August 23, 2017

Eye Love Wednesday - Ardell Faux Mink Lashes

Ardell Faux Mink Lashes - $10.99 - in 3 styles: 810 - dramatic spiked effect, 811 - sexy flared effect, 812 - fluttery eye-opening effect - of hand-crafted, beautifully layered lashes that create a lush multi-dimensional look with silky soft, lightweight fibers and finely tapered tips - while patented Invisiband technology ensures comfortable wear and seamless blending with natural lashes

Available now at Rexall, London Drugs, Lawton's and Uniprix.

- Lisamarie -

This week I'm obsessed with... For Beloved Girl Cloud-Silk Masks!

For Beloved Girl has introduced a line of mineral-based, cloud silk masks specially developed for millennial women in search of high-quality, mid-priced skincare solutions which carry precise formulations of minerals to target major skin concerns.

Available in the collection:

Extreme Moisture Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask - 3 masks - $12.99 - for extreme dry skin it contains sodium hyaluronate to add extreme moisture and hyaluronic acid for all-day moisture replenishing that creates immediate plumpness and luminosity in skin, along with sodium PCA to fortify and soothe and sodium lactate to strengthen and restore balance to skin.

Skin Renewal Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask - 3 masks - $12.99 - for pore cleansing it contains calcium lactate to soften dead skin and enhance pore cleansing efficiency, clearing the skin while accelerating its metabolism, along with the akomplex AHA flower contains roselle, rosehip and viola tri-colour extracts, rich in various vitamins for deep cleansing and softer skin that becomes clear and flawless.

Flawless Brightening Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask - 3 masks - $12.99 - for uneven skin tone it contains ferric citrate to regulate skin for a natural rosy glow that emanates brilliance and luminosity, while saussurea involucrata extract works in combination with tranexamic acid to provide luminosity and repair - dullness is eliminated from the inside out, restoring bright, hydrated and flawless skin.

Puff Elimination Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask - 3 masks - $12.99 - for fatigues and puffy eyes it contains potassium chloride to inject skin with a revitalizing miracle to safeguard firmness, along with cafeisilane C caffeine complex to vitalize skin and eliminate excessive water retention to alleviate puffiness in the skin for immediately invigorated, firm skin.

Tea Tree Oil Control Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask - 3 masks - $12.99 - for oily, combination skin it contains zinc gluconate to regulate excessive oil and restore balance to the skin and Australian tea tree extract to inhibit excessive lipid secretion and stop oily shine to reveal refreshed, flawless skin.

Active Resilience Youth Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask - 3 masks - $12.99 - for aging skin with fine lines it contains copper gluconate to stimulate rebirth of firm skin and hydrolyzed soy protein to plump skin and smooth fine lines while providing ultimate hydrating and repair to aging and/or fatigued skin.

Feel free to mix and match them according to whatever crazy thing your skin is doing on any given day - my skin is so schizophrenic, I would love to see them come out with a variety pack for it's many moods!

Available now at T&T stores across Canada and online at

- Lisamarie -

August 22, 2017

mark. Get Even All-Day Moisture Liquid Foundation

mark. Get Even All-Day Moisture Liquid Foundation - 30ml - $24 - in 14 shades: Very Light 1, Very Light 2, Very Light 3, Light 4, Light 5, Light 6, Light Medium 7, Light Medium 8, Medium 9, Medium 10, Medium Deep 11, Medium Deep 12, Deep 13, Deep 14 - with a tone-correcting formula that promotes natural-looking skin and a radiant appearance that is oil-free and breathable with a medium coverage that layers nicely to build coverage where you need something extra.

My best tip, half a pump mixed with a pump of light moisturizer  makes a great tinted moisturizer if you're like me and prefer lighter coverage for these hot months!

Available from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at

- Lisamarie -

Tilley Endurables Limited Edition Invictus Games Hat

Canadian hat company, Tilley Endurables has partnered with the Invictus Games 2017 to supply their specially designed, limited-edition ball cap to all competitors, volunteers and dignitaries at the games which will take place in Toronto from September 23 -30 - and is also available to buy online.

Invictus Games Ball Cap - $70 - made with moisture wicking polyester and features an elasticized sweatband and secret pocket.

Also available is a Tilley fan favourite style - Invictus Games T3 Snap-Up - $90 - made with curable cotton duck, with a snap-up brim offering versatility.

For every Invictus Games hat purchased, Tilley will donate $5 to True Patriot Love Foundation, a charity focused on supporting veterans and their families.
Founded by Prince Harry, the Invictus Games are the only international adaptive sporting event for ill, wounded and active duty and veteran service members.

And for some sport of your own, take a gander at Harry with another delicious, delicious man at one of the Invictus Games promotion events - just another thing to celebrate my friends!

Get your limited edition Tilley Invictus Games hats online at and tickets for the games can be found at

- Lisamarie -

August 21, 2017

Get visibly healthy skin with NIA24!

NIA24 is a pro-niacin powered, healthy skincare regimen to help reduce or correct visible signs of aging due to environmental and age damage and replenish and protect the skin's moisture barrier to impede natural water loss.

Available in the collection:

Gentle Cleansing Cream - 150ml - $36 - a rich and replenishing creamy cleanser that gently removes excess surface impurities and makeup leaving skin feeling soft and supple - contains:  humectant complex - to help retain essential hydration and prevent moisture loss; and evening primrose and olive oil - to deliver supple moisture.

Rapid Depigmentation Serum - 30ml - $90 - with a concentrated, lightweight formula that penetrates into skin's surface to visibly diminish the appearance of age spots, dark spots and discolouration for a significant improvement in skin radiance, clarity and tone - contains: hexylresorcinol and ascorbyl glucoside (a form of vitamin C) - to visibly improve skin tone and texture and reduce the appearance of dark spots; willow bard extract - to help slough away dead skin cells for a brighter, more even and smoother skin texture; and betaine - to help protect skin's natural moisture barrier for an overall healthier, younger looking complexion.

Skin Strengthening Complex - 50ml - $102 - a lightweight, fortifying moisturizer that taps into skin's protective powers to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles and strengthen the skin barrier while delivering optimal moisture for firmer looking, more resilient skin - contains: retinyl palmitate (a form of vitamin A) - to improve resilience, firmness and skin texture; ceramides - to moisturize and fortify skin surface for smoother, firmer and more hydrated skin; hexapeptide - to visibly diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles; antioxidants green tea and rosemary leaf extracts - to fight dry skin caused by environmental aggressors; and evening primrose and wheat germ oils - essential skin conditioners that deliver supple moisture.

Intensive Recovery Complex - 50ml - $130 - a rich cream that delivers intense nourishment and helps to initiate skin's own revitalization for skin that looks fuller, firmer and redensified by locking in multi-level moisture to restore the skin barrier - contains: sodium hyaluronate - a form of hyaluronic acid that helps skin retain essential hydration and prevent moisture loss; licorice root extract - to refine and brighten skin tone for improved clarity; and a peptide and cermide blend - to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while helping to replenish and restore skin's moisture barrier.

Eye Repair Complex - 15ml - $79 - an ultra-rich cream that brightens, hydrates and visibly reduces puffiness to illuminate and minimize the look of under eye discolouration - contains: a peptide blend - to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles; licorice root, white birch leaf extract and vitamin C ester - to visibly brighten and illuminate the look of under eye discolouration; and caffeine - to help reduce the appearance of puffiness.

As well, all of the products contain patented, propriety pro-niacin, which facilitates the delivery of niacin deep into the surface skin - to help strengthen the moisture barrier and remove dead skin cells while visibly improving skin tone, texture and the look of discolouration.

I like that this isn't one of those skin care lines that insist that you have to use all of their line and nothing else - go ahead and use it alone to promote healthy looking skin or mix it up with products you already have or along with cosmetic treatments - studies have shown that the NIA24 formulas can help to enhance the effectiveness of other products and treatments!

Available now exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

Mascara Monday - Maybelline Lash Sensational Curvitude Mascara

Maybelline Lash Sensational Curvitude Mascara - $10.99 - volumizes and leaves lashes defined and curled.
With a washable formula that is quite liquid and easy to apply
and an innovative fanning curved brush that shapes, stretches and reveals layers of lashes for a curvy, fun fan effect.
For easiest application, use the inner curve to reach the roots of lashes then sweep fanning curved brush from the root to tip of lashes for volume - and for best results, don't let the mascara dry between coats or it will look clumpy!

Available now at drug and mass retailers across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

August 19, 2017

Givenchy L'Autre Noir 2017 Autumn-Winter Collection

Givenchy goes super dark for Fall/Winter 2017 with L'Autre Noir, a limited edition makeup collection that is so much edgy fun, everything else will seem boring in comparison!
Universal Noir Révélateur Lip Liner - $35 - reshapes and redefines lips while enhancing the look of your lipstick, and preventing the colour from bleeding. Enriched with Noir Révélateur, it also adds depth to the shade of your lipstick. Use it as a liner or apply lightly to the center of your lips to add contrast, creating an ultra-fashionable, graduated look or when used all over, the black is gradually diffused and intensifies the natural color of the lips.

Gloss Révélateur - $35 - an enigmatic black gloss with a shiny and non-sticky formula that results in a rosy pink that varies according to the pH of your skin and can be worn on its own for a just-bitten look, or as a top coat to add shine and depth to the colour of your lipstick.

Liner Vinyl - $39 - in 6 Rosy Black - black infused with pearlescent rose and violet flecks for an intense, iridescent black finish - an ultra-precise liquid eyeliner that results in a highly pigmented, unique texture with a super-thin brush that allows you to create from a full to thin line.

Blush Noir Révélateur - $43 - reacts to the pH of the skin, creating a unique colour on every face, from sheer rose to deep plum. Use it on its own or layer over/under any other cheek product.
Ombre Couture - $32 - in 6 Rose Black - black infused with pearlescent rose and violet flecks - glides on, drying down to a powdery finish for up to 16 hours of long-wearing, waterproof colour.
Le Rouge Sculpt Two Tone Lipstick - $45 - in 5 shades: No 1 Sculpt'in Rouge - magic black and red, No 2 Sculpt'in Violine - deep berry and red pink, No 3 Sculpt'in Fuchsia - fuchsia and pink, No 4 Sculpt'in Corail - coral and brick red, No 5 Sculpt'in Rose - rose and berry - that adds contrast, contour and volume in one easy tube - the core shade highlights the center of the lips, while the darker, tone-on-tone shade, enriched with the secret Noir Révélateur formula, contours the edges with a deeper color.

Available now exclusively at Sephora and

- Lisamarie -

August 18, 2017

Redken No Blow Dry NBD Cream

Redken No Blow Dry NBD Cream - 150ml - $23.99 - offers effortless texture and a no-product feel that features Air-Tex technology with flexible polymers for control with movement and quick-dry polymers for faster drying time.

In three formulas:

Airy Cream for Fine Hair - provides a quick air-dry with effortless texture and body.

Just Right Cream for Medium Hair - provides a quick air-dry with effortless control and movement. 

Bossy Cream for Coarse Hair - provides a quick air-dry with effortless manageability and frizz control.

Whether you're tight on time, taking a break from heat tools, or want an effortless it-girl look, getting an amazing air-dry is no big deal.

There's also lots of different ways to use the cream: apply to damp hair, create a loose braid and let hair air-dry, undo the braid and shake out hair for loose beach waves or my favorite trick right now to create a soft bend by the face - apply the cream to damp hair, clip it behind the ears and let it air-dry, unclip and gently tousle - magic!

Available at select salons across Canada - visit to find one need you.

- Lisamarie -