June 10, 2019

Sanctum Men's has products worth stealing from the boy!

Another great brand from our friends in Australia has come along: Sanctum Men’s - a wellness brand that produces a variety of men’s holistic skincare and body products that are certified organic,  vegan and of course not tested on animals. The range combines ingredients with cosmeceutical levels of active vitamins, herbal extracts and essential oils grown predominantly locally while also supporting fairtrade producers in underdeveloped communities overseas for all ingredients needed outside of the local community capabilities.

I liked the sound of the line so I passed along a few of the products to my husband to try but ended up stealing this one back when I ran out of shave cream and promptly fell in love:

Sanctum Men’s Shave Gel - 150g - $13.49 - a 95% certified organic and 100% naturally derived, soap-free shave gel that is ideal for even the most sensitive skin and designed to lift the hairs on the face to achieve a closer shave. The formula contains soothing organic extracts including aloe vera leaf juice - to help calm reddened and irritated skin while essential oils including jojoba and cedar wood bark leave skin smooth, hydrated and nourished.

Not only good for men's faces, it also works great on our legs - I got a super close shave and my skin felt silky smooth and soft afterwards. I adore the cedar wood scent - which has me eyeing the Moisturizer from the line which has an amazing sandalwood scent... that will teach me to ever pass things along again!

There's a lot to feel good about with the brand, not only does Sanctum Men’s manufacture products using sustainably produced ingredients that are beneficial for the planet they have also now added a proprietary enzyme to all product tubes during manufacturing to ensure that they will breakdown in landfill within 5 years!

Available at drug health food stores across Canada such as: Rexall, Goodness Me and Healthy Planet  as well as online at Well.ca and AbundanceNaturally.com.

- Lisamarie -

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