February 21, 2019

Test Driving - Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel

Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel - available in three convenient sizes: 50ml - $9.99 - for on the go, 100ml -  $14.99 - for travel and 200ml - $24.99 - for at home - a unique gel-to-oil formulation for dry skin with a highly potent formulation that includes emollients, humectants and skin soothing ingredients also found in the original Bio-Oil Skincare Oil. These ingredients offer superior hydration to effectively treat dry skin and the unwanted symptoms associated with it such as redness, flaking, irritation and itching.

As I understand it, the problem with most body creams, lotions and butters is that they are made up of
approximately 70% water, most of which evaporates when it comes into contact with your skin so is of no benefit to really dry skin. For this Dry Skin Gel, Bio-Oil has pioneered a way to replace all but 3% of the usual water with oil, thereby creating a product that is 100% active, helping the skin retain its moisture.

What also makes it different from your usual body moisturizer is the gel texture which is really light but surprisingly you only need to use the smallest amount - and by that I mean even less then you think - the first time you will use too much, I guarantee it! Also unlike most moisturizers, it doesn't rub in and disappear but rather leaves a film behind which not only adds instant moisture but also a nice glow to my skin! I don't know that it's something I will love it in the summer when my skin goes from dry to normal but for the winter when my skin desperately wants all the moisture it can get, it's perfect!

Available now at drugstores across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

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  1. Wow! It's about time they made an alternative for people with dry skin. I've been using Bio-oil for the longest time and it's been my holy grail, but I couldn't give a recommendation for my friends with dry skin. This is it!

    Thanks for sharing!

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