April 30, 2010

Fashion Disasters: JLO Wears a Garbage Bag and Still Looks Better than Her Guests

I almost forgot about Jennifer Lopez' British movie premiere this week. How could I forget this Fashion Disasters Festival? Jumpsuit? Check! Fishnet dress? Check! Denim dress? Check! A bunch of unknown pop tarts showed up at the Backup Plan Premiere...and what a feast for my eyes: they didn't disappoint!


Are we ever ready for some Instant Sun Light from Clarins! Summer 2010 Collection

After a winter that seemed to last forever I am so ready for some Instant Sun Light and Clarins Summer Make-up Collection!  It was inspired by spices such as vanilla, cinnamon, coriander, paprika and saffron which are intended to give you a intoxicating, sensual feel while you wear them!  I'm ready to take the spice journey, how about you?
You know how much I love a beautiful palette and this one doesn't disappoint - Limited Edition Instant Sun Light Eye Quartet & Liner Palette - $40 - 4 warm and spicy shades decorated with a shimmery gold star anise flower.  Here is one of the application suggestions:

Using the blending applicator, apply pearly ginger (1) over the whole top lid to illuminate eyes, Iridescent cinnamon (2) blends into pearly ginger for a soft, shaded effect.  For deep smouldering eyes, apply matte cocoa (3) to the outer corner of eyes.  Add a touch of light to the brown bone with sparkling paprika (4).  The eyes are emphasized with a stroke of metallic nutmeg eyeliner (5).

Limited Edition Instant Smooth Compact Highlighter - $40 - uses the magic of Instant Smooth to give a flawlessly beautiful complexion!  Smooths and evens the skin while giving an instant healthy-glow effect.  Comes in 2 shades:  No.01 Natural, a luminous golden peach to boost radiance and enhance the complexion or No.02 Bronze, a vibrant golden caramel, perfect for warming the complexion or enhancing a natural tan.

Limited Edition Instant Sun Light Click & Gloss SPF6 - $20 - No.01 Vanilla - pearly beige with subtle gold reflections, No.2 Coral - sparkling pink coral, No.03 Cinnamon - subtle brown with pink reflections - has a delicious fruity flavour, based on raspberry with a hint of vanilla - my mouth is watering already!  Melting, transparent-coloured, sparkling texture in a click pen providing softness and comfort with a cocktail of lip care ingredients.

Limited Edition Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm - $27 -  No.01 Crystal coral - sparkling orange, No.02 Crystal - tender pink, No.03 Crystal red - pure red for a "bitten lips" effect - I think these are the cutest things ever, they remind me of jello!  All the benefits of every type of lipstick combined in one tube:  the shape and smooth application of a classic lipstick, the transparency of a gloss, the subtle colour of a sheer lipstick and the comfort of a lip balm.  It does not contain wax like a traditional lipstick which makes the formula both light and comfortable and its colours are plant-based.

Wonder Waterproof Mascara - $27 - Limited Edition Colour No.03 Wonder Violet - a pure, intense violet for captivating eyes.  Ultra-resistant and highly volumizing.  They are flawlessly coated, curled, incredibly beautiful and protected against water, sebum and tears.  Brazil palm leaf wax preserves lash suppleness and helps colour stay in place.

Waterproof Eye Pencil - $25 - No.02 Bronze - easy to apply and perfectly resists water.  Soft and supple texture means it can be applied a an eyeliner or as an eye shadow.  Has a foam applicator tip on one end for blending and shading.  Contains jojoba oil for moisture.

Fix' Make-Up - 30ml - $30 - Just what you need for those summer days - something to help your make-up stay in place!  Prevents make-up from running, revives colour radiance and matifies the complexion for hours.  It has a refreshing texture and invigoration fragrance, with grapefruit extract to bring an instant feeling of well-being.  Contains an anti-dehydrating agent to leave skin perfectly soft and supple.

I'll be taking a trip to my Clarins counter this weekend to check it out!

- Lisamarie -

Victoria's Secret introduces it's latest fragrance - Heavenly Flowers - and it's fit for a MILF!

I don't think this is intended to be a Mother's Day fragrance but when I saw the picture of the girls, the aprons just screamed MILF and it occurred to me that kids with MILF moms must have it really hard this time of year, what do you get the mom that already has everything including the lust of every teenage boy in the neighbourhood?

How about Victoria's Secret's newest fragrance Heavenly Flowers - it's a cocktail of mandarine, guava, gardenia and lily of the valley.  It comes in bottle form with the most adorable cap or as a solid perfume bracelet.  Available until June at www.victoriassecret.com.

- Lisamarie -

Dry shampoos make a comeback just in time for my busy life! Salon Grafix, AG Hair Cosmetics, CLEAN, Klorane and Rene Furterer

 Dry shampoos aren't a new invention - they've been around since the 70's and it seems with everyone's busy lives these days, they have experienced a  renewed popularity.  Traditional wet shampoos clean your hair and scalp of dead skin cells and sebum - the natural hair oils, which accumulate around your hair roots during the course of a day.  While the ingredients in dry shampoos soak up rather than wash away sebum which you then brush out and because that doesn't rid you of as much sebum as traditional washing, it's much gentler on your hair - and quicker!  With my fine hair I am always looking for less damaging ways to deal with it! And these dry shampoos sure are a lot better than baby powder which is what I used to use when  my hair was looking greasy and I didn't have time to wash it!

Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo - 4oz/12g - $7.99 - apply to roots by section spraying in short quick bursts 6-8" away from the hair - wait one minute then brush out.  It has a light, fresh smell and it's not supposed to have any white powder residue but it's probably still a good idea to protect your clothing if you use any dry shampoo while dressed. I didn't see any fallout from my uses and it made my hair feel very light and clean.

Available in Canada exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart, and at drugstores everywhere in the States.

AG Hair Cosmetics - fastFWD dry shampoo - 3oz/86g - $22 - spray thoroughly through dry hair, work in with your fingers and brush or comb through.  This one has the best smell out of the spray ones, almost a citrusy sweet smell which I love, it also added great volume which I was really impressed with.  I don't usually get much volume in my hair without using a hair dryer!

Sold in salons, you can go here to find your closest one.

CLEAN Dry Shampoo - 3.175oz/90g - $18 - this one is more like my baby powder solution - but in a narrow tipped bottle so it's much easier to control where the powder goes and the smell is heavenly!  Sprinkle it along your root lines and brush out or you can sprinkle it directly on your hair bush and brush it through.  Don't wear black when you do it though, it's a little messy! The best news is that the fragrance is time released, so you smell the wonderful scent all day long!

Available at Sephora.com or instore at Toronto Eaton Centre, Vancouver Pacific Centre and West Edmonton.

Klorane Extra Gentle Dry Shampoo with oat milk - 150ml/92.5g - $15.25 - spray in small sections 30cm away from the hair - wait 2 minutes and brush out thoroughly.  This one had the least amount of smell of all the ones I tried.  The fragrace is very faint. I was impressed with this one for how shiny my hair looked after using it. It looked freshly washed.

Available at participating drugstores including Shoppers Drug Mart.

Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo with absorbent clay - 150ml/3.2oz - $28 - spray all over hair from a distace of 15" - leave in for 2 minutes, pat gently with a towel and comb.  It has a light botanical smell.  This one did a great job of getting rid of the greasy roots and I found it the easiest to use as you just spray it all over your hair in one go.  It really did add texture too which is great when you have fine hair!

Available at Sephora.

Overall, I am very impressed at how far dry shampoos have come - they are not the big powdery mess that they used to be at all.  If I was the kind of girl who camped, these would be a godsend!  But even as a lazy girl that likes to hit the snooze button, they are still going to save my life!

- Lisamarie -

Get mom (and yourself) some peace, tranquility and great skin from Origins!

Am I the only one who loves those little beauty fliers that come in the mail from the Bay.  They come especially addressed to me which makes me think that I probably spend too much money in the beauty department and I'm on their "watch this one, she likes to give us her paycheque" list.  How can I not when they send me these pretty shiny books full of pretty, pretty things that I NEED!  This one had a couple of sets from Origins which is a fabulous line that I don't talk about enough, but I will be remedying that soon, I got a whole bunch of Origins stuff for Christmas that I must tell you all about soon!  In the meantime, check out these Mother's Day sets - I have used both the Modern Friction and the Drink Up Overnight Mask and they are both great!

Soothing Facial Treatments Set Contains:
Modern Friction Nature’s gentle dermabrasion
Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Plantidote Mega-Mushroom Skin Calming Face Mask
Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Plantidote Mega-Mushroom Face Cleanser
Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Plantidote Mega-Mushroom Face Cream
Facial Steamer Deep Pore Purifier
All for $62 - A $100.50 value
Bedtime Treatments Set Contains:
Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask to quench skin’s thirst
Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Night Health Face Cream
Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Night Health Bedtime Spray
Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Night Health Bedtime Balm 
For $62

Origins is available at selected Bay stores across Canada as well as lots of other places in Canada and the States.  You can go here to find your closest location.   You can also purchase online here.

- Lisamarie -

April 29, 2010

Hempz Naturally Advanced Sun Care - Contest!

I love finding products that are Canadian made or made with Canadian ingredients but this one is a little different from the usual...
Hempz makes a line of hair, body and sun care all with pure organic hemp seed oil.  Farming and processing hemp is illegal in the States but it is legal to use the processed product. So that's where their Canadian neighbours come into play - we do the farming and processing and ship it to them, everyone wins!

Here's a selection of the Hempz Naturally Advanced Sun Care Line:
Touch of Summer (Fair or Medium Skin Tones) - 250ml - $22.95 - body moisturizer with subtle self tanners in it to even out skin tone while gradually deepening skin's natural colour for the glow of summer. 
Hydroponic Bronzer - 200ml - $58 - contains a blend of ultra dark tan maximizers and self acting bronzers
Dual Action Bronzer - 200ml - $58 - 2-in-1 formula combining ultra dark tan maximizers with self acting bronzers to give a deeper, darker, long-lasting tan
After Sun Gel - 200ml -  $22.50 - cooling aloe vera to help moisturize and cool skin
Hot Ultra Dark Tan Maximizer - 250ml - $58 - contains skin stimulators for an intense tanning experience.  Gives a deep, natural-looking tan and healthier looking skin.  Use to develop and darken a tan.

The Hempz line is available at Trade Secrets / Glamour Secrets locations across Canada you can visit their website at www.tradesecrets.ca or www.glamoursecrets.ca   At Glamour Secrets in the US  www.glamoursecrets.com or you can visit the Hempz website here to find a retailer near you.

And here's two fabulous deals courtesy of Trade Secrets:  from May 1-28th when you purchase $55 or more before taxes you will receive a free gift of AminoGenesis Gone in 60 Seconds (a $24 value)  and I don't think I could even tell you in words how amazing this stuff is so head over to their website here and check out the 60 second video that shows actual results as someone uses it. It's a powerful formula that activates on contact to visibly erase fine lines and deep wrinkles - in just seconds! I don't have severe wrinkles but you know after seeing that video I had to try it for myself!

I used it on the smile lines next to my mouth and eyes and it really did instantly smooth them out!  You really do have to let it dry though and it feels a little tight while it is drying!  I would love to hear if anyone else has tried this product and what your results were like!

And what's the second fabulous deal you want to know?  Well after seeing all the hempy goodness that is Hempz, I begged and pleaded with Trade Secrets for some products for my favourite reader (you) to win and they got so sick of listening to me that they agreed!  So up for grabs is a selection of Hempz Sun Care products valued at more than $150!

Here's what you have to do to be our special little winner:  This contest is open to everyone, anywhere in the universe. All you have to do is join Beauty Crazed as a follower if you aren't one already.  You can either do it through Google or through Networked Blogs on Facebook - you can find both signups on the right hand side of the Beauty Crazed site.  Once you belong to our crazy family just leave a reply to this post letting us know you want in and tell us about your planned summer holidays - will you be using your Hempz on a beach at some exciting locale or by the kiddie pool in your backyard?.  If you give the contest link a tweet or post it on your blog, there's an extra entry in it for you!  You can also earn an additional entry by agreeing to sign up for Trade Secrets e-mail list - which is really a win/win for you as they will e-mail you with special offers/sales and other great Trade Secret news. Including an e-mail address would be extra helpful and you can write it like this - info(at)beautycrazed(dot)ca - so the bots can't find you but we can - if you want the extra entry from the newsletter you must include your e-mail address or e-mail it directly to us!  If you prefer not to leave a public post, it's also fine to e-mail us - info@beautycrazed.ca, please put "Hempz Contest" in the subject line.  Winner to be decided by random drawing and you have until May 14th to enter.
- Lisamarie -

Givenchy's harvest is in - The 2009 Harvest Collection that is!

For five years now, Givenchy has created limited editions of its leading women's fragrances.  They are inspired by natural raw ingredients and the most exceptional flower harvests of 2009.  Four outstanding flowers were harvested in 2009 to create limited edition reinterpretations of the original compositions:

Ange ou Démon - Orange Blossom harvested March/April 2009 originating from the Nile Valley in Egypt
Very Irresistible Givenchy - Centifolia Rose harvested in early May 2009 originating from the Tidass Region in Morocco
Amarige - Dealbata Mimosa harvested in February 2009 originating from Grasse, France
Organza - Sambac Jasmine harvested in May 2009 originating from Coimbatore, India

I think the bottles are beautiful - I love the colour of the frangrances and I think it's very cool that information about the flower, its origin and harvest date are provided on both the bottle and the box.

Available at select Bay stores - 60ml - $99
- Lisamarie -

Jo Malone helps you decorate with colour and scent!

Here's a beautiful new item from Jo Malone and a great idea for the colour coordinated mom if you are still searching for the perfect Mother's Day gift - Jo Malone has joined forces with British paint and wallpaper manufacturer Farrow & Ball to come up with their first ever collection of coloured candles.  The candle colour links up with the scent:

green - Lime Basil & Mandarin
purple - Wild Fig & Cassis
blue - Blue Agava & Cacao
white - Grapefruit
red - Pomegranate Noir

Go for your favourite scent, favourite colour or match it to the room where you most often enjoy having candlelight!

Jo Malone Farrow & Ball Collectors Edition Coloured Candles - 200g - $75 - are available in Canada at Holt Renfrew, in the States at Bergdorf Goodman or online for everyone here.

- Lisamarie -

April 28, 2010

Shizen Spa - the perfect place to pamper mom!

If I was a mother what I would most want my kids to give me is the opportunity to get away for them - wait that sounds bad doesn't it? - well you know what I mean! If your mom is the spa-ing type then a spa package is a great gift and if you are in Toronto or the surrounding areas then a great pick is the Shizen Spa who have 3 locations: at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, the Pantages Hotel - both in the heart of downtown Toronto or at the Horseshoe Resort in Barrie.

They are offering some super relaxing sounding packages for mom:

Mother's Day Deluxe Package $99
-Shizen Deluxe Pedicure
-Shizen Deluxe Manicure

Mother's Day Retreat $199
-Aromatic Facial
-Shizen Pedicure
-Aromatic Massage
-Spa Lunch

Mother's Day Relaxation Package $145
-Lavender Flowers Body Scrub
-Swedish Body Massage

Since I don't have kids and my mother doesn't live here I'm not going to be able to use either of those as an excuse to spa so I might just have to take a spa trip of my own.  Shizen offers facials including an amazing sounding She Zen Aroma Facial - 75min for $130;  massages including a Body Edge Massage for the head, neck and feet - 30min for $60 - which sounds amazing; anti-aging including their Aromatic Cellulite Treatment - 70min for $120; body treatments including their signature Rose Wrap - 70min for $140; manicures and pedicures - starting at $40 for a manicure and $70 for a pedicure; waxing, tinting and makeup services are also available.  They even have men's services  - and they put the word "gentleman" in front of all of them so they don't sound girlie - if your dad likes that kind of thing and you are thinking ahead to Father's Day you can get all your shopping done in one place!

If anyone would like to pretend I'm their mom and get me one of those packages for Mother's Day I'm prepared to adopt you!

- Lisamarie -

New and notable at Shoppers Drug Mart - Elizabeth Taylor, SJP, Lise Watier and L'Oréal

Mother's Day is coming so Shoppers has all kinds of new fragrances in store!  There are so many that it was hard to pick just two so I went with the two I liked the smell of best!

I didn't expect to like Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes EDP - 50ml - $63 - but there is something about Elizabeth Taylor that screams Mother's Day to me, so I forced myself to pick it up and smell it, I was expecting something strong and overpowering and it's the total opposite - The top note is fresh, white peach, a floral heart of jasmine and purple rose, while peony, amber and cedar form the base.  It's soft, it's a little sweet and something that would be totally unoffensive to most moms.  If your mom (or even your grandma) is an Elizabeth Taylor fan, this would be a great present!

SJP NYC EDT - 30ml - $45 - 60ml - $59 - The scent consists of top notes of Italian mandarin, white osmanthus, wild red strawberries - heart notes of gardenia, honeysuckle, mimosa, red rose damascenia and base notes of sandalwood, vanilla absolute, rum flavor, creamy musks. - It's fruity, it's sweet, I love it!  My disappointment is with the bottle - it looks cool in the picture and I would totally be down with it except it's a paper wrapping on the bottle, like wallpaper - why couldn't they put some sort of coating over it?  To me it feels cheap and I don't want to know what might happen to it  the first time I picked it up with hand cream or something else oily on my hands.  For a $20 bottle of fragrance I'm not so picky but when I'm spending real money, I expect the bottle to match the price tag.

Despite my bottle complaints, it is a lovely fragrance and if your mom is a Sex in the City fan, another great gift idea.

Lise Watier Duo Mineral Eyeshadow - $25 - this picture doesn't do the colours justice, they are so pretty and vibrant!

Natural Bronze - peach/bronze
Rose Classique - pink/dark brown
Sunset Fever - gold/orange
Black & White - black/white (duh!)
Bleu Océan - light blue/dark blue
Ultra Violet - bright violet/dark violet (I am in love with this one!)
Easy Khaki - yellow/dark khaki
Jungle Green - lime/olive green

Of course I had my little fingers all over the testers (well, not really, that would be rude and gross, I used a brush) and they have great pigmentation - I am a big fan of duos as I find with quads that you generally end up with 1 or 2 colours that you never use and end up all sad and lonely and untouched in the pan, except for that one swipe mark at which point you realized it was a sucky colour.

L'Oréal Go 360° Clean is on the shelves and that scrublet fascinates me!  Now is a good time to grab one, the Shoppers I was at had a full sized gentle eye makeup remover as a free gift attached to each product.  They come in four types:

Deep Facial Cleanser - Combination skin - 178ml - $14.99 - oil free
Deep Facial Cleanser - Sensitive skin - 178ml - $14.99 - fragrance free
Deep Exfoliating Scrub - 178ml - $14.99 - oil free
Deep Cream Cleanser - Normal to dry skin - 178ml - $14.99 - oil free

It's aimed at women in their 20's to give them clearer skin, smaller pores and smoother skin.  I like that the scrublet has a spot to live right on the bottle - let's face it, I just love that little scrublet!  And I really like saying theat word - scrublet...

- Scrublet -

April 27, 2010

Smell and sting free haircolour? Fantasy becomes reality with INOA!

A couple of months ago I told you here about an event that I went to held by L'Oréal Professionnel to introduce their innovative new hair colouring product - INOA. Now it's all well and good to watch a slick presentation and admire the colour on a bunch of models but as someone smart once said - the proof is in the pudding!  Not that I wanted pudding on my head but I sure was up for trying some INOA hair colour so off I went on Saturday to Taz Hair Co. in Yorkville to have the full INOA experience.  Taz is located in a funky lower level shop on Yorkville Avenue and looks exactly like you would expect a salon in this super trendy part of town to look but at the same time I found it very warm and friendly.

I was sitting in the waiting area when I saw a girl with bright red hair show up.  Her arms were covered in tatoos, her shirt kept slipping off her shoulder and she was wearing a skirt so short, I was praying she wouldn't drop anything.  Of course, this turned out to be my colourist - Susan!  Now really,  is this what you expect a Susan to look like?  Susan's are mousy haired, wallflower accountants (no offense meant to any other Susans out there)!  They are not tattoo sporting, Bret Micheals loving, award winning colourists,  - but there you go - all my preconceived Susan notions have gone out the window!  On with the colour!

Here's a before so you can get an idea of what she started with - a dark auburn.  We decided to go light for spring.  I would have liked a strawberry blonde but INOA doesn't have a full range of reds yet so we decided on a light copper with a few highlights thrown in to lighten things up.  I had the best time with Susan while she coloured my hair and I'm pretty sure she is certifiable.  She warned me if Bret Michaels came up on the playlist that she would have to stop and slow dance - it never did happen so I didn't find out if it was me she would have been dancing with...  I would also be remiss if I didn't mention that Taz has some great eye candy... just sayin'...

And here's the after - beautiful no?!  Lighter, brighter and much more springlike!  Now let me tell you, the INOA really is better than any other dye I've used or had used on me.  There was NO smell and no scalp burning to it whatsoever.  Even the semi-permanent colour I usually use at home smells terrible and stings a bit! INOA is like having conditioner on your head - if it wasn't for the colour (mine was purple) you would never know you were colouring your hair!  So if you've been avoiding hair colour because you hate the smell/pain you are going to love this stuff!

Even better, the INOA shampoo they wash the colour out with smells amazing!  All fresh and fruity, I'm going to have to find out if this stuff is sold separately!  After the blowdry I could not get over how shiny and soft my hair was - this is so not your usual damaging hair dye!

Do I love it?  Yes!  Would I do it again?  Absolutely!  Do you need some INOA hair love of your own?  Why are you still asking me crazy questions?! - get yourself to Taz immediately!  

Colourist prices are $50-$70 and up.

Stylist prices are $50-$100 and up.

They also have a full array of esthetic services from Esthetics by Eva including facials - from $50, manicures - from $24, pedicures - from $45 as well as waxing and tinting.

You can find Taz at 11 Yorkville Avenue - 416-922-6060  If you aren't lucky enough to have Taz near you, INOA is available at all L'Oréal salons, you can go here to find yours.

- Lisamarie -

A new crush for you and mom - Stila Raspberry Crush Lip & Cheek Stain!

Multi-tasking makeup makes me so happy!  I am so not a morning person and I am always looking for products that can make my morning routine a little quicker and easier.  Stila - Raspberry Crush Lip & Cheek Stain - $32 - is the newest addition to Stila's Crush family and uses sweetly-scented, naturally staining raspberry extracts to react with the pH levels of the skin to create a perfectly personalized vibrant berry pink colour that is all you - but better - with a high level of shimmer for lips and cheeks.

The high concentration of real raspberry extract brings antioxidant protection, as well as nourishing B vitamins, folic acid, magnesium, copper and iron to the skin

It comes in Stila's signature click pen which makes it super portable.  My favourite part of the Crush stains is that they are very buildable so it gives you the ability to apply as little or as much colour as you desire!

If you are thinking about Mother's day gifts this would be a great one, a product that works as hard as mom does!

Available at stilacosmetics.com, Murale, Beautymark and Sephora.  

And while you are at Sephora picking one up for mom (and one for yourself of course), check out the fabulous Mother's Day set that I noticed while I was there the other day:

Stila Mother's Day Set - $49 - contains: 

Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer in Shade 01 (for light complexions)
One Step PrimeColor in Per Suede (dusty rose
Lip Glaze in Mayberry (rose with shimmer) Eye Shadow Trio in Anya (soft peach shimmer/soft brown/deep purple shimmer).

I picked up one of the eye shadow trios when I was there and they are fabulous - good pigmentation and so soft - I am loving mine!

Again, you might have to buy one for mom and one for yourself...

- Lisamarie -

Eliza Kozurno has an Imperfect Dream that interprets as amazing jewellery!

Toronto based jewellery designer Eliza Kozurno recently launched her fall/winter 2010 collection - Imperfect Dream and it seems anything but imperfect to me!  If you like statement pieces with a cool, funky vibe then you need to add something of Eliza's to your collection.  I'm happy to see that big necklaces are sticking around for fall/winter - so much easier then wearing a scarf!  You can go here to find out where to pick up your very own little piece of jewellery heaven!

Leather Bird Necklace with crochet, chain, wood, black jet and vintage acrylic - $179 - I love this piece and I've noticed that birds seem to be very big right now!
Leather Fringed Necklace with crochet, wood, black jet, glass and crystal - $379
Knitted and Braided Necklace with handmade clay beads, glass, hematite, crystal and smoky quartz - $319
Crocheted Bracelet with sequined chiffon, glass and crystal - $219
Silver Chain Earrings with glass beads - $59
Leather Fringe Necklace with crochet and vintage acrylic flowers - $259

- Lisamarie -

Louboutin: It's Only a Dream!

Who needs models when you can get computer generated pictures like these? Christian Louboutin has created an interesting fall/winter ad campaign. Unless, I'm getting a 300% raise (or a very rich old dying husband), there is no way I can afford Louboutin this year. But dreams a free (aargh some penniless hippie probably came up with this nonsense!).

The pictures are beautiful but I would have liked to see more of the shoes and less mice. Eek.