of black to dark blue bottle, very snazzy looking on the dresser!
Available now at Shoppers Drug Mart, Sephora, Hudson's Bay, Jean Coutu and London Drugs stores across Canada.
- Lisamarie -

April 19, 2023

Eye Love Wednesday - Trinny London Eye2Eye Eye Shade Warrior Queen Collection

Whether you are looking to simplify your makeup routine or always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in cream eyeshadow you need to check out...
Trinny London Eye2Eye Eye Shade - $32 -  in a range of 32 moisture-enriched eye shades from neutral to smoky to vibrant. 
Too many to choose from and you can't decide? There is a shade finder that will help you find the perfect shade or they have cleverly put Eye Shades together in 4 collections of 4 complementary colours - of which I especially like:
Warrior Queen
Virtue - soft shell champagne
Queen - rose infused copper gold
Victory - neutral antique gold
Desire - soft satin heather brown 
Mix the different shades together for any level of smokiness or drama, or use individually for a perfect wash of colour. I especially like Victory as a wash with Desire along the top lashline as a liner - for a perfectly polished look with minimal effort - and when I'm feeling especially energetic I also add a touch of Virtue to each inner corner for a highlighting eye opening effect!
You can apply with a brush but if you are doing a wash, your finger is actually the perfect applicator. And unless you have super dry eyelids I would recommend using a primer underneath. I have oily lids and when I didn't use a primer the colour was in my crease by lunch.

Available online at - and yes, they do deliver to Canada!

- Lisamarie -

April 14, 2023

Fragrant Friday - Nina Ricci Nina Nature

Immerse yourself in nature and instantly be transported to the great outdoors with a new fresh and clean fragrance from Nina Ricci:
Nina Nature - 50ml EDT - $92 -  a green floral fragrance with zesty top notes of natural apple extract and Italian Lemon; sweet floral heart notes of  lily of the valley and jasmine; and a warm base of white musk and vanilla. 
It's a wonderful spring scent - fresh and green - a little floral and a little sweet.
And true to the nature theme, the vegan formula contains ingredients that are sustainably sourced and 91% natural origin - no animal testing or animal-derived materials.
Along with an opaline light green version of the iconic Nina apple-shaped bottle that perfectly captures the smooth freshness of the fragrance within.
Available now for a limited time at Shoppers Drug Mart, Hudson's Bay, Jean Coutu, Brunet, Familiprix and Uniprix stores across Canada. 

- Lisamarie -

April 12, 2023

This week I'm obsessed with... Gucci Éternité De Beauté 24 Hour Full Coverage Luminous Matte Finish Foundation!

Full coverage foundation that doesn't look mask-like? Yes please!

Gucci Éternité De Beauté 24 Hour Full Coverage Luminous Matte Finish Foundation - 30ml - $88 - in an astoundingly vast selection of 40 shades offering cool, neutral, warm and olive undertones:
Fair: 110C, 120N, 130W, 140W, 160N, 170W, 180W

Fair Medium: 205C, 210N, 220W, 230W, 260W, 265C, 270N, 275C,

Medium: 305N, 310N, 320W, 330W, 340W, 360W, 370O, 380N

Medium Deep: 410N, 420N, 430N, 440N, 450O, 460O, 470C, 480N

Deep: 510N, 520C, 530O, 540N, 550N, 560O, 570N, 580C
The formula contains hyaluronic acid and black rose oil - to boost and maintain skin hydration; and bamboo powder - to absorb shine all day long as well as combines high-affinity skin powders and coated pigments with a high-performance polymer technology that lets the skin breathe while delivering all day wear that won't budge, fade or sweat off for up to 24 hours. 
First off I love that it dispenses from a pump bottle, I am of the firm belief that all foundations should come in a pump, it really is the easiest way to control how much you use! I am also pleased that it was so easy to find a shade light enough for me - they also seem to have a good selection of darker shades which I also understand to be difficult to find a good selection of in many brands.
The price... well $88 ain't cheap but I do maintain that if there is one thing to spend your money on when it comes to makeup, it's foundation - it's the literal base of your whole look and great foundation will look like you aren't wearing any and have flawless skin - bad foundation will just look like you are wearing bad foundation and nobody wants that.

A few things to keep in mind: when they say full coverage it's no joke, if you are looking for something sheer this is not the formula for you! Also, they recommend using one pump per application but honestly unless you have a giant face, you won't need that much - a little goes a long way and I am able to cover my whole face with half a pump. A tip: if you like to switch things up and sometimes want a sheerer look without having to keep multiple foundations on hand, just mix a tiny bit with your moisturizer for a tint that will help even things out. And finally, there is a scent to the product - I quite like scented products but I know that some people don't or are sensitive to them so keep that in mind!

Available at Sephora stores across Canada and online at

- Lisamarie -

March 31, 2023

Fragrant Friday - Marc Jacobs Daisy Paradise

Continuing the Daisy legacy, the new Daisy Paradise are a novel, seasonal twist on the classic Daisy scent that  captures the free-spirited allure of a sunset walk through a field of blooming flowers in an extraordinary landscape. 

Each fragrance features unique pink and purple hued notes that evoke the comforting feeling of the warm sun touching the earth. The scent comes in 3 versions:
Marc Jacobs Daisy Paradise- 50ml EDT - $114 - with notes of poppy natureprint​ , oak chips​ and ambrox super - if you are in search of a spring fragrance, this would be a great one to check out, it really does smell like flowers and sunshine and of course the packaging is beautiful!

As well as:
Daisy Paradise Eau so Fresh - pink pepper, lavender​ and attar mitti natureprint​; and
Daisy Paradise Love - iris , patchouli​, sorbetto​
Available for a limited time at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada and online at
- Lisamarie -

March 17, 2023

Fragrant Friday - enjoy an embarrassment of scent choices with Solinotes!

Solinotes offers so many options in fragrance that it really makes it soooo  easy to find the scent that suits you and your mood whatever it might happen to be that season/month/day or even minute!
With 19 choices with everything from sweet to floral to fruity, with each fragrance being designed around a key note:
Almond: A sweet scent for a surprising and delicious moment of well-being. A Floriental with notes of sweet almond, composed like a cloud, for a soothing effect.

Cherry Blossom: A fragrance that leaves a languorous trail of sensuous sensations. In the garden of delights, this scent as gentle as a spring day exudes myriad notes of Citrus, Rose, Cherry, Blackcurrant, Raspberry and more. The Musk base will stimulate the senses, accentuated by invigorating Lemon, Mandarin and Cardamom notes.
Cotton Blossom: The fragrance of Cotton Flower is like wearing a cozy fluffy blanket. Its pure and delicate scent wraps around you for an instant sense of well-being. Floral top notes of Bergamot and Rice Powder flow over mid notes of Violet, Jasmine and Rosebud that are gentle and soothing. A cloud of Musk and Vanilla at the base brings a touch of innocence.
Fig Blossom: A trail of woody and fruity notes that conjure up the Mediterranean coast. Its fleshy clusters of hundreds of tiny flowers make Fig a popular aroma among perfumers. A sensual and delicate fragrance bursting with sunshine that blooms profusely in summer.
Freesia: A luminous fragrance with fruity notes to let your happiness burst forth. Freesia and Jasmine caress you with their harmonious nuances for a revitalizing effect. 

Iris: A flower which is a symbol of prestige. An extraordinary aromatic treasure that is a harmonious blend of zesty Mandarin and powdery Iris and Violet notes. A mysterious flower named after a goddess, smooth and sensual to reveal its contrasts between seductive Musk and precious Tonka Bean.
Jasmine Blossom: One of the two “queens of flowers” in perfumery, generous and romantic, Jasmine has enhanced feminine beauty since ancient times. A light and seductive fragrance accentuated by a floral trail imbued with notes of intense cedar and warming amber. Sensual and timeless.
Magnolia: A poetic and elegant white floral perfume with solar accents. Magnolia is an olfactory journey to soft, mellow spring days. Its white, pink and cream blooms embody sensuality and femininity. A heady heart of Arabian Jasmine enhances the accord of notes and infuses Magnolia with an intense power of attraction. 
Musk: A fragrance with body and soul, feminine and captivating. Musk in its raw state is the scent of virility, ambery and sensual without overdoing it, striking the perfect balance of spicy and sweet. This fragrance refreshed on the top by Lemon and Bergamot accents enhanced by notes of Jasmine and Rose is as glamorous and enveloping as you’d expect.
Orange Blossom: This fragrance instantly transports you to the shade of Orange Blossom in bloom. A bright and radiant perfume that reveals the full magic of Orange Blossom. A heady heart of Water Jasmine and Rose lends a sweet, tender touch. A blend of Honey and Musk creates a gourmand and captivating base.
Pink Grapefruit: A refreshing and zesty fragrance bursting with sunshine. This perfume bursting with passionate energy dazzles on the skin to reflect your own sparkling personality. With top notes of citrus, Pomelo is a soft fusion of fruity – Melon, Blood Orange, Grapefruit – and floral – Jasmine, Iris, Musk – aromas. Base notes of Cedar and Vetiver bring depth and intense woodiness.
Pomegranate: An emphatically feminine fragrance bursting with energy and exotic sensations. Tangy and dynamic green notes are sure to unveil the more sparkling aspects of your personality. Intense, spicy and incredibly juicy, Pomegranate is the summer classic with a twist of freshness. Sandalwood brings a warm and powerful base.
Rose: A love story in a fragrance, romantic of course, tender obviously and poetic naturally, Rose can also be resolutely modern and contemporary that is at once sparking and fresh.
Tiare: Inhaling the irresistible Tiare flower takes you to the heart of Tahiti. Its intoxicating solar notes tell a story of exotic climes, white sandy beaches and the vibrant colours of the ocean. Its soothing and nourishing properties easily transport you to the Pacific. A base of Vanilla and Rosewood vie for attention to bring gourmand and elegant harmony.
Tonka Bean: With a range of scents which has a smooth and intoxicating aroma with powdery, vanilla notes. Sun-ripened gems from the tropics of the Caribbean, Tonka Beans bring accords of Mandarin Flower and Vanilla wrapped around a core of velvet. Unrivaled for its versatility, Tonka Bean successfully marries woody notes with the sensual notes of Musk and Amber.
Vanilla: They don’t come any more sensual than vanilla with its floral and exotic facets that never fail to bring a smooth and gourmand feel. The subtle spicy base will soon whisk you off to the islands of the Indian ocean and the splendor of Madagascar.
White Tea: An intimate and discreet fragrance that beckons relaxation. Its delicate and fresh character has made it much sought-after in perfumery. Notes of Cardamom and Bergamot bring light and warmth. At its base, Musk is blended with the peachy-apricot aromas of Osmanthus.
Ylang: A unique, sensual fragrance with notes of exotic flowers. Ylang-ylang has the power to transport us, in a single inhalation, to a faraway tropical paradise. Breathe in the scents of islands in the Indian and Pacific oceans, notes of Jasmine and Peach Flower over a delicate base of Vanilla and Orange Blossom for softness and light.
Yuzu: A fusion of wild Mandarin and zesty Lemon. Citrus and Yuzu are the tonic duo that promise energy and refreshment when you need it most. With zesty notes, a touch of zing, white flower petals and eau fraiche, Yuzu oozes energy and elegance. 

The vegan formulas are clean with only essential ingredients: alcohol from natural origins (except for the body mist which is water based and alcohol free), perfume, a little bit of water and that's all! 
My favourites are Tonka and Yuzu - which are wonderful on their own but also layer nicely together - I can be sweet, fruity or sweet/fruity depending on the day!
Available as a: 250ml Body Mist - $16 or 50ml EDP - $28 - available now at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada and online at

- Lisamarie -

March 15, 2023

This Week I'm Obsessed With... Benefit The POREfessional Deep Retreat Pore-Clearing Clay Mask!

Benefit The POREfessional Deep Retreat Pore-Clearing Clay Mask - 30ml - $26, 75ml - $49 - with a smooth, creamy formula that deep cleans to promote visibly refined, clear-looking pores and mattified, healthy-looking skin. 
It has a slightly gross quality to it that I'm not ashamed to love - as the mask dries down you will see little dots which is where the oil is being drawn out of your skin. I personally I find evidence of a beauty product actually doing something while it works incredibly gratifying!
If it sounds like something you would want to try I highly recommend checking out Shoppers Drug Mart (store or online) for the Benefit POREfessional Package Deal Value Set which includes small sizes of the mask, Tight ’n Toned AHA+PHA Toner - refines and tones the look of pores with a quick-absorbing foam formula and everyone's favourite Pore Primer for $44!

Available at Benefit counters across Canada and the set is available at Shoppers Drug Mart stores and online at

- Lisamarie -

March 1, 2023

Share your purple manicure and help empower on International Women's Day!

Share the power of purple this International Women's Day (March 8th) and paint your nails with purple polish and share it on your socials with the hashtag #PurplePolishProject to empower others to take a stand ans peak out against gender-based violence.

I'm a fan of this fmg Glimmer Nail Polish from Avon in Lost Galaxy Plum ($14 at because for every one purchased from March 1 to 28, Avon will donate $2 to the Avon Foundation for Women Canada's Speak Out Against Domestic Violence Program, to support Women's Shelters Canada - which supports shelters and transition houses to ensure women and children fleeing violence receive the support they need while playing a critical role in the efforts to end gender-based violence - visit to learn more.

- Lisamarie -

February 15, 2023

All the best in retinol for day, night and eyes from Avon Isa Knox Anew, Marcelle and StriVectin!

Avon Isa Knox Anew Clinical Line Eraser [1.0%] Advanced Retinol Serum - 30ml - $72 - a high-performance serum that dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots while it visibly refreshes skin's texture for a smoother, brighter look.
Available online at
Marcelle Retinol³ + Probiotic Night Serum - 30ml - $39.95 - with a potent blend of ingredients in a paraben and phthalates-free serum to refine, soothe and renew skin and reveal a supple and more radiant complexion: Retinol - reduces the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots and other signs of aging; bakuchiol - targets fine lines, reduces acne marks and improves skin texture without any risk of sensitization; soothing probiotics - nourish the good bacteria found naturally on the skin and allow them to thrive; while citric acid - exfoliates and helps clean pores for breathable skin. To experience optimal results, gently massage two to four drops at night on the face and neck while avoiding the eye area. This Marcelle Retinol Plus Probiotic night serum is paraben-free and phthalates-free, making it safe for use on sensitive skin. 

Available at drugstores across Canada.
StriVectin Advanced Retinol Multi-Correct Eye Cream
- 15ml - $85 - with an ophthalmologist tested and fragrance free formula that offers the power of retinol that is gentle enough even for the delicate eye area thanks to expertly engineered Optimized Surface Release Retinol - that limits irritation and Retinol-mimicking Rambutan - to help visibly rejuvenate skin around the eyes. With regular use it improves the appearance of volume, texture and depth of wrinkles around the eyes to visibly reduce wrinkle complexity.

Available at drug and mass retailers across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

February 8, 2023

Get Red-y for Valentine's Day with Fenty Beauty, Physician's Formula and Chanel!

Fenty Beauty introduces a new Red Collection of Fenty Icon Semi Matte Refillable Lipstick that’s made be to seen and make the ultimate statement - just in time for Valentine's Day! 
Available in the new line: Fenty IconThe Case - MVP Edition - $15 - in Fenty Icon’s most iconic shade, MVP and  Fenty Icon The Fill – The Reds - $25 - in 3 shades: Freak-Went Flyer - poppy red; Danger Dan'r - tomato red; and Kissin' Kutie - deep red - so that everyone can find their “perfect” red  that offers precise application, high pigment color, and a lightweight feel. The semi-matte, creamy formula hugs lips with a smooth, plush texture and long-lasting iconic wear thanks to its formula packed with moisture-plumping hyaluronic acid, conditioning vitamins C & E, and lip-loving amino acid technology. 
Best of all of course, it’s refillable! Once you go empty, just purchase a new fill and you're good to go by popping it into your favorite Fenty Icon case. 
Available at Sephora stores across Canada and online at and
Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow and Mood Boosting Blush in Rose - $16.99 - brush on a radiant blushing glow with an ultra-soft and blendable blushing powder that features a fresh and vibrant mix of blushing tones infused with a pop of color to create a healthy glow while multi-reflective pearls provide a soft iridescence to highlight contour and add radiance to cheeks. 
The really cool part though is the mood boosting effect: infused with a happy boost blend featuring happy skin and Euphoryl, natural plant extracts which have been shown to promote a feeling of happiness by mimicking the effect of endorphins and helping protect the skin from environmental stress while the sweet scent of violet provides a feeling of joy each time you apply.  
Available at drug and mass retailers across Canada.

Chanel No 1 de Chanel Revitalizing Serum - 30ml - $192 - concentrated with the revitalizing properties of red camellia extract, the anti-aging serum prevents and corrects the appearance of the five signs of aging - wrinkles appear diminished, pores are visibly refined and the skin's elasticity is improved. It feels more comfortable and glows with vitality.

With a quick-absorbing formula that contains 95% naturally derived ingredients and 76% camellia-derived ingredients. Immediately after application, the skin appears healthier and better protected from environmental aggressors.
Available at Chanel counters across Canada.
- Lisamarie -

February 1, 2023

New and Nifty - MAËLYS body essentials now at Shoppers Drug Mart!

Good news - it has become even easier for Canadians to get their MAËLYS fix - the line is now available at Shoppers Drug Mart
With a solution for any body-part issue - butt, boobs, stomach, thighs and overall body - you might be facing - not to mention it's the perfect time to start getting summer body ready - the names are fun and the expected results are impressive!

I'm a fan of B-Tight Lift & Firm Booty Mask - 100ml - $70.99 - a leave on mask that reduces the appearance of cellulite and visibly improve the look of skin around the butt and thighs. 

And having watched the Pamela Anderson documentary, you can bet I will be trying: B-Perky Lift & Firm Boob Mask - 100ml - $70.99 - a leave-on mask that helps to give an overall healthy glow and improve the appearance of the bust area. 
Available now at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada and online at
- Lisamarie -

January 25, 2023

Smooth, shiny and fragrant hair made easy thanks to Avon, The Knot Dr. For Conair and Yves Rocher!

Avon Chi Essentials Revive Keratin + Bonding Collection - helps rebuild, revive and protect hair from damage while dramatically improving the look and elasticity, helping prevent breakage and adding intense hydration to help restore softness and shine. Available in the line: Restoring Shampoo - 355ml - $35 - cleanses, moisturizes and protects against split ends and frizz; Restoring Conditioner - 355ml - $35 - helps restore dry, damaged and brittle hair; and Protecting Serum - 88ml - $59 - adds smoothness, shine and UV protection to wet or dry hair. All products are free of sulfates and parabens and are pH balanced so great for even coloured hair.

Available online at

The Knot Dr. For Conair All-in-One Mini Oval Dryer Brush
- $64.99 - provides salon performance  to style, dry, detangle, de-frizz and volumize - with a travel-friendly compact design that does it all at home or anywhere else. Featuring painless Knotectomy detangling with 120 flexalite bristles with epoxy tips and the perfect spacing for painless detangling; a tourmaline ceramic coated barrel along with advanced Ionic Conditioning to leave hair luxuriously smooth, shiny, and frizz free; and a choice of settings from cool, low or high heat along with a cool shot to lock in your look. gliding down your hair. 
I've always been a regular hair dryer person that I use with one hand while I brush with another - a hard thing to do on yourself if you aren't a pro - the dryer brush really is a game changer - smooth hair with a minimum of effort!
Available at drug and mass retailers across Canada.
And so it smells as good as it looks:
Yves Rocher Energizing Perfumed Body and Hair Mist in Peach Star Anise - 100ml - $16 - To top up your energy, our Botanical Beauty researchers have combined Star Anise essential oil* and a Peach extract to create a mist with an energizing perfume to spray on your body and hair. Our commitment: • This formula contains more than 97% ingredients from natural origin • Colorant free • Vegan** • Recyclable bottle containing recycled plastic
Available at Yves Rocher stores across Canada and online at
- Lisamarie -