January 30, 2013

This week I'm obsessed with... Laboratoire Dr Renaud ExCellience Youth Enhancer Light Emulsion Day!

My combination skin becomes very tricky in the winter - especially this winter when there has been so much fluctuation in the temperature - one day it's freezing the next day it's warm my skin is so confused! No matter what the weather does, I don't seem to be able to shake my shiny t-zone so a light day moisturizer is still the right choice with a bit of richer cream thrown in here in there for those dry patches that pop up and lately I've been loving:

Laboratoire Dr Renaud ExCellience Youth Enhancer Light Emulsion Day - 50ml - $68.95 - has a lightweight paraben, mineral oil and perfume free formula that aims to protect stem cells, encourage a youthful appearance, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, improve overall firmness and texture and add a long-lasting matte finish

Contains a rare apple extract - to increase the production of stem cells to minimize signs of aging; squalane - to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles; pomegranate oil - helps repair past sun damage and inflammation; and olive leaf oil - to fight bacteria. 

The light texture makes it espcially great for normal to combination skin types like mine, as well, there is also a dry skin formula with a creamy texture, perfect for dabbing on any dry areas and if you want to continue on while you sleep there is a night cream too!

The other product that I've been enjoying with this one is Dr Renaud Colour Glow -10ml - $29.50 - which basically allows you to create your own tinted moisturizer - just add a couple of drops (depending on how much colour you want) of Colour Glow to your day cream for an instant healthy look, even complexion and natural glow!

And it seems that I have Hollywood taste, Laboratoire Dr Renaud will be presenting its products, including Colour Glow, at this year's Oscars for the third year in a row at the skincare suite so that all those stressed out A-listers can benefit from its moisturizing features!

Available at spas and clinics across Canada - check out www.ldrenaud.com to find a location near you.

- Lisamarie -

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  1. have never tried any skincare from Dr Renaud, but I am always on a look out for good moisturizer, will defo give it a try :)
    xxx Marina

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