November 30, 2009

Sonia Rykiel's Collection for H&M is out Tomorrow and I Don't Really Care.

As Lisamarie announced it to you a few weeks ago, Sonia Rykiel's lingerie capsule collection for H&M will be launched tomorrow with a big runway show at the beautiful Grand Palais in Paris.

I usually love Sonia Rykiel's lingerie but after watching the models fittings video (below), I'm not really loving what I've seen so far.  This collection is still waaaay better than Victoria's latest crap secrets, no doubt, but I bet these underwear will look nothing like their pictures.

Behind the scenes - models fittings


I Can't Stop Touching Myself...Because of You, NeoStrata!

"No, No, No, I can't stop touching myself, now!". This is not a new Britney's song -although it would make  fabulous lyrics for her- no, this is me looking in the mirror after using the NeoStrata - Skin Renewal Peel Solution (all skin types), in disbelief.

After Lisamarie's glowing review of the NeoStrata resurfacing duo, I decided to try the Skin Renewal Solution. I was tired and not in a particularly good mood that night (I know! It almost never happens, right?). I opened the box and noticed the bottle had a dropper and thought NeoStrata was using a gimmick to make their packaging interesting. I rolled my eyes...until I realized it was actually really smart: with the dropper you have the ability to apply the few drops required to moisten the very thin cotton pads included in the box, so you don't make a mess as the dosage is very precise. But then, I thought: "well, it's only a few drops, what difference can it make to my skin?". And don't expect the pleasant smell that some of their other products have, you will be disappointed. So, using a cotton pad, I put it on my face (I didn't even bother with massaging my face as recommended), then left it on for 10 minutes. It didn't tingle, I didn't feel a thing, so then I told myself: "Ugh, if I don't feel anything, it's probably not doing much". Still cranky, I rinsed my face.

Holy crap. My face now feels smooth. Really smooth. My skin even looks smoother after one use. This is insane. I have used it once! I can't stop touching my face. Stop it Christelle. It even tightened the large pores on my nose (aren't you glad to get to know me that intimately?). Basically, the glycolic acid really helps eliminate dead cells responsible for dull and uneven skin. I'm not cranky anymore, I'm too busy touching myself. After using this solution for a few days, I'm glad to report that my face hasn't melted, and is still soft like a baby's bottom!

This product does not come cheap at $73, but is totally worth the price tag. I have a combination/oily skin so  getting rid of the shine can be a challenge and this solution totally did it. Problem is: I know I'm already addicted. I would totally fight you in an arena full of lions and snakes to get to the last bottle from the drugstore. And you know it would be a vicious fight. Thankfully, there is still enough Skin Renewal Peel Solution for everybody to keep the peace on the streets of Canada. Phew.


Lethal Weapons or Shoes?

Topshop is coming out with a special collection designed by Louise Goldin for Spring 2010. No price or release date so far, but you have to admit, these pumps are pretty spectacular. Half weapon, half shoes, they will come very handy in the subway. Nobody will ever step on your toes, trust me. Although, I was thinking about a little upgrade of my own: how about dipping these shoes in curare? Now that would be fun.



November 29, 2009

Weekend Goodies: Magazines around The World

The sublime Marija Vujovic for Vogue UK November
Trends: Shoulder pads, studded belts, asymmetrical dresses

Honestly, I just needed an excuse to post these pictures, Marija looks incredible. And that's why I want to see more models on the covers of magazines and less actresses and singers, please (except if your name is Cate Blanchett).

Numero magazine in Japan (Anne-Sophie Monrad)
Trends: Lace, shoulder pads, over-the-knee boots and Louis Vuitton bunny ears


The annoying Lilly Allen photographed by Karl Lagerfeld for Elle Russia
I have to admit, Lilly looks good here with tousled hair, red lipstick and lots of Photoshop.

Cate Blanchett is on the cover of Vogue US for the December edition, looking incredible as usual.
She should get an Oscar every year, just because she's Cate Blanchett. In fact, the Oscars should be renamed the Cate Blanchett Awards.


November 27, 2009

How to Get Mugged? Karl Lagerfeld Knows Best.

You may have noticed this Karl Lagerfeld Couture helmet for Fall 09 during the Paris Fashion Week in March: so rejoice! This gem-incrusted, Tweed-padded protection goes for sale today and can now be yours for only $6800.

If Karl Lagerfeld's goal was to keep you safe, well I'm afraid he has failed here (and I say this respectfully, god, I'm kinda scared of him). This helmet might protect you from a little traffic accident, but not from a nasty mugger. Wear it, and you'll be broadcasting to the world that you have more money than sense. Karl should know that, he lives in Paris for god's sake. A city, where people get out of their car and get into fist fights because you were driving too slow (a true story) or even because you look at them in a funny way (again, a true story).  Jealous fashionistas and nasty pigeons (they often behave the same way) will pick on you, attracted by the sparkly gems. Nobody will leave you alone.  No, really this helmet will not keep you safe. You might as well save yourself the trouble...and $6800!

Karl Lagerfeld featured here in a road safety campaign in France: "It's yellow, it's ugly, it doesn't go with anything, but it can save your life." French drivers are now obligated by law to carry this yellow safety jacket and Stop sign in their car at all times. Looks like Uncle Karl is really concerned about your safety!


Cheer for Jenn, win a kickass prize and check out her sweet Birks' bling!

No, I didn't accidentally paste this picture in upside down, this is a normal day on the slopes for freestyle skier, Jenn Heil.  Jenn has won the world cup four times, won a gold medal for freestyle skiing at the 2006 Torino Olympics and we are looking to her to bring home another gold at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, impressive, yes?!  Not being a sporty girl myself I am always in awe of people who can do the kinds of things she can, so I was thrilled to find out that one of my fave beauty lines, Marcelle has launched a "Cheer for Jenn" website.  What's in it for you, you ask?  Well other then the obvious joy and satisfaction you will get from supporting a female Olympic athlete, there are prizes, lots of prizes.  The coolest being a ski day in Banff with Jenn (I would end up falling, knocking her down and ruining her ski career, so fingers crossed I don't win that one) and 12 other secondary prizes from some of her sponsors including Birks and Oakley.  And if that's not enough, every week until March 29th, 2010 with prizes including the Birks necklace (shown below, I want to win that!) and a $100 Marcelle gift basket!  Feeling supportive now, aren't you?!!  All you have to do is go here and send Jenn a cheer via your website(like I'm doing here), twitter, video or text, easy peasy!
And not only is this sporty girl cute as a button, (look at those teeth, she should be doing toothpaste ads!) she has a namesake line of jewelry at Birks too!  Sterling silver and costing between $295 - $395.  I like it, it's very sleek and modern looking.  You can see and/or order it here.

You don't have to be an athlete to be an athletic supporter (sorry, couldn't resist) so do your bit and Cheer For Jenn!

 - Lisamarie -

November 26, 2009

Agent Provocateur Loves Racy Superheroines. Who Doesn't?

They provoke me, alright. Agent provocateur and their PR stunts. They are good, really good. At least this campaign doesn't make me go WTF?! Like their penis cardigan. This second comic book (that's right!) looks fun and racy. The superheroines, part of a new world order (in Agent Provocateur's world, I guess), wear their underwear outside and with pride! I'm not sure what do they fight for or why, but who cares. I'm sure your man will love this comic book for Xmas and with a bit of luck he will order the Superheroines' lingerie for his very own Superheroine (you, hopefully!). It's all about subtle hints, ladies. SUBTLE.


Urban Decay - perfect eyeliner and half naked men, what's not to like?

You may recall from this post that I purchased the Urban Decay Hall of Fame set during one of my Sephora Holiday Magic ordering frenzies.  I bought it for the super sized primer potion and didn't really think about the other things in the set.  Of course that's always when you discover something wonderful as I did here.

I have mentioned that I have a hard time with eyeliners, even waterproof ones become all smudgy on me as my eye area is oily and provides it's very own built in eye makeup remover.  So yesterday I needed a black eyeliner and just happened to grab the cute little one that came with the UD set.  I use a pencil liner on my waterline and a bit of powder liner underneath.  Now I know the pencil isn't going to stay but the theory is that I will eventually blink it into a nice little line underneath.  This usually works to a degree but never that successfully.  Until I did it with the 24/7 pencil - my waterline liner became a perfect line underneath - I mean PERFECT!  It didn't smudge or migrate for hours!  Eventually the outer corners of my eye did become a little blurry but that was well after lunch which included a trip to the gym.  I'm impressed!  I might have to test this out a little further and I am thinking the  24/7 Super Stash will be necessary for my experiment...

The second happy surprise was the Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss.  The mini tube you get has Timothy in his underwear but the full sized one gives you a clothed Timothy who will strip to his skivvies when you tip the tube.  Reminds me of those naked lady pens you see in the gift shop at Niagara Falls.  Even better then the half naked man is the colour of this lip gloss.  In the tube it looks like a really bright coral but on your lips, it's much sheerer and has impressive staying power.  I am sitting here wearing it right now and drinking a glass of water, most of it is still on my lips and what is on the glass looks really pretty.  It smells sweet going on but the smell goes away, I can't smell anything now.  I have already ordered one of these for a friend for Christmas.  She has 3 kids so I think a half naked man who can't get pregnant and will make her lips look good should make her happy.

- Lisamarie -

November 25, 2009


I'm not a fan of the shoulder pads trend (à la Lady Gaga) by any mean, but there are cute ways to wear them this season. Since many of you seem to have a fascination for Rihanna's dress from her latest "Russian Roulette" video, here is a  quick overview of similar dresses - and they are a LOT cheaper than her Balmain gear.

This first dress above is from the american brand Alice+Olivia for $264 (available online or at Barney's or Neiman Marcus in the US)

This grey Mango dress retails for $119

Now, with Zara -and Mango to a certain extent- remember: these guys change their styles quite often in their stores and their stocks may vary from one country to another. The two outfits here may not be available just yet, so keep on checking. I will try to find out the availability from Zara.


It's official - Sephora Holiday Magic is going to bankrupt me!

You might recall 19 days ago my excitement at receiving the new Sephora holiday magic catalogue here.  I placed 2 orders from it, got lots of nice stuff and was thrilled.  Imagine my surprise on arriving home last night to find another one in my mailbox, and I don't mean a copy of the same one, I'm talking about a whole new and different catalogue.  Can I say I am any less thrilled?  Of course not!  Can I say that Sephora is a bunch of insidious marketing geniuses?  You betcha!  This is what I imagine happened:  the Sephora marketing people were all sitting around a couple of weeks ago talking about me and they said "Hey, we sent out the Holiday magic catalogue and we got 2 orders from Lisamarie.  What do you say we send out a new one and see how much money we can shake out of her then?!"  Cue maniacal laughter.

Fine Sephora, be like that!  You know what I'm going to do?  Well order out of the new catalogue of course!  See how you like that!  Oh wait, you will like that, in fact this is exactly what you were hoping for...damn you, you evil geniuses!

So here is what I think looks good this time:

I love the skincare sampler that I ordered last time so I expect I would also enjoy this mascara sampler just as much.  It has all of these in it: 
- Hourglass Superficial Lash
- Urban Decay Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara
- Korres Abyssinia Oil Volumizing and Strengthening Mascara
- Benefit A Little Bit BADGal Lash Mascara
- Smashbox Lash DNA
- Laura Mercier Thickening and Building Mascara
- Fresh Supernova
- Sephora Lash Stretcher
- Tarte 4 Day Stay Lash Stain
- Cargo LashActivator.

And actually, the lip sampler looks good too.  Why must I love a sampler so?!  This is what is in here:
- Duwop Private Red
- Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Sheer
- Sephora Nano Lip Liner in Beau Bordeaux 11 or Radiant Rosy 14
- NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Roman Holiday (vibrant pink sheen)
- Korres Guava Lipstick in Wine Red (burgundy wine)
- CARGO Plantlove Botanical Lipstick in Muir Woods (sheer spiced mauve)
- Tarte Vitamin Infused Lipstick in Hatha (shimmering berry rose)
- Laura Mercier Lip Coulour-Crème in Pink Champagne

And of course I must have the Stila lip glaze collection.  It has 4 old and 4 new colours:  starfruit, kitten, cranberry, blackberry, marmalade, pinkle twinkle, plum fairy and candy.  They sound delicious, how can I resist?!

And here is something that I have been mulling over but haven't quite decided on yet.  I have been thinking about getting a Clarisonic - I have heard lots of great things about them and now Sephora has this set with a full sized Kinerase and a body attachment.  I would love to hear opinions from any other Clarisonic users... and I'll tell you what the only thing keeping me from ordering this one would be if I did decide to order it is...
It also comes in pink!  And I just can't resist pink!  It doesn't come with the body attachment or the free cream so I will have to decide if having it pink it worth that... The first set is $225 and the pink one is $195 (both US $)  Help!
And just to make sure you are fully sucked in, like all the pretty merchandise wasn't enough, there is a new gift.  A Kat Von D Sephora tote.  Why I feel I need one of these I don't know but I do.  I don't like Kat Von D.  I don't have any of her makeup.  I don't watch her show.  I don't even have a single tattoo.  But this bag must be mine.  It can be yours too, just enter the code KVDTOTE.  For beauty insiders with a $50 order.
Fine, one (or maybe two, depending on Clarisonic) orders you get out of me Sephora!  But that's it!  I mean it this time!  And I had better not find another Holiday Magic catalogue in my mailbox in another couple of weeks...

- Lisamarie -

Safety First for Lady Gaga's Deranged Brain

I love Lady Gaga, she's wonderful. I haven't seen such a skilled attention whore since Madonna in the 90's. The Lady is my muse, my everything. I could write a zillion posts about her wacky sense of style, and let me tell you captivating my scattered brain this way is an achievement in itself. However, I fear we have now reached a certain level of desperation.  Yeah, walking around with the biggest shoulder pads ever created, big enough to hide a few bottles of Vodka and enough drugs to party like a Rock Star until 2010, is not just "whimsical" or "creative" anymore, it's a sign of pathology. This is really an outfit you'd expect to find in a mental institution. What? I'm serious. Who needs helmets when your shoulder pads can protect your deranged brain so well? Man, talk about taking a trend too far...

And if you thought those ridiculous shoulder pads were not enough, there is more! It's super low cleavage, for maximum effectiveness. Look at what pop stars have to do to sell their music. Have mercy.

Now, are you going to buy her CD? Please do it. Do it for my muse. Please. Don't make me beg...


November 24, 2009

Sultry Scarlett in New D&G Commercials

Oh! To be paid millions to sit at a table, peeling an orange, and look glamourous...that would be my dream job! Who cares about what the perfume smells like or that the bottle is kinda boring. We like Scarlett. And Scarlett Johansson likes you money. She has been busy, fronting a campaign for Mango recently, as well as Louis Vuitton, or even Reebok in recent years (I don't exactly think about fitness when I look at her, so that endorsement was really weird). Anyway, enjoy her latest D&G commercials, although I've got to say this doesn't beat Keira Kneightley's awesome Chanel commercial. Not even close.


A trifecta of marvelous oil-free moisturizers from Marcelle, NeoStrata and Vichy

Moisturizing is tricky business for me.  My skin has multiple personalities; some days it has an oily t-zone and is pretty normal everywhere else, sometimes it enjoys a dry patch or two and then just to shake things up, it will break out.  So you can imagine how much fun it is to find a moisturizer which does the job, but doesn't overdo it.  It's a real tightrope act!  Since I do love a serum and we know those aren't oil free, I even things out with an oil free moisturizer that has an SPF.  My only complaint would be that I prefer an SPF of 30 or more but have yet to find an oil free moisturizer that I like with more then a 15.  So from extensive research, these are my top 3 picks.

Marcelle - Oil-Free Multi-Defense Lotion - SPF 15 - at less then $20, this is not only my favourite one, but also the most economical with 120ml (that's 4 fl oz for our American friends) of product.  The texture is light, it absorbs fast with no chalky sunscreen cast and the smell is almost non-existent.  I also love the pump bottle it comes in, which unscrews easily so you can get at the last of the lotion.  I have nothing bad to saw about this product, if you like an oil free moisturizer and you have skin then you will love this.  If it only came in an SPF 30 I would never look at another product (okay fine, we all know that's a lie given my product whoreness, but I would think about never looking at another product - and I would feel guilty when I did!)

Marcelle is available at most Canadian drugstores including Shopper's Drug Mart.  And now that I have inspired lust for this product in the hearts of all you Americans, you can go here to order by phone.  The minimum order is $30, so get yourself something else pretty while you are at it, and the shipping seems pretty reasonable.

 NeoStrata - Oil Free Daytime Smoothing Lotion Level 3 - SPF 15 - I've been on the NeoStrata love train a lot lately but I just can't help myself - their products are just all so good!  This lotion retails for around $38 and is 50ml.  Now to clarify, the Level 3 refers to the amount of glycolic acid in the product - so it's Level 1 - 4%, Level 2 - 8% and Level 3 - 10%.  A Level 3 would be only for those with combination-oily skin, so you normal-dry girls will want to steer clear of this one.  Unfortunately, NeoStrata doesn't offer the oil free lotion in anything but a Level 3 but if you have the right skin type for this one, you will love it!  Now I only use this one when I am having one of my combo-oily days and I recall when I first started using it that it felt a little bit tingly, which would be the AHA, so it you tingle don't worry, it could be that Brad Pitt is in the next room but more likely it is the lotion. 

NeoStrata is available at most of your local drugstores and Americans can find it here.

Vichy Normaderm Pro Mat Ultra-Mattifying Oil-Free Lotion - SPF15 - you'll notice that the link I've given you here is for the American website.  For some reason the Canadian one doesn't actually have the products on it which is kind of annoying, but never mind, you can buy it at the drugstore and keep an eye out at Shopper's Drug Mart, this goes on sale quite often there.

This lotion is nice and light and goes on very matte.  If you have dry areas you will want to add some richer moisturizer in those spots as well as this lotion won't be enough on its own.  The smell is nice and light and it soaks right in.  I am glad they didn't package this Normaderm product in the old pump bottle, those pumps were hard to open (I think I ended up taking pliers to it to get it off) in order to get at the last of the product.  They say you can even use this as your primer, I haven't tested that theory but from the texture I can see why that might work.

Now go forth and moisturize!

- Lisamarie -

Handy Hand Lotions - for Those Who Dread Granny Hands

I often wake up in cold sweat in the middle of the night, thinking about what hand lotion I should pick at my local drugstore. There is so much choice, it's overwhelming. Hand lotion is serious business in Canada: it's cold and dry and your lovely hands can age 10 years in one afternoon out in the cold. Now as I have mentioned before, I have the driest skin known to mankind, so if a cream works on me, it will work on anybody else! Hand lotion also comes handy (ha!) for the OCD people in your life who insist on washing their hands every time they touch a door knob. Don't ask me how I know this, OK?

1 - My everyday choice: J.R Watkins hand & body lotion - Lemon Cream
My top hand cream choice is J.R Watkins ($8 for 325ml at your local drugstore) - it's 99.15% natural - good enough for me, and is not tested on animals for those of you who care. It contains natural shea and cocoa butters as well as natural oils like apricot, coconut, avocado, babassu and jojoba oil.  Despite using all these essential oils, this hand lotion is not greasy at all. Even better, it smells incredible! Lemon cream cookies! Yum! In fact, the smell is so incredible, you may have the urge to eat your own hands. So make sure, you stay well fed at all times. Hands are useful sometimes - how would you hold your martini, otherwise ? -

2 - Classic and heavy duty lotion: Neutrogena hand lotion
I can't write a post about hand lotions without mentioning the classic Neutrogena hand lotion ($5), which does a great job, with a neutral scent this time. Some of you may find it a little greasy however, this is what I would call a heavy duty cream. I mean, when a lotion says "Norwegian Formula" on its package, you know it's serious stuff, right? You can go to Antartica  Norway and back! Probably not your best cream if you live in a place like California.

3- The luxury choice: Nourrishing Comfort hand cream by Decléor ($24)
This French brand can only be found in spas and online, and  it's not cheap, but their products are usually fantastic. Their hand cream nourishes your skin, reduces pigmentation marks and regulates perspiration, all that without leaving you feeling greasy. So it does more than your usual hand lotion, hence the price.

So let's keep our hands beautiful for this winter!