January 8, 2013

Nicole by OPI Modern Family collection - with swatches!

Nicole by OPI has collaborated with the hit show Modern Family for a polish line created to capture the show's colourful personalities. Since I spend my television watching time also painting my nails it makes perfect sense to me to combine the two!

The collection includes 14 shades:
Am I Making Myself Clair? - a lilac worth liking!
I Do De-Clair! - a soft rose that's frosty cool
She's Lily Something - totally girly pink sparkly stars
A Like-Haley Story... - not-so-typical fuchsia
Haley Good Lookin' - pink super-glitter
Basking in Gloria - passionate red-violet
A Phil's Paradise - pewter
Candid Cameron - teal
Luke of the Draw - gunmetal glitter
Back in My Gloria Days... - voluptuous violet
What's the Mitch-uation? - cobalt blue
My Jay or the Highway! - trendy taupe
Stand by Your Manny - periwinkle blue
Alex by the Books - seamfoam green

Available now for a limited time at Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws for $10.99.

- Lisamarie -


  1. Luke of the Draw is so cute! Looks way better on your nails than I thought it did in the store!

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  3. Modern Family is one of my favourite shows, so I bought "Am I Making Myself Claire?". ITS AMAZING. Lilac is my favourite colour and I'd call it PERFECT lilac! I think they were on sale at shoppers for $7.99 along with the Selena Gomez collection quite recently! :)


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