October 31, 2011

Mascara Monday - Avon SuperExtend Eye Accents Mascara!

Avon SuperExtend Eye Accents Mascara - $9.99 - have light reflective pearls to help make your eyes look brighter and lashes look up to 55% longer. It comes in four shades meant to enhance eye colour: Black Steel for blue eyes; Black Amethyst for green eyes; Black Topaz for brown eyes; and Black Emerald for hazel eyes. I take it you are supposed to pick the mascara that coordinates to your eye colour but I'm a rebel rule breaker and liked the idea of green mascara so I tested the Black Emerald for my non-hazel eyes.

It's hard to see in the picture but the formula is noticeably green so I was a little worried that it would look too green on my actual lashes -
My sad little naked eye!
but looking at them you would never know my lashes were a little green at all!
And it's easier to tell from the closed picture that it does add some good length. In the future I will comb my lashes out a little more though, I was just trying to see if I could get some volume out of it as well but as you can see, it doesn't really volumize, after 2 coats it just starts to look a bit clumpy.

Overall I like this mascara, the brush is easy to use, the formula isn't too thick or clumpy and it adds length and definition without flaking. It's hard to say if it enhances eye colour since I didn't use the recommended one for my eye colour but the mascara colour is so subtle, it sure can't hurt!

- Lisamarie -

Consonant - new store, new products - have they ever been busy!

Toronto Consonant lovers rejoice, getting your hands on your favourite products has become even easier now that there's a brick and mortar Consonant store at 2479 Yonge Street!
Of course the best part of shopping there is getting information straight from the horse's mouth (ok, I'm not 100% sure they have any horses working there but there are people who know stuff) about the products, the ingredients and skincare in general. As well as access to their Best Skin Seminar Series, a selection of health and wellness books and a Friends with Benefits Program (which isn't quite as kinky as it sounds, it's a points program to help you score money off your products).

Along with the new store there are also new products!
Consonant Antioxidant Superhero Serum - 30ml - $63 - who doesn't want a superhero at work on their skin? Formulated with a high concentration of the post potent antioxidant vitamins - A,B & K - and minerals - selenium, zinc and copper - to stop the oxidation that attacks your skin, while marine clay smoothes the skin's surface eliminating the look of fine lines and wrinkles while evening out skin tone.
Consonant Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream For Dry Skin - 50ml - $54 - perfect for those with the driest of dry skin it contains high levels of deep penetrating organic botanicals and natural source hydrators including elevated levels of Cassia Angustifolia Seed Extract for the most potent hydration levels possible and of course it's unscented and 100% natural.
Consonant 20% Clay Exfoliating Bar - 90g - $18 - contains 20% Manicouagan Clay from Quebec - a fine clay that gently exfoliates skin leaving it softer and smoother feeling.
And with winter coming, it's a great time to try out one of my favourites - Consonant Organic Lip Conditioner - 4ml - $12 - contains 60% sweet almond oil and is 100% natural, organic and effective! If you are tired of waxy feeling lip balms you will love how soft and creamy this feels on!

If you can, go visit the new store at 2479 Yonge Street in Toronto - 416-925-2855 and if you can't you can still visit their products at other locations or online - check out www.consonantskincare.com to find locations near you that carry their products or to order online.

- Lisamarie -

Definitive proof from Urban Decay and Smashbox that cosmetic companies hang on my every word!

If you ever wondered if the complaints and issues you have with products fall on deaf ears, here are two examples of bad packaging designs corrected by the company after (getting sick of) listening to their customers complain about them!

Urban Decay Primer Potion - 11ml - $23 - is my longtime fave eye primer but I must admit I kept straying because the packaging was just so annoying. When I thought it was empty, I would get my husband to use his Dremmel to crack it open and would find tons of product inside and even though I would transfer the remainder to a jar and use it that way, it would dry up much quicker than it should have because it was getting exposed to too much air. Thankfully UD heard my whining and have now started producing it in a squeezable tube!

BTW, did you know that The Shopping Channel is carrying Urban Decay now - awesome right?! Check it out at www.theshoppingchannel.com. And you can still find it at Sephora and the Whitby Shoppers Drug Mart.
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer - 30ml - $44 - I thought things had improved when they changed from the glass bottle with the lousy pump to the plastic bottle with the better pump but I still ended up with a dud pump or two and you could never get all of the product out, there was always an inch left that taunted me! Realizing that it's a bad idea to annoy cranky beauty bloggers with teeth, Smashbox has switched their primers over to a tube. I love tubes because even when you think they're empty, you just cut them open and there are a couple days worth of product sticking to the inside!

These changes of course bring on a new problem - what am I going to whine about now?!

- Lisamarie -

October 29, 2011

Wen by Chaz Dean Haircare System

Knowing how much I love reality television, it's hardly surprising that they are dictating my product life now too! I discovered Chaz Dean through Jeff Lewis on Flipping Out and like all good celebrity hairdressers, of course Chaz has a line of hair care products! It was inspired by all the years of seeing the damage caused by ordinary shampoos on his client's hair so he wanted to come up with something different and better. He's taken out the sulfates and instead his products contain chamomile extract, rosemary extract, natural cherry bark and sweet almond oil which cleanse your hair without stripping the natural oils that it needs to stay shiny, healthy and full of body.
Wen Cleansing Conditioner Healthy Hair System - 30 day supply - $32.99, 90 day supply - $89.90 (+ s&h)  contains:
Wen Cleansing Conditioner - 340g - cleanses hair thoroughly with astringent and antibacterial properties and without harsh ingredients.
Wen Styling Creme - 56.5g - use instead of gel for a medium hold with a glossy finish that is good for any style and hair type. Designed to help promote moisture, shine and body all in one formula. Benefits also include split end repair, texture improvement and frizz control.
Wen Re Moist Intensive Hair Repair Mask - 56.5g - designed for use before and after any chemical treatment or when hair has been stressed to add moisture, body, shine and restore your hair and strengthen damaged strands.
Wen Texture Balm - 10g - a finishing touch for creating looks with definition, separation and texture as well as providing hold and shape for long or short hairstyles.
Wen Wide Tooth Shower Comb - designed to be used in the shower to evenly distribute the Cleansing Conditioner through your hair.

I'll tell you what right off the bat made the whole experience weird for me - the cleansing conditioner doesn't lather. This is totally on purpose on their part as the product is free of all detergents usually found in your shampoo, but there is something in my psyche that really believes that lather = cleaning, so that did take a bit of getting used to. The cleansing process itself is quite a production: First you soak your hair thoroughly before applying the product; then you divide your hair into 4 sections and apply anywhere from 3 - 8 pumps of the product per section depending on the length and thickness of the hair - it felt like I used a lot of product per shower!; then you massage it into your hair and just leave if for the rest of your shower; and finally you massage it through and rinse it out.

Despite the strangeness to me of the product, I freely admit that it made my hair incredibly soft and being quite fine, if I don't do anything with it, it looks pretty flat but this also added some nice volume even when I just let it air dry. But my favourite thing about it has to be the smell - sweet almond mint! Mint can be tricky, if you don't add something to it you end up with something that smells like toothpaste but if you add too much to it you lose the mintyness - this mint is perfect! 

So the Cleaning Conditioner turned out to be a good product but my favourite in the system has to be the Re Moist Intensive Hair Repair Mask. I have been using it instead of that wimpy little conditioner they give you with your hair dye kits and after dying it my hair feels so smooth and looks so shiny that you would never guess that I had just had my head doused in damaging chemicals!

If you think this all sounds the least bit interesting, go ahead and give the line a try - normally I would only recommend you spend your money if you think it sounds amazing but in this case they offer a 60 day guarantee. If you don't love it to pieces within 60 days, return the bottles (even if they're empty) and they will refund your purchase price (less s+h) - you can't beat that for a guarantee!

For more info or to order Canadians can go to www.notshampoo.ca and USA go to www.wenhaircare.com

And be sure to come back here and let us know your results - or if you've already tried or are using the system, we'd love to hear from you too! And if you know why Chaz won't let Jeff design his New York salon, I'd really like to hear about that!

- Lisamarie -

Beauty Spotlight - October 29, 2011

Our makeup mavens have more exciting beauty news this week; giveaways, reviews and a new website with a weekly podcast to discuss makeup and trends!

Is your makeup doing a disappearing act in the middle of day? Keep your makeup fresh and glowing all day long with Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray. Prime Beauty is giving away two, enter now!

Beauty, Bacon and Bunnies warns us it's getting cold outside and soon the holidays will be upon us. Always in the know, Joey brings us Part 1 the Holiday 2011 Limited Edition Collections.

Paula, from Older Girl Beauty, talks about her new site "It's Just Lipstick", where she and Meredith, from Retrodiva's Beauty, discuss makeup & trends in their own irreverent way in their weekly podcast & Spreecast.  

Modesty Brown shares her small but perfectly formed collection of NARS eyeshadow duos. Well, perfectly formed if you're a fan of taupe!

Have you found the L’Oreal Paris Project Runway displays yet? Beauty Info Zone wants to you to see some of the gorgeous Watchful Owl products available. They are worth a search.

Can pale people wear gold lipstick? Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed sadly finds out that the answer to that is "no" but feel free to come and mock her anyhow!

Have you had a chance to try any Kiehl's products yet? If not (or even if you're already a fan!), stop by Lipstick Musings to enter the giveaway for a Kiehl's "Favorites" Kit. It's got something for everyone!  

Visionary beauty takes a look at the Perle delight of the Guerlain ombre-eclat-4-shade palette in Les Perles. Juicy! Juicy! Juicy!

See what gorgeous Rouge Bunny Rouge lipstick has Perilously Pale drooling.  

London Makeup Girl has a weakness for Chantecaille Lip Chics, and succumbed to one of the new shades from the Autumn collection. Have a look at it on her here: Chantecaille Calla Lily Lip Chic applied.

Looking for great quality professional brushes at a good price? You might be interested in Kim Professional Makeup Brushes. Pammy Blogs Beauty scopes them out!

October 28, 2011

NARS Holiday 2011 Collection

If you are looking for something a little less "pretty" and a little more edgy for the holidays then this just may be the collection for you!
Arabian Nights Trio Eyeshadow - $55 - Limited Edition - black with gunmetal shimmer, black with purple pearls and black with red pearls
Ponderosa Cream Eyeshadow - $26 - Limited Edition - mink brown
Mandchourie Duo Eyeshadow - $38 - golden infused denim and rich navy
Campo De Fiori Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner - $25 - antique brass
St. Mark's Place Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner - $25 - bright violet
Miss Liberty Highlighting Blush - $30 - soft shimmery peach
G-Spot Multiple - $46 - rich gold infused rose
Albatross Lip Gloss - $28 - Limited Edition - highlighting luminous glow perfect for layering
Joyous Red Lipstick - $30 - Limited Edition - amber red
Space Odyssey Nail Polish - $21 - Limited Edition - aluminum metallic
Endless Night Nail Polish - $21 - Limited Edition - black grape

They were supposed to be in Sephora October 15th but I went looking for them the other day and they weren't in yet so any day now! I haven't checked Murale or Holt Renfrew so they might be there already!

- Lisamarie -

The ShOws have me thinking spring - spring makeup that is!

The ShOws (and no, I don't know why there is a capital "O" in the name, it's a mystery, deal with it) took place a couple of weeks ago pre-fashion week at the Ritz Carlton and featured the spring 2012 collections of four Canadian designers who are now based in Europe and was hosted by Coca Rocha whose doc - Letters to Haiti - was also shown as part of the festivities.

I'm sure you've long since admired the fashions elsewhere but I've been thinking about the beauty looks evident in each showing and thought I would do a round up of them, enjoy!
Thomas Tait - used a colour palette of black and white with pastels thrown in so you would have thought there would have been some colour in the face, but he went with a fresh-faced look which I guess went well with the sneakers! Since it's hard to look that glowy when your a model embarking on fashion week I suspect a good skin luminizer was involved such as Hard Candy Glow All The Way (26.5g - $8 - available at Walmart) - apply strategically or mix a touch in your foundation for an all over glow!
Calla Haynes - whites and the prettiest prints were paired with bright coral lipstick and after acquiring a fondness for coral this summer I am super happy to see it will be back next year! Coral is great because it's one of those universally flattering colours which can go more orange or more pink depending on your preference. I'm particularly loving Lise Watier Glam Rouge Infini in Corail Pop Glam ($27 - available at Shoppers Drug Mart)
Jean-Pierre Braganza - had a collection full of neutrals with pops of coral here and there. The coral theme continued on the cheeks with blush slashes - reminiscent of the blush stripes we did in the 80's. I'm not recommending you copy the application technique but I sure do like the idea of a bright blush especially when the rest of the face is so subdued. Make Up For Ever High Definition Blush in Quickie, a salmon pink ($29 - available at Sephora) is a great choice for the bright blush look!
Todd Lynn - I must admit, this was my favourite collection, not only did I love the clothes all white, black, silver and indigo but I also loved the pop of colour they used in the makeup in blue eyeshadow! I have long been a fan of blue eyeshadow and always get excited when it comes back into favour! Get the look with Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Powder in Indigo ($42 - available at The Bay) or if you think the blue eyeshadow look is a little too 70s for your taste do a thick blue liner just on the top lid, liquid liners work best for a clean punch of colour such as Stila Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Curacuo ($29 - available at Sephora).

On such a frosty morning, spring seems so far away - spring makeup however is yours for the asking!

- Lisamarie -

Fragrant Friday - Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose

Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose - 30ml EDP - $58, 50ml - $75, 75ml - $94 - a fruity floral with top notes of rose absolute and raspberry; heart notes of jasmine, peony, blackcurrant bud absolute and intense pink pepper; and base notes of Virginia cedar essence, vanilla and musk.

The face of the fragrance is Emma Watson who has come a long way from her Hermione Granger days! She looks sexy and chic with her cute new do and makes me want to go cut all my hair off!

You all know how much I love a fruity fragrance so I'm looking forward to smelling this one!

Available at all counters and online at www.lancome.ca and in the meantime, enjoy the making of the commercial with Emma Watson!

- Lisamarie -

October 27, 2011

Fall into a great big bunch of makeup! Contest!

 Let's face it, fall kind of sucks, the weather gets colder, the days get shorter and your skin loses it's healthy summer glow and starts looking kind of pasty. In an effort to cheer you up, we thought we'd but together a few of our fave things from the fall collections so you could remember the positive thing about fall - fall makeup! Here's what one lucky person will win:

Chanel Ombres Contraste Duo - 27 Noir - Ivoire  from the Les Scintillances de Chanel holiday collection and Rouge Allure Velvet in 39 La Somptueuse from the new Chanel matte lipstick collection
Dior 3 Couleurs Smoky Eyes Palette in 781 Smoky Brown
Yves Saint Laurent La Laque in 127 Black Lapis and Effet Faux Cils in 1 Deep Black - from the YSL New Blacks collection
Giorgio Armani Woven Eye Color Palette - 1 Jacquard and Blushing Fabric Blush in 6 Carmel from the Armani fall Jacquard collection
Lancôme Les Oeillades Eyeshadow and Brow Compact Quad  from the Lancôme 29 St-Honore fall collection and Blush Subtil in Miel Glace from the Denis Gagnon collection
Shu Uemura Prima Palette and Cream Shimmer Highlighter in Radiant Pearl and Cream Cheek in Gentle Amber to fill it from the Shu Uemura Novadiva collection and Ethnic Charm Premium Edition Lashes from the Shu Uemura Ethnocolor Scope collection
Clarins Ombre Minerale 4 Couleurs Palette - 02 Nudes from the Clarins fall Colour Definition collection
Stila Brighten & Correct Concealer - 04 Tan and Stay All Day Waterproof Brown Color - Medium from the Stila fall Backstage Beauty collection
Cargo Voyages Gloss Collection just because it's so cute!
Quo All About Eyes Palette in Go For Gold from the Quo fall collection, Quo Women collection Brush Set and Quo by Orly Nail Polish in Coffee & Cream and Red Hot from the new Quo by Orly nail polish launch.
Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare All-In-One Facial Cleanser with Toner - 75ml - just because it's awesome!
Benefit They're Real Mascara because it looked so good on me!
It Cosmetics Universal Brow Pencil
Mary Kay Beauty That Counts Creme Lipstick in Give Joy and Luxury Liner in Black from the Mary Kay Redefining Elegance collection
The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Palette in Blue Moon, Carbon Brown Eye Definer and 100% Natural Lip Roll-On in Coconut
Avon Mega Impact Eyeshadow in Berry Electric because you know you want it!
eos Lip Balm in Honeysuckle because you like things that are round!
Sweet Leaf Bath Co. Beeswax Lip Balm in Pomegranate because environmentally friendly is your middle name!
Marcelle Lux Eye Dust in Go-Violet and High Voltage because things that shimmer rock!
Sleek MakeUP Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette
IntraCeuticals Skin Care samples because Madonna wants you to!

Want it? Are you hyperventilating yet? Alrighty then read on to win:

This contest is open to everyone everywhere and it's very easy to enter, just leave a comment letting us know that you follow (if you aren't a follower you can sign up through Google or Facebook - signups are in the right sidebar)

1 entry for following and leaving a comment answering the question - I know it's hard to choose just one but which one of the items would you be most excited about winning? Please also leave your e-mail so we can find you if you win!

And for extra entries you can do one or both of the following:
1 entry for following @Beautycrazedcan on Twitter and tweeting the contest

3 entries if you post this contest as a post or on the sidebar of your blog

If you prefer not to leave your info on a public post, please leave a post saying you want to enter and then e-mail your info to info@beautycrazed.ca, please put "Fall Contest" in the subject line.  Remember to leave a post or you name won't actually end up in the draw! Winner to be decided by random drawing and you have until November 25th to enter. Good Luck!

- Lisamarie -

The Body Shop Smoke & Sparkle Make-up Collection - Winter 2011

The Body Shop has gone glam for the holidays this year! Smoky eyes, glossy lips and sparkle is what it's all about and who doesn't love sparkle!?! And of course you can feel good knowing that they are made with highest quality naturally inspired ingredients sourced through their Community Fair Trade program where possible.
4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette - $28 - in Silver Black and Golden Brown - these palettes make it easy to create the perfect smoky eye especially as they come with step by step application instructions on how to get the look! The kit includes 4 shadows, a mini eyeliner and an applicator brush.
Mini Hi Shine - $5 - in beige, coral, pink and purple - for ulta-shiny sheer tinted lips and intense moisturization you can't go wrong with these little babies - they also pair up perfectly with a smoky eye!
The Sparkler - $24 - in new Enchanting Gold or the classic Boudoir Pink - if you didn't get your hands on one of these last year, it's a must-have this season for dusting yourself with iridescent sparkle-dust wherever you feel you need a little sparkle!

Available in-store and online in November.

- Lisamarie -

Rouge Dior - Or Etoile and Versailles swatches!

You will have noticed that Dior The Rouges Or Holiday collection contains a plethora of beautiful lipsticks so of course how could I not try a couple?!
I was inspired to try Or Etoile after seeing a gold lipstick on someone else and it looked amazing! It seems that I didn't take into consideration the fact that their skin was darker than mine so on me it just makes me look kind of sickly - or like a throwback to the 60s!
Versailles was a bigger success with its pinky/coppery/red that is luxe yet still kind of natural looking
Or Etoile isn't a total loss though - here it is over Versailles - it gives it a little more gold depth and makes it seem more festive!

They also go nicely with my new polishes from the collection - if you missed the Dior Vernis Apparat and Or Divin swatches you can check them out here.

- Lisamarie -

October 26, 2011

Raw Essentials by Carol Alt - raw beauty never looked so good!

The far too lovely Carol Alt was in town recently to help launch her new new exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart line - Raw Essentials. Alt, a longtime follower of a raw food diet, realized that the benefits of raw ingredients to retain vitamins, minerals and nutrients could be harnessed for skin care and that what she put on her body was every bit as important as what she put in her body.

The theory behind Raw Essentials is that raw ingredients lose the potency of their vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes when exposed to heat. Furthermore, when oils and fats are heated, they disperse toxic trans-fatty acids that can cause skin to weaken and result in sagging, aging skin. To combat this, Raw Essentials developed a proprietary, low temperature (cold press) manufacturing process to retain the nutrients in its ingredients. The line also does not use any petroleum, sulphates, synthetic preservatives like parabens, artificial colours and fragrances or genetically modified organisms.

Quite honesty while I appreciate the enthusiasm and dedication that you can easily see she feels about the whole raw food/skincare thing - the proof is in the (raw) pudding - and dammit, this woman's skin looks amazing! She's 50 - that's 5-0 people and she wasn't wearing even a touch of foundation, nor did she need it!

Not that I can see myself giving up bacon anytime soon, but I sure will be giving her skincare a try!
There are nine products in the new line and we are going to start with my favourite: 

Radiant Face Scrub - 177ml - $14.99 - this gentle clarifying scrub contains: 40% pure aloe - to hydrate, moisturize, soothe and keep skin firm and tight; eucalyptus leaf oil - to protect the skin form inflammation; and sucrose cocoate - a non-ionic cleanser made entirely from sugar - what I like most about it is the scrubby bits are smooth, round microbeads so it scrubs without feeling scratchy like so many of the granular scrubs can. I know some people think that if a scrub doesn't feel abrasive, it isn't working but this one makes your skin feel so smooth that you will be changing your tune on that one! 

Refreshing Face Wash - 177ml - $9.99 - this gentle foaming wash contains: 40% pure aloe - to hydrate, moisturize, soothe and keep skin firm and tight; oat extract - a natural emulsifier with moisturizing and antioxidant benefits; and sucrose cocoate - a non-ionic cleanser made entirely from sugar. 

Carifying Pore Tightening Face Toner - 118ml - $11.99 - this gentle refreshing toner contains: 40% pure aloe - to hydrate, moisturize, soothe and keep skin firm and tight; witch hazel - a natural anti-inflammatory that tightens pores without drying; and licorice root extract - a natural soothing anti-inflammatory with potent antioxidants. 

All Day Revitalizing Face Moisturizer - 50ml - $24.99 - this concentrated hydrator contains: 40% pure aloe - to hydrate, moisturize, soothe and keep skin firm and tight; tamanu oil - to heal and smooth; virgin coconut oil - to help keep connective tissues strong and supple; and 100% pure citrus oil. 

Night Time Firming & Nourishing Face Moisturizer - 48g - $24.99 - it brightens and evens skin tone, firms the skin and offers incredible moisture as well as fights discolouration, lines, wrinkles and signs of fatigue and contains: pure aloe - to hydrate, moisturize, soothe and keep skin firm and tight; tamanu - an antioxidant that regenerates, smoothes, repairs and softens the skin; vitamin E - antioxidant rich that protects against toxins and promotes healing; and olive leaf extract - antioxidant rich that helps protect from damaging free radicals. 

Moisturizing Face Serum - 29ml - $29.99 - has all the same benefits of the night moisturizer and contains: 84% pure aloe - to hydrate, moisturize, soothe and keep skin firm and tight; tamanu - an antioxidant that regenerates, smoothes, repairs and softens the skin; vitamin E - antioxidant rich to protect against toxins and promote healing; and olive leaf extract - antioxidants rich to help protect skin from damaging free radicals.

All Day Eye Cream - 15ml - $29.99 - provides intensive hydration and also helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes with: 82% pure aloe - to hydrate, moisturize, soothe and keep skin firm and tight; virgin coconut oil - antioxidant rich and helps keep connective tissues strong and supple; and mushroom extract - rich source of kojic acid and natural skin lightener.

Night Time Age Defying Eye Serum - 8ml - $29.99 - this nifty roll-on was specially developed to help reduce the appearance of puffy, tired eyes in mature and aging skin with: 84% pure aloe - to hydrate, moisturize, soothe and keep skin firm and tight; tamanu - an antioxidant that regenerates, smoothes, repairs and softens the skin; and carrot juice - antioxidant rich and a valuable source of vitamin polypeptide.

Body Oil - 124ml - $12.99 - a sheer moisturizing oil that helps dry skin and improves the skin's natural tone with: avocado oil - vitamin rich to hydrate, heal and regenerate; primrose - rich in vitamin E for improving elasticity; olive oil - with vitamins E,K and A that penetrate deep into the skin to provide a long lasting shield of moisture.

Available now exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart. What do you think about "raw" skincare - is it something you would try or do you like your skincare cooked?

- Lisamarie -

Miss Piggy for MAC brings new meaning to pearls before swine!

I've been hearing lots of haters complaining about Miss Piggy being a stupid choice as a spokesperson (spokespig) for this MAC collection - and to them I say you're crazy! Miss Piggy is a beauty icon right up there with the likes of Marilyn, Elizabeth and Madonna! I mean geez, if someone like Lady Gaga can do it - Miss Piggy has more true style in one of her hoofs! And you can tell she's serious by the edgy brunette do and crazy eyeliner she donned for this shoot!
Miss Piggy Pink Eye Shadow - $18 - mid-tone blue pink (frost)
36 Full Lash - $18 - creates a naturally dramatic look
Rapidblack Penultimate Eye Liner - $21 - true black

Available November 14th at your MAC counter and online at www.maccosmetics.com

- Lisamarie -

This week I'm obsessed with... The Socializer - Can You Keep A Secret?

That wasn't a question, it's actually a new product by Elizabeth Grant - The Socializer Can You Keep A Secret? Lip Exfoliator & Conditioning Balm - 2.5ml x 2 - $38 -  this lip treatment duo consists of an exfoliator and a lightly textured deep conditioning balm with anti-aging actives that target the symptoms of dry and lined lips at the source. Exfoliator on one end, balm on the other, bla, bla, bla - but here's the good part - it vibrates! And you can't go wrong with things that vibrate my friends!

It's easy to use, just twist the black dial 3 clicks and push the lips to activate the gentle massage effect, then use the gentle exfoliator containing Vitamin B5, cucumber and natural rice granules to lightly remove dry skin cells and help prime the lips for the clear conditioning balm which is infused with moisturizing Torricelumn. shea butter, Vitamin E, Sodim Hyaluronate and collagen.

With the cold weather coming, this is the perfect product to combat winter flakes and dryness!

I'm not sure what the name is supposed to mean except maybe don't tell anyone that the lip product in my purse vibrates- I still need my husband to open jars and take out the garbage!

Available online at www.elizabethgrant.com

- Lisamarie -

October 25, 2011

New and Notable at Shoppers Drug Mart - Beyonce, Jergens, Harajuku Lovers and L'Oréal!

Beyonce Pulse - 50ml EDT - $59, 100ml EDT $75 - a unique citrus, floral gourmand anchored by Beyonce's favorite flower, the orchid. With top notes of Pear Blossom, Blue Curacao accord and Bergamot; heart notes of Bluebird Orchid, Peony and Midnight Blooming Jasmine; and base notes of Madagascar Vanilla, Musk and precious Woods. It comes in a very cool looking bottle which I think looks kind of futuristic. Strangely, when I first sprayed it on it smelled kind of like cough syrup, of course I've had a cold for the past month and have drunk so much of the stuff that it's probably seeping out of my pores - once it dried down it smelled very warm and a little sweet on me - this could just be my winter fragrance!
Jergens Overnight Fix Nightly Restoring Moisturizer - 480ml - $8.99 - a light and silky moisturizer made with a rich blend of pure Evening Primrose extract - to help alleviate dry irritated skin and anti-oxidant vitamins from exotic superfoods - Goji Berries and Camu Camu - known to help reduce free radical damage - that replenishes skin's moisture reserves and quenches dry skin as you sleep to alleviate a full week's worth of dryness in just one night for visibly smoother, softer skin.

Which kind of sounded like marketing-speak crap to me so I had to try it for myself! To be fair I do usually remember to use a body moisturizer every day so my skin isn't super dry or neglected - or at least that's what I thought but seriously after using the Jergens just one night my skin felt unbelievably soft the next morning! The only thing I'm not stoked about is the smell, it's a little too floral for my taste but since it doesn't seem to linger, I can deal. As the weather gets colder and my skin dries out more, I can see this being a lifesaver!
Biotherm Vivo Uniformity Renovating Anti-Age Moisturizer SPF 15 - 50ml - $70 - helps to visibly unify skin's appearance and help with the 5 key irregularities that make skin look older: dark spots, redness, dull tone, rough skin and loss of elasticity - hydrated, redness caused by dry skin appears reduced, dark spots appear kiminished, skin appears brighter and its elasticity looks visibly restored. Contains an innovative new filtering technology that protects the skin from external daily UV damage.

Biotherm Vivo Uniformity Anti-Dark Spots Reversive Concentrate - 15ml - $50 - reduces the appearance of dark spots and helps improve skin's uniformity with visible results after 4 weeks. Contains ingredients that reduce melanin production and formation that alter skin's uniformity which can make it look prematurely older.
Harajuku Lovers Jingle G - 10ml - $19.99 - it's a fragrance, it's an ornament and it's utterly adorable! An oriental fragrance with top notes of white star fruit, tangerine and gardenia; heart notes of honeysuckle, jasmine and orange blossom; and base notes of vanilla, cedar and benzoin.
And once you've finished shopping for yourself, how about something for the boy: L'Oréal Men Expert has a few new products designed specifically to help combat the top signs of aging and ensure smoother, softer skin: Men Expert Vita Lift Complete Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer - 50ml - $15.99 - provides skin with the added nourishment and hydration it needs to survive the cold weather - smooths wrinkles, firm up skin and decreases overall puffiness while helping to brighten skin and reduce dullness; Men Expert Shave Gel Hydra Energizing - 200ml - $6.99 - with vitamin C and cooling agents for an icy effect to soothe razor burn and provide a close, smooth shave without all the irritation; Men Expert Vita Lift Complete Anti-Aging Eye Roll-On - 10ml - $15.99 - depuffs under-eye bags, reduces dark circles, smooths wrinkles, strengthens eyelids and firms under-eye skin for a more youthful, rested and bright-eye look.

- Lisamarie -

Marcelle Fantasia Winter 2011 Trend

Those brilliant product developers at Marcelle have figured out how to sell us twice as many palettes - just adorn them with a fantasy over-spray that disappears with first use so everyone has to buy two - one to use and one to look at - freaking brilliant!
Fantasia Eye Shadow Quad Palette in Fairytale Mix - $15.95 -

Fantasia Face Powder in Daydream Muse - $16.95 - 3 glowing shades in one compact
Lux Diamond Liquid Eyeliner in Magic Crystals - $11.95 - the sparkliest green you've ever seen!

Available November at your local Marcelle retailer. Will you be able to limit yourself to just one?

- Lisamarie -