July 3, 2017

You're 3 steps closer to clear skin with Neutrogena, Life Brand and NeoStrata!

In these hot summer months breakouts can be even more of a problem which is why you need a good acne treatment regime - to be really effective, it should involve several steps including the removal of excess oil from the skin, the unblocking of clogged pores and treatment of the bacteria associated with acne - there's a delicate balance though of doing all of that without drying out the skin - so here's are a few trios that will help clear you up the right way:

Neutrogena Rapid Clean Stubborn Acne Solution Kit - $29.99 - a 3-step regimen to actively and effectively fight size, redness and number of acne breakouts for visible results in just 4-hours. The set includes:  

Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Cleanser - 125ml - a refreshing facial cleanser that lathers into a rich, creamy foam that quickly dissolves pore clogging dirt, makeup and oil without over drying  for skin that feels clean and fresh and appears shine-free for hours.

Rapid Clear  Stubborn Acne Daily Leave-On Mask - 56ml - with a gel formula that vanishes instantly into skin, allowing acne medicine to absorb deep down, killing acne-causing bacteria and keeps working all day to fight both current breakouts and the acne forming under the surface of the  skin. When used daily, it helps keep breakouts away to control stubborn acne, all without over-drying skin. Unlike traditional masks, this is not a wash off - instead, it stays on the skin, allowing the acne medicine to work hard hour after hour. It also dries clear so it can be used under moisturizer or makeup. 

Moisture Oil-Free Sensitive Skin Lotion - 120ml - a lightweight, water-based, alcohol-free  moisturizer that vanishes into skin providing gentle yet effective moisturization for even the most sensitive skin without leaving it greasy or shiny.

Available now at drug, grocery and mass retailers across Canada.
Life Brand Clear Action Active Anti-Acne Treatment Kit - $19.99 - a 3-step acne system that targets the root causes of acne: oil production, bacteria and dead skin cell build-up.

Step 1: Renewal Cleanser - 118ml - gently removes dirt, oil and dead skin cells, while preventing and killing acne bacteria to leave skin without over-drying it.

Step 2: Revitalizing Toner - 118ml - cleans, conditions, and rejuvenates skin with an alcohol-free formula containing witch hazel, aloe vera and chamomile to restore skin's natural balance. 

Step 3: Repairing Treatment - 59ml - with benzoyl peroxide that fights acne and penetrates pores to control acne pimples - treating active breakouts and preventing future ones.

Available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada.
NeoStrata Acne Clear Clarifying Gel Cleanser - 200ml - $24.50 - with 2% salicylic acid, it deep cleanses and penetrates pores to wash away bacteria, oil and impurities, unclog pores, exfoliate dead skin cells, dry and help clear up acne pimples, while soothing skin.

NeoStrata Acne Clear Clarifying Solution - 200ml - $29.50 - highly concentrated in glycolic acid and salicylic acid to unclog pores, dry and help clear up acne pimples to leave skin even more exfoliated and clear.

NeoStrata Glycolic Renewal 10% Smoothing Lotion - 50ml - $42 - the perfect daily oil-free moisturizing lotion for combination to oily skin that features 10% glycolic acid to hydrate and  exfoliate the dead cells on skin’s surface while maximizing skin renewal - to help reveal a smoother, even, more radiant and visibly younger looking skin.

Available at drugstores across Canada.
Also keep in mind that acne treatments can make the skin sensitive so make sure you don't forget the sunscreen - go for  a non-comedogenic one with full-spectrum UVA and UVB of at least SPF 30 - like this one:

Avon Sun + Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 40 - 88ml - $9.99 - a lightweight lotion with an oil-free formula that absorbs quickly and is water-resistant for 80 minutes.

Available from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at www.avon.ca.

- Lisamarie -

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