December 31, 2012

label.m Organic Orange Blossom Shampoo & Conditioner

I'm a longtime fan of the label.m Organic Moisturising Lemongrass Shampoo & Conditioner, mostly for its amazing smell but I've always known that it wasn't doing my hair type any favours since it's meant for medium/thick hair and mine is sadly, very fine.

No more guilt necessary now that I have label.m Organic Orange Blossom Shampoo & Conditioner - 200ml - meant for fine to medium hair types that are weak, prone to breakage and challenged by styling restrictions it's exactly what I've been needing.

The shampoo offers a lightweight formula that gently cleanses including organic agave that helps to cleanse the scalp providing gentle root lift to bring even the finest of hair types back to life.

The conditioner is also very mild and contains Omega-3 essential fatty acid to strengthen and revitalise hair, bringing it back to life (I'm assuming this is meant non-literally since we know that hair is dead and I have seen no evidence of zombie hair on my head...)

The best thing about both of them is the scent which is a beautiful citrus blend of Tuscan Mandarin Fruit, Organic Mediterranean Bergamot, Regal Maltese Blood Oranges Tunisian Orange Seed, Organic Orange Peel Oil, Organic Lemon Peel - all Steeped in a base of Cypriot Orange Flower Water which deeply soothes, is nutritionally rich and ultra gentle for daily use. Which all sounds like it could smell really strong and sharp, but it doesn't - unlike synthetic scents which are very distinct, natural organic fragrance is natural and more subtle so don't worry, you are not going to walk around smelling like a fruit bowl!

Another plus - under the cap is actually a pump dispenser - so much easier to use in the shower and also great for dispensing just the right amount without wasting product!

My only complaint is the same as it is with most organic shampoos - pitiful lather - with no sulfates you also don't get the luxurious bubbles that I have been brainwashed into thinking are what I need to see for clean hair - I'm in therapy for it and hope to be better soon!

They'll set you back about $19 a bottle and you can find a salon near you that carries the label.m line on the US website, check out - - if you're in Toronto, you'll find it at Donato Salon + Spa.

- Lisamarie -

For the love of vanilla with Stila, mark., Giovanni and Bath & Body Works!

Stila Creme Bouquet - 50ml EDP - $65 - with notes of sweet vanilla entwined with rare lily of the valley and sensual pink lilac essences. If you think the name sounds familiar but the bottle doesn't, you would be correct, that have sleeked up the bottle and gotten rid of the dried flowers you may remember from the old one - one of which I have been hoarding for an awfully long time because I loved this fragrance so much and I thought I would never see it again - now I can start wearing it again with abandon!

Available at Murale and Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques.
mark. Vanilla Cream Bath & Body Collection - vanilla at its most decadent - frothy milk accord layered over cocoa cream, vanilla orchid and vanilla crystals, all laced with ginger, lily, white amber and musk for a vanilla that is sexy, and not girly sweet. Available in the line is: Get Misty Body Mist - 145ml - $14; Three's A Charm 3-In-1 Body Cleanser - 180ml - $10; and Whipped Up Body Butter - 200ml - $20.

Available from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at
If you like a bit of nuttiness with your vanilla: Giovanni Hydrate Hazelnut Vanilla Body Lotion - 250ml - $12.86 - an illuminating lotion with an exclusive eco-chic technology blend - a complex containing a blend of exotic organic oils, ripe harvested from renewable plants at the peak of their freshness and then cold pressed and refregerated immediately to ensure maximum purity to soothe smooth and regenerate skin's lost moisture. (Also available is a matching body wash!)

Available at Loblaws, Whole Foods, selected Shoppers Drug Mart and specialty health food stores.
Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar 3-Wick Candle - 411g - $20 - is there anything better then taking a bath in a bakery scented environment? I think not and Warm Vanilla Sugar remains one of my very favourite of all the vanilla scents out there - harking back to the days when Canada had no B&BW and I had to beg US friends to ship it to me - it's so much easier to be able to go pick it up at the mall myself!

- Lisamarie -

Needful Things - Yes To Blueberries Age Refresh Rejuvenating Body Lotion

I'm a sucker for anything that promises fruity smells so I picked this up expecting it to smell like blueberries and ended up loving it in spite of the fact that it doesn't!

Yes To Blueberries Rejuvenating Body Lotion - 160g - $8.99 - this paraben free, 98% natural lotion is formulated to help firm and improve skin elasticity while adding moisture with grapeseed oil - to help retain moisture so skin will appear firmer as well as being high in linoleic acid - a fatty acid essential for cell structure; sunflower oil - to soften skin and help retain moisture helping skin to appear firmer and smoother; and tamanu seed oil - a fast absorbing oil known to help repair skin cells, improve skin's smoothness and provide deep moisture.

What's really nice about this lotion is that unlike most firming lotions which I find tend to feel kind of sticky on the skin, it's super-soft and absorbs just like a regular body moisturizer does while still giving you all the benefits of one that firms!

What would make it better? - well actually smelling like blueberries would be nice but to be fair, the tamanu seed oil is what you smell and is a very soothing scent so I'm not going to complain too much...

Available now exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart.

- Lisamarie -

December 29, 2012

Oil up for the good of your skin and hair with Russell Organics, Boscia, Caudalie and L'Oréal!

Russell Organics Argan Oil - 59ml - $28 - offers the highest quality level of argan oil in the market - with no fillers, masking or additives that is toxin free, cruelty free and certified vegan.

The best thing about getting a pure argan oil like this rather then argan products is how versatile it is. Use a couple of drops on the skin as a moisturizer, on hair as a conditioner and smoother, as a cuticle oil or even a drop on the lips as a shiny balm. Or go ahead and mix a drop of it with your regular moisturizer when some extra moisture is in order, ditto for your body lotion and even your hand cream!

My fave cold weather trick - I rub 2 drops into my hands at night, add a layer of vaseline to seal in the oil and then put on a pair of cotton gloves and go to bed - by morning I have the softest hands you could ever imagine!

Available at
Boscia MakeUp-Break-Up Cool Cleansing Oil - 150ml - $31 - with a light, gentle formula that instantly dissolves face and eye makeup - even waterproof - without leaving an oily residue - while refining and detoxifying skin to improve texture and minimize the appearance of pores while normalizing pH balance for optimal skin health. With lots of natural ingredients including: rose hip, green tea, golden palm oil complex botanical amino acids, hydrangea leaf, geranium, peppermint and eucalyptus.

Available at The Shopping Channel -
Caudalie Divine Oil - 100ml - $48 - a blend of oils including: grape polyphenol, grape oil, extra virgin argan oil, extra virgin hibiscus oil, sesame oil and fair trade shea butter along with the most beautiful fragrance of Morroccan and Bulgarian roses, grapefruit, spicy pink pepper, cedar, vanilla and white musk - that can be used on your face, body, hair nails and most wonderfully of all, in your bath. It's a dry oil so no matter where you decide to use it, no greasy film is left behind!

Best of all, not only will it make you look good but you can also feel good about using it - for every Caudalie Divine Oil sold, Caudalie will plant one tree in the Andean Amazon forest in Peru with the Coeur de Foret association.

Available at and Sephora.
L'Oréal Hair Expertise Color Radiance Precious Oils - 100ml - $9.99 - nourishes and protects colour-treated and highlighted hair while making it incredibly soft and glossy. With a formula that features a UVB filter that protects colour-treated or highlighted hair from the dulling, colour-fading and drying effect of the sun's UV rays.

- Lisamarie -

December 28, 2012

Test Driving Yoga Jeans!

Jeans have been a staple of my wardrobe since my early teens and although they have come a long way since the days before they started adding things like lycra and spandex to denim and the only way to have skintight jeans was to soak in a hot bath while wearing them to shrink them to your body and then have to lie on the bed and pull the zipper up with a coat hanger - but even with all the improvements, I have still been hard pressed to find jeans that are really comfortable - until I found Yoga Jeans by Second Denim Co that is.

My biggest problem with jeans has usually been that after a couple hours of wear they start to droop and bag which is really unflattering - So not a problem with my Yoga Jeans - made from premium denim from around the world with an average shape memory retention of 92% - I can bend, twist and stretch all day long and my Yoga Jeans hug my curves and look like they just came out of the washer!

Yoga Jeans come in a multitude of colours, rinses, textures, styles and rises so there is something for every taste and body type and they won't only make you look good but also feel good about the fact that you are buying Canadian - they are 100% Canadian-made as well as socially responsible - produced with eco-friendly practices, including using 50% less water during washing and treating with only non toxic chemical free dyes.

A pair will set you back around $130 and if you're in Toronto you can find them at Shopgirls - 1342 Queen Street West - otherwise check out the store locator at to find them near you.

- Lisamarie -

Supplement your hair and health with Viviscal, Renew Life and Genuine Health!

Viviscal Maximum Strength Hair Nourishment System - 60 tablets - $59.99 - a daily supplement that contains the exclusive AminoMar C marine Complex - a combination of marine protein, minerals and vitamins key to regenerating new cells and feeding existing ones; extracts of horsetail - a plant known to have beneficial effects on hair, skin and nails promoting microcirculation and improved elasticity; and Acerola cherry - a strong anti-oxidant believed to improve the ability of the follicles to absorb important nutrients - combined they offer the  specific nutrients to nourish the hair follicles naturally, helping to reduce hair loss and support existing hair growth.

Don't expect instant results though - it works in 4 stages over 6 months although most people notice a difference after 3-4 months: Stage 1 - nourishing the hair follicles; Stage 2 - strengthening and promoting growth of existing hair; Stage 3 - stimulating growth of hair that has slowed down or temporarily stopped; and Stage 4 - promoting healthier more vibrant hair from within.

Available at or by phone - 1-888-374-0073.

Good for your brain, heart and skin as well, there are lots of good reasons to add Omega-3 to your diet - but if you're like me and don't care for fish it can be hard to get enough of it so a supplement is the way to go just remember, not all Omega-3 supplements are created equal and you want to look for one that contains a combined daily dosage of approximately 1,000 mg of EPA and DHA such as: Renew Life Norwegian Gold Supreme Fish Oils Super Critical Omega - 30 capsules - $25.99 - offers high quality fish oil with health benefits ranging from lower cholesterol, reduced inflammation, improved mental acuity and improved overall digestion.

For more on Omega-3 as well as purchasing information check out -
Genuine Health Daily Detox - 90 capsules - $26.99 -  contains natural cleansing ingredients such as rice bran, glycine and non-dairy bacterial cultures to give your body the extra help it needs to break down and eliminate stored toxins, while preventing further toxin build-up for improved health and well-being. As well as the improved appearance of hair, skin and nails; improved energy and digestion; improved mental clarity and focus; and improved bowel function and sleep.

Available at pharmacies and health food stores across Canada - visit to find one near you.

- Lisamarie -

Fragrant Friday - mark. Very Sassy

mark. Very Sassy - 50ml EDP - $35, 150ml Body Lotion - $15 - scented with fruity black currant, floral yellow jasmine and earthy musk.

Is it wrong that I was compelled to try this fragrance because of the name which I think is adorable and an addition to the Sassy line - as far as I'm concerned if you're going to be Sassy, you might as well be Very Sassy!

I recall smelling Sassy when it came out in 2006 and even though it has the same notes I didn't care for it finding it too floral for my taste. I find Very Sally lighter and the notes seem to have been redistributed - while it is fruity, floral and musky, it isn't too much of any one of these notes.

Available from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at

- Lisamarie -

December 27, 2012

We're giving away all the things that will make you want to kiss more including new balms from Polysporin and champagne! Contest!

According to a recent Canadian kissing survey (that's right I said kissing survey), dry, chapped lips are preventing us from doing as much kissing as we would like to!

Luckily, Polysporin has a couple of easy, new solutions for your kissing issues with Visible Lip Health Daily Hydration Therapy and Visible Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy - $5.99 each - both offer a unique combination of antioxidants and essential lipids that restore visibly healthier lips in just 3 days and offer all day (or night) moisture.

Of course we want to help you and a friend do all the kissing you want with an amazing prize pack from Polysporin that will not only soften up your lips with your very own Visible Lip Health Daily Hydration Therapy and Visible Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy products but also get you in the mood for lots of smooching with a bottle of Veuve Cliquot and some champagne flutes (in case you'd rather drink it out of a glass rather then pouring it all over each other - but you do what you like, we don't judge...). Want in? Then read on...

This contest is open to all our Canadian followers (over the age of 19 because of the booze) and it's very easy to enter, just leave a comment letting us know that you follow through Google Friend Connect or Facebook Networked Blogs (if you aren't a follower you can do that now - sign up buttons are in the right sidebar).

1 entry for following and answering the question - What is your favourite/most memorable on-screen kiss? Please also leave your e-mail so we can find you if you win! 

And for an extra entries: 
Follow @BeautyCrazedCan on Twitter and tweet the contest.
Follow @PolysporinCA on Twitter and tweet the contest.

If you prefer not to leave your info on a public post, please leave a post saying you want to enter with your answer to the question and then e-mail your info to, please put "Polysporin Contest" in the subject line. Remember to leave the post or your name won't actually end up in the draw! Winner to be decided by random drawing and you have until January 11th to enter. Good Luck!

- Lisamarie -

Tights that delight from Secret, Boottights and ShaToBu!

Secret Light Tights - $9.50 - in 4 shades including: Insignia Blue, Coffee Bean, Purple Bean and Dark Charcoal - for a pop of solid colour that will make any basic outfit really stand out!

Available at major retailers across Canada.
Boottights - $35 - who doesn't usually wear a pair of socks over their tights when wearing boots to not only protect your tights from the boots, but also to keep your feet warm?! Extra layers no longer needed thanks to Boottights - a premium tight with a performance sock attached so your legs look amazing and your feet feel great all day long - they come in solid colours, fashion prints as well as a higher denier tight so there is a style to suit any outfit!

Available at Town Shoes and other retailers across Canada - check out
ShaToBu Get Fit Tights - $36 - touted as "the workout you wear" this might be just the kind of thing you are looking for if your Christmas turkey seems to be staying with you... It offers signature resistance band training technology woven into the waist to thigh portion -  so when you’re walking, especially up and down stairs there’s extra pull against the motion, requiring you to work harder as you step. As well, the panty part has a control panel to flatten and trim, and the waistband is extra wide so that it stays in place.

After all the turkey I ate I'll take any help I can get!  Available at select The Bay stores, boutiques and online at

- Lisamarie -

Fave lips and tips from Dior Cherie Bow Spring 2012 collection!

I've heard/read lots of people complaining lately about spring collections being on the verge of coming out when we've barely started winter, but not being a fan of winter myself, I am more then happy to pretend it doesn't exist and start looking towards spring already!

From what I've seen so far, my fave would have to be the Dior Cherie Bow collection - so much to love, I need another face or two...!
Dior Addict Lipstick in Espiegle is a beautiful ladylike rose with lots of moisture and shine...
that goes perfectly with the soft grey of Dior Vernis in Gris Trianon!

- Lisamarie -

December 26, 2012

Eye Love Wednesday - Sleek MakeUP feline inspired false lashes!

Sleek MakeUP False Lashes - $5.41 - a new range of lashes that pay homage to feline beauty with eight different lash styles formulated from natural fibres for a soft feel and finish and come with lash adhesive for easy, effective application.
Get a dramatic full finish lash effect with Persian, Savannah, Burmilla and Russian Blue; natural length and volume with Rag Doll, Bengal and Siamese; or for individual segments perfect for adding length and volume between the lashes try out Sphynx.

Available in Superdrug stores and online at - and yes, they do ship to Canada!

- Lisamarie -

December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays to all our wonderful readers - and the rest of you too!

Another Christmas is here and for the few minutes that we're sober enough to think about it, we want to thank all of y'all for being loyal (and obviously deranged) readers!

Hopefully you are having a peaceful day and enjoying your holiday with friends and family - real and imaginary as well as eating your weight in delicious food!

Enjoy this little bit of sentimentality, tomorrow we go back to being our usual sarcastic and bitchy selves!

- Lisamarie & Christelle -

December 24, 2012

Mascara Monday - CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara

There's nothing worse then a clumpy mascara and clumps are actually the main reason that I'm not a big fan of many volumizing mascaras since I've never found it easy to have volume without the clumps, at least not without the vigorous use of a lash comb... Problem now solved thanks to:

 CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara - $10.99 - delivers 200% more volume with zero clumps for beautifully separated lashes thanks to the innovative curved brush that features a lash loading section to saturate lashes with loads of product and fine-tooth comb bristles to evenly distribute the mascara.
Not just volume, but volume, length and lift!
And I never had to touch my lash comb once, it really came out this clump free!
You can really see the lift when they're closed - normally the left side bends down a bit but this mascara has all the lashes pointing in the same direction!

My lashes are thick and dark and totally glam looking - this one is a total winner - can you tell I'm excited!?

- Lisamarie -

Holiday editions of your favourite products from Beauty So Clean, Boscia, The Body Shop and Maybelline!

Beauty So Clean Gingerbread or Candy Cane Scented Conditioning Brush Cleanser - 60ml - $6.99 each or 2 for $10 - cleans and conditions both natural and synthetic bristled makeup brushes while leaving them smelling delicious!

Available at
Boscia Pink Peppermint Blotting Linens - 100 sheets - $6 - instantly blot away excess oil and perspiration without disturbing your makeup all with the delicious scent of peppermint!

Available at Sephora and
The Body Shop Lip Balm Dome - $6 - in Vanilla Bliss, Cranberry Joy and Ginger Sparkle - they moisturize, they shimmer and they smell incredible - what's not to like!

Available at The Body Shop and
Maybelline Baby Lips Holiday Collection - $9.98/duo pack - in Pink Wink, Twinkle and Coral Crush - offer, moisture, a light tint and a delicious scent!

Available at drugstores and mass retailers.

- Lisamarie -

Dress up your nails for the holidays with help from Sally Hansen, Kiss and Maybelline!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips - $9.99 - Snow Way, Shiny New Year, Simply D-Vine and Holi-Daze - dress up your nails for the holidays in something way cooler looking then those stupid Santa hats!

Available now at major drug and retailers across Canada.
Kiss Nail Dress Holiday 2012 Collection - $9.99 - in Silk, Cotton and Wool with enough colour and sparkle to dress up any outfit!

Available now at London Drugs, Lawtons, Uniprix and select pharmacies and mass retailers.
Maybelline Color Show Fashion Prints Nail Stickers - $8.99 - in 5 limited edition prints: Divine Crocodile, Wild Reptile, Midnight Lace, Sapphire Jewels and Metal Prisms - just peel and stick for perfect looking, fashion forward tips!

Available now for a limited time at drugstores and mass retailers. 

- Lisamarie - 

December 22, 2012

Sequins that help you sparkle for the holidays from Reitmans, RW&CO, George, Maybelline and Lancôme!

Reitmans Sequin Dress in French Plum - $60 - do something different then the usual basic black!
Available at Reitmans -
Reitmans Sequin Clutch in Black - $36 -
Available at Reitmans -
RW&CO Sequin Shift Dress in Black - $98 - I absolutely love the bit of chiffon overlay which gives it a bit of mystery!
Available at RW&CO -
RW&CO Sequin Clutch - $38 -
Available at RW&CO -
 George Sequin Dress in multi-stripe - $18 - I can't get over how pretty (and cheap) this dress is!
Available at Walmart -
George Sequin Shoes in Black - $29
Available at Walmart -
Maybelline Color Show Sequins Collection - $3.99 - in 8 shades: Lavender Sparks, Gold's Night Out, Ruby Rhinestones, Silver Gleam, Sapphire masquerade, Rose Bling, Cocktail Dress, Sea-Quins - that offer a 3-dimensional glitter effect.

Available for a limited time now at drugstores and mass retailers.
Lancôme Petit Trésor - $39 - in 2 shades: S112 Fil d'Or and S207 Fil d'Argent - with a woven look like a lame fabric that I think looks very sequin like so I'm letting it in! Enriched with golden glints that frames the eyes in a halo of dazzling light and for a more intense effect, can be applied with a slightly damp brush.

Part of the limited edition holiday collection so you might have to hunt for it a bit!

- Lisamarie -

Beauty Spotlight - December 22, 2012

Burberry Sheer Eye Shadows in Pale Barley, Rosewood, and Midnight Brown are so amazing that Lola's Secret Beauty Blog might have to be renamed Burberry's Secret Beauty Blog!

Perilously Pale shares a great last minute holiday gift option with us from Urban Decay. The new Double Ended 24/7 Glide-On Pencil Set. Or heck, just pick it up for yourself!

15 Minute Beauty shared a quick and easy holiday up-do for all of your holiday parties!

Prime Beauty wants you to look your gorgeous best at those festive holiday parties so she's sharing her 4 Easy Steps for long, full, flirty lashes!

There is still some time to shop for the Holidays! Need a last minute gift for a beauty lover? Pammy Blogs Beauty loves Laura Mercier's Limited Edition Glamour Wardrobe Palette! Be sure to check out her full review!

What are you wearing for your holiday look? Beauty Info Zone participated in a Makeup War and chose some pretty products from her favorites of 2012.

The Pink Sith thinks she must have been very naughty if Santa has delivered a Birchbox as woeful as this for the month of December.

Modesty Brown compares Rouge Bunny Rouge Selene Eye Kohl to a couple of her other green liners, including MAC's re-promoted Mystery Kohl Power.

London MakeUp Girl explores a new 4 free nail polish brand with Kure Bazaar Cappuccino, a not-very-festive (but very nice) creamy taupe.

Its time for a bit of enchanted garden magic courtesy of Rouge Bunny Rouge, Visionary Beauty reviews one of their new Fragrant Confections

Would you take a pill to reduce fine lines and wrinkles? Paula, from Older Girl Beauty tell us about an anti-aging supplement and is giving away a 90-day supply, too!

Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed has been sleeping with someone, well something new - kinky right? Actually it's her new Polysporin Visible Lip Healthy Overnight Renewal Therapy and her lips are loving it - come see if you might love it too!

December 21, 2012

Mini products with maxi results from Benefit, Philosophy, Tweezerman, mark., Avon and Betsey Johnson!

Benefit Full Glam Ahead! - $12 - 3 bestsellers go mini including: High Beam, Stay Don’t Stray and BADgal Lash.

Available at Sephora and
Philosophy The Microdelivery Mini Peel Pads - 60 pads - $35 - provide all the excellent moisturizing and emollient properties to leave the skin feeling smooth and looking radiant in a mini pad. As with the full size, it's designed to protect the complexion against free-radical attack, create a radiant glow, and minimize redness, while also delivering anti-inflammatory benefits.

Available at Sephora and
Tweezerman Hot Pink Mini Brow Rescue Kit - $25 - everything you need to keep your brows in check while on-the-go with these pint-sized tools including: a Mini Slant Tweezer, Mini Browmousse, Mini Eyenhance Highlighter Pencil and a Mini Brow Shaping Brush.

Available at Sephora and
mark. Go With The Pro Mini Brush Kit - $20 - a portable zippered kit with 5 mini professional quality brushes that includes: powder, eye shadow, eyeliner, concealer and lip brushes.

Available from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at
Avon Pocket Mini Palette - $9.99 - a sleek, go-anywhere palette with 5 lipglosses, 5 eyeshadows, a dual-ended brush and a built in mirror. Available in a choice of warm or cool shades - all boxed up and ready to give!

Available from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at
Sephora by OPI Betsey Johnson Mini Nail Colour Set - $24.50 - A set of 6 tiny nail lacquers in flirty hues designed by Betsey Johnson including: XOX Betsey, Alley Cat, Too Too Turq, Yellow My Name is Betsey, Son of a Gun and Pushing Your Luck.

Available at Sephora and

- Lisamarie -