April 10, 2017

Test Driving - Caryl Baker Power C+ Facial by Skeyndor

Caryl Baker Visage has partnered with global skin care leader, Skeyndor to introduce three new corrective and progressive, state-of-the-art solutions to skin concerns and anti-aging with in-salon Professional Power Skin Care Treatments that deliver superior antioxidant protection and help support the skin's own renewal processes and rejuvenation including: Power C+ - to brighten and protect; Power Hyaluronic - to maximize hydration; and Power Retinol - to repair and rejuvenate.

I am all about the brightening so I spent an hour at the Vaughan Mills location with the lovely Angie and experienced the joy of:

Caryl Baker Power C+ Facial by Skeyndor - 60 minutes - $120 - an intensive, advanced treatment for all skin types that effectively treats fine lines, full and tired skin, photo damage and pigmentation for amazing radiance and luminosity as well as helping firm the skin for superior anti-aging benefits.

It's a 9-step treatment that left me refreshed and glowing:

1. Impurities and makeup are removed from eyes and lips with Aquatherm Sensitive Eye Makeup Remover - a gentle, effective gel  formulated with hamamelis water, pre-biotic sugars and pumpkin extract;

2. Skin's entire surface is thoroughly lathered with a purifying and exfoliating cleaner Resurfacing Peel Cleansing Gel - formulated with A-hydroxy acids and enzyme protease to dissolve dead cells and help stimulate cell renewal;

3. A fine mist of refreshing and restorative mineral spring water AquaTherm Thermal Concentrate Water is sprayed over the entire face to reninforce the skin's barrier, instantly diminishing discomfort and tightness, plus soften and restore skin's natural balance;

4. A 2ml ampoule of Pure C Concentrate 15% - ascorbic acid vitamin C combined with phytic and ellagic acids is massaged into skin with relaxing, gentle pressure and pumping strokes to help absorption to quickly improve skin's brightness and radiance plus provides antioxidant protection;

6. 8ml of an enriched Pomegranate Concentrate 6% is completely massaged into skin to complement the activity of the concentrated Pure C with a boost of anti-free radical action;

7. A thick layer of creamy Aloe Vera Mask with a formula enhanced with German chamomile plant extract is massaged into skin and absorbed during ten relaxing minutes, then thoroughly removed with warm water and gauze - a natural antiseptic, it soothes, refreshes and hydrates skin;

8. Another light spray of refreshing AquaTherm Thermal Concentrate Water is applied to restore skin and balance pH levels;

9. Finally, Energizing Cream SPF15 with a moisturizing formula of 3% high absorption vitamin C derivative and 3% pomegranate HG extract is massaged into skin to hydrate, help support collagen production, illuminate and unify skin tone while protecting skin from sun damage.

They recommend doing the facials in a series of 3 or 4 a few weeks apart - I had a chance to have 2 of them and I really can see the cumulative effects - my skin is brighter, softer and a few red marks I had from past acne disappeared much quicker then they normally would have! I am going to recommend for the peacefulness of your facial that you not going during the day on a Saturday - while the mall locations of CBV are very convenient, it also tends to make it very loud during busy periods - next time I'm going during the day on a Tuesday!

And if Vitamin C isn't your thing, you can check out one of the other Caryl Baker by Skeyndor facials available/coming your way:

Power Hyaluronic - $140 - available now - an intensive, advanced hydrating treatment for all skin types that effectively combats dehydration on multiple levels to plump and help improve skin's structure to treat fine lines and wrinkles and diminish build-up of dead skin cells and irregularities.

Power Retinol - $140 - coming in October - an intensive, advanced treatment for all skin types, especially mature to effectively treat and repair natural and photo-aged skin to reduce wrinkles, dark spots, pigmentation, scars and enlarged pores.

Available at Caryl Baker Visage Face Spas in Ontario and Alberta.

- Lisamarie -

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