July 20, 2017

Layer your way to total sun protection with Vichy, Coppertone, IDC and Prevage!

The biggest mistakes most people made when applying sunscreen is either not applying enough or missing spots - an easy fix - just use a couple of different products and layer! The lotion will help add moisture which the sun loves to strip away and the spray will fill in any missed or hard to reach areas! My go-to combo right now:

Vichy Ideal Soleil Sport Ultra Light Refreshing Lotion SPF 60 - 200ml - $29.95 - with a light refreshing formula perfect for active people - not only does it protect them from UVA and UVB rays, it's resistant to water and sweat for over 80 minutes! And to make life even easier, it can be applied directly to wet or dry skin and absorbs quickly without leaving any white traces.

Available at drugstores across Canada and online at vichy.ca.

Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen Spray SPF 50 - 142g - $9.97 - with a lightweight, moisturizing matte formula that feels lightweight on the skin, won't clog pores and a has fresh, clean scent - provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB coverage and is water resistant for 80 minutes.

Available at drug and mass retailers across Canada.
As for the face, if you have dry skin and need to wear a moisturizer under your sunscreen anyhow, use one with an SPF - there is no harm is doubling up on it and chances are, you aren't wearing enough sun protection anyhow so this way you will be entirely covered! If you are oily/combo skinned you probably don't need both so make sure you really slather on the one you do use!

Here's a great duo and what's interesting about both of them is that they aren't just offering protecting from sun damage but also the aging effects of pollution - ongoing exposure contributes to skin’s lack of oxygen, loss of moisture and compromised natural anti-oxidizing actions - with visible signs that may include dullness, dryness, greater sensitivity and intensification of fine lines - which means yes, there is now something new to worry about!

IDC + Hydra UV Protect Anti-Pollution Moisturizing Cream SPF 30 - 50ml - $50.99 - the power of intense hydration comes together with natural mineral sun filters and an anti-pollution complex to protect skin from UV rays and a variety of pollutants including desert gold (jojoba) extract - quickly penetrates the skin, where it intensely hydrates and nourishes to help restore evenness and radiance resulting is soft, silky, protecting skin.

Available now at beautyboutique.ca.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50 Lotion - 40ml - $85 - with a sheer, hydrating, invisible formula that offers a new level of skincare defense by combining pollution and UV protection with a DNA Enzyme Complex to strengthen skin and support natural repair systems, protect against skin dulling pollutants with smart polymers that form an invisible skin shield and defend against 98% of harmful UVB rays with a broad spectrum formula containing 100% micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide -and a powerful antioxidant blend - to  maintain optimal skin health and visibly improve skin's condition to help it look  younger, longer.
Available now at Elizabeth Arden counters across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

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