September 26, 2016

Bring your face and mind together with L'Occitane Divine Harmony!

L'Occitane Divine Harmony has arrived to awaken the face's vitality and keep it alive with a new line of products that offers harmony between what women feel on the outside and what they see in the mirror - and works on 3 elements:

Harmony of skin texture and skin tone - by evaluating skin texture irregularities and radiance - for skin that is refined and brighter;

Harmony of facial contours - by evaluating the contours and volume of the face - for skin that is fuller and more plump with more defined facial contours and less pronounced wrinkles ; and

Inner Harmony - by evaluating an immediate sense of wellbeing through the application ritual - for a feeling of serenity and well-being.

The line contains a couple of amazing extracts from the sea and the earth: Jania Rubens - a red algae with the ability to eternally regenerate and Immortelle Millesimee - a flower that never fades - that replicate the abilities of the plants on the skin. When combined they target the overall harmony of the face by acting not only on the classic signs of aging, but also on facial volumes and contours

Available are:

L'Occitane Divine Harmony Serum - 30ml - $225 (30ml refill - $210) - with a lightweight formula that contains over 5,000 micro-drops of Immortelle Millesimee essential oil, myrtle essential oil, camelina, evening primrose and borage oils, suspended within a water-based gel enriched with Jania Rubens that burst delicately on the skin so the ingredients can fuse together and melt into the skin.

L'Occitane Divine Harmony Cream - 50ml - $200 (50ml refill - $185) - with a creamy texture that transforms into a soft oil that allows the active ingredients of Immortelle Millesimee and myrtle essential oils, camelina, evening primrose and borage oils to penetrate as it melts into the skin.

Applying both of them is a luxurious experience that feels so good, how could it not be good for your skin?!

When done there is no need to throw out the whole thing, each product is designed with an eco-refillable compartment so you can replace the product and hang on to the jar (and save a little money in the process)!

Available now at L'Occitane boutiques across Canada and online at

- Lisamarie -

Mascara Monday - GOSH Rebel Eyes Long Wear Volume Mascara

GOSH Rebel Eyes Long Wear Volume Mascara - $17 - adds curl, length and volume in a single coat.
Features a curved flexible rubber brush with unique wedge-shaped discs and a bristled tip for an extra push-up effect
along with a long-lasting, perfume free formula containing sea buckthorn seed oil to protect lashes.
You are supposed to be able to achieve volume with just one coat, but you really do need two and the trick to the second coat is to add it while the first coat is wet. I applied the second coat when the first coat was dry on the left eye and as you can see it looks flaky and clumpy - on the right eye I applied the second coat while the first was still wet and it looks much better!

Available now exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart.

- Lisamarie -

September 24, 2016

Make a statement with a necklace from Happiness Boutique, Avon and Banana Republic!

Happiness Boutique Ivory Flowers Statement Necklace - $39 - with a zinc bronze chain that is complemented by ivory flowers and lots of sparkle.

The annoying reasons that I don't usually like to mail order from other countries don't exist here - standard shipping is free, it arrives within a couple of weeks and prices on the website are in Canadian so I don't have to do mental calculations trying to figure out what the actual price is. There's also a generous reward program making it easy to earn free jewelry and other fun gifts!

Check it out yourself at
Avon Layers Of Fun Statement Necklace - $29.99 - with luxe looking black and goldtone beads - 46 cm L with a 9 cm extender.

Available now from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at
Banana Republic Ribbon Collar Necklace - $74 - glamourous sparkle that is the perfect piece to dress up a boring neckline - made from zinc, steel, brass, glass and ribbon with a lobster clasp.

Available at Banana Republic stores across Canada and online at

- Lisamarie -

September 23, 2016

Phyto Phytokératine Extrême Exceptional Cream

Phyto Phytokératine Extrême Exceptional Cream - 100ml - $48 - a luxurious, nourishing, leave-in, ultra-fluid cream styler with an instantly absorbed texture meant for those with ultra-dry, brittle and damaged hair of all types that deeply nourishes, regenerates, and protects hair to increase its smoothness, shine, strength and manageability.

The lightweight formula combines the repairing power of botanical keratin - which consists of 18 amino acids derived from wheat, corn and soy, that perfectly imitates the natural keratin found in hair and works to fill the gaps in the cortex - along with the nourishing properties of sapote butter and baobab oil to instantly reveal radiantly healthy hair while preventing breakage, dryness and frizz to help hair regain its softness and suppleness.

Available now at Sephora and

- Lisamarie -

Fragrant Friday - The 7 Virtues Lisa Ray Jasmine of India

The 7 Virtues introduces their sixth fragrance which is also their very first celebrity fragrance:

The 7 Virtues Lisa Ray Jasmine of India - 50ml EDP - $70 - with notes of orange blossom, cardamom, ginger, frankincense and myrrh blended with the exotic jasmine flower.

As you know by now, I'm not a fan of floral scents but there is so much spiciness to this one that I wouldn't peg it a straight floral at all so I'm a fan!

If I didn't love it for the scent, I have to say I would still love it for the message - the inspiration for all The 7 Virtues fragrances is to support farmers in nations rebuilding, having helped farmers in Haiti, Afghanistan, the Middle East and Rwanda, this time they wanted to do their part to contribute to India, realizing it is home to the world's largest group living in poverty - so this one is helping the Jasmine farmers of India with every bottle.

Lisa Ray was a natural choice for a partner in the latest fragrance due to her only philanthropic ventures - having been recognized as a "Woman of Action" by the Israel Cancer Research Fund and participating in numerous charitable efforts including ProjectEleven27, an initiative spearheaded by designer Laura Siegal to support ethical practices int he garment industry and honour the garment factory workers who perished in Bangledesh.

Available now exclusively at Hudson's Bay stores across Canada and online at and

- Lisamarie -

September 22, 2016

Live Clean Vanilla Oatmeal

Live Clean has harnessed the soothing powers of oatmeal in two new products that are not only great for sensitive skin, but also smell amazing! With their 98% plant derived, sulfate, phosphate, silicone, dye and paraben free formulas that are completely vegan you are sure to fall in love with:

Live Clean Vanilla Oatmeal Soothing Liquid Hand Soap - 500ml - $4.99 - gently cleanses as it softens and moisturizes so hands feel soft and silky smooth with a formula enriched with vitamin E, panthenol, certified organic botanicals of vanilla and chamomile and oatmeal - for its natural healing and anti-oxidant properties that are ideal for sensitive skin and repetitive hand-washing.

Live Clean Vanilla Oatmeal Soothing Body Wash - 500ml - $6.99 - is formulated to gently cleanse and soothe dry skin with certified organic botanicals of vanilla and chamomile combined with oatmeal to deeply penetrate and deliver superior softening and moisturizing care. 

Available now at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, London Drugs, and

- Lisamarie -

NARS Velvet Lip Glide - with swatches!

NARS Velvet Lip Glide - $34 - in 13 shades named after the iconic venues and new attitude that emerged from the sexual revolution of the ‘70s: Stripped - beige pink, No. 54 - raspberry red, Unlaced - nude pink, Le Palace - deep cherry red, Playpen - pink coral, Unspeakable - garnet, Bound - rose pink, Toy - deep aubergine, Danceteria - fuchsia, Area - rich chestnut, La Main Bleue - rich berry, Deviant - deep burgundy, Mineshaft - poppy red - a hybrid lip colour that combines the fluidity and effortlessness of a gloss with the coverage and comfort of a lipstick instantly delivering saturated colour with sensorial comfort. The formula contains an oil infusion complex that allows for a smooth-glide effect while the new doe foot applicator offers a plush application delivering effortlessly nourished lips and intense colour.
No. 54

I'm more of a gloss girl then a lipstick girl so liquid lipsticks are the perfect hybrid for me - all the shininess and application control of a gloss with the pigmentation of a lipstick - I love how rich the colours of these are and the smell is amazing - I can't quite decide what it is so I'm going with cake batter!

Available at Sephora, Hudson’s Bay, Holt Renfrew, Nordstrom and Murale and online at

- Lisamarie -