November 11, 2019

Get skincare as individual as you are with Universkin!

It's possible to get bespoke everything these days so why not also for your skincare - a concept that Universkin has brought to life with pharmaceutical-grade serums that are tailored just for you. Just remember that personalized skincare is not for the faint of heart - or for those short on time - it's a process...

First - take a quiz:
Before you even go in to to meet anyone, they have you fill out  an online quiz  - the questions cover everything from the skin itself to your lifestyle to really understand what they are working with before even meeting you and get an idea of what active ingredients might work best.

Second - the consult both personal and AI:
I made my way to Sovereign Skin in Toronto for a personal consult with aesthetician Samantha Tajik who also does the marketing for the clinic - she checked out my quiz and then put me in their Visia Skin Analysis machine for an objective measure of my skin's health and appearance and to get a baseline so we would be able to tell without a doubt how well the serums work.

Third - whip up a custom serums for day and night:
Each custom serum includes up to three active ingredients from a choice of 19 pharmaceutical-grade actives, available in a total of 57 concentrations - for almost 1,200 possible formulations. For my custom day serum we decided to work on skin redness, pigmentation and anti-aging with vitamin B3, arbutine and vitamin C. While we picked out ingredients for the night serum to deal with hydration, redness and texture from vitamin B5, rutine and glycolic acid

With the actives decided on, Samantha mixed my serums right before my very eyes. Each individual  ingredient comes in its own container and is added on the spot to the nourishing base formula that includes vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, biomimetic peptides and omega-3 camelina sativa - and then the complete formula is placed in a centrifuge for a thorough mixing.

Fourth - test driving said serums:
They are extremely easy to use just 4 or 5 drops morning and night of the corresponding formula followed by a moisturizer if needed. The only thing you can't do is use other active ingredients on top of your serums - so no retinols, AHA's, etc. You just have to remember to give the bottle a good hard shake before using to make sure it's well mixed.

Finally - the results:
After using for a couple of months I went back in to see Samantha and get checked out again with the Visia. Comparing the results:
Spots - 37% to 53%
Wrinkles - 44% to 71%
Texture - 87% to 52%
Pores - 84% to 47%
UV Spots - 15% to 33%
Brown Spots - 32% to 68%
Red Areas - 63% to 67%
Porphyrins - 18% to 9%

What the percentage number means: out of every 100 women your age with your skin type - your skin is better then that % of them - so the higher the number the better.

As you can see from the numbers, my skin dramatically improved in the areas of wrinkles and all spots, got a bit better for redness and worse for texture and pores. Bad numbers, no worries, the nice thing about a personalized formula is that on the next round you can choose to focus on different issues or change ingredients or strengths to make the serum more effective - making it ever-changing, just like your skin!

Universkin P Magistral Serum - 15ml - $235 - is available at select dermatologists, cosmetic surgery clinics and medispas - find one near you on the website: Or if you're in the GTA I highly recommend Sovereign Skin - 59 Hayden Street, 7th Floor in Toronto - 647-343-0801 -

- Lisamarie -

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