March 18, 2020

Eye Love Wednesday - Shiseido Waso Eye Opening Essence

Shiseido Waso Eye Opening Essence - 20ml - $32 - a cooling gel that visibly counteracts signs of eye fatigue, dark circles and puffiness for brighter under-eyes.

Just a pinch of the moisture-rich jelly droplets instantly defines and enhances the eye area, similar to the way momijioroshi brings out the umami (flavour) of a dish. Eyes look clearly defined and revitalized with essential vitamins.

The texture and cooling sensation are inspired by daikon, a radish ingredient used in Japanese traditional cusine (“washoku”).

You can also customize your tube with the included YAKUMIX (“yakumi” is Japanese for “condiments”) stickers, a fun ode to Japanese ingredients and cultural motifs.

Available at Shiseido counters across Canada but these days you are better off getting it online so check out or

- Lisamarie -

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